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17-04-2007, 22:46
Hello, all! Ever since the zombie pirates came out, I've wanted an army of my own. Then I proxied it and lost. And lost...and lost.

I have tried every way in the world to make this army work and it's just a tough list to play with. I can win tournaments and leagues with my regular VC, but the zombies just aren't in the same league. Not only that, I've been concerned about spending a lot of time on the army, then having it be outlawed by tournaments or the eventual new vampire counts army book.

Therefore, I've decided to make a zombie pirate army that I can play in friendly games and have it be a "counts-as" army for the regular vampire counts. I've even considered making it into an Army of Sylvania, but I'm also concerned about them eventually making that one illegal on me.

With that said, I have decided not to take it to any of the Gamesdays or any of the Grand Tournaments, because I plan on using some models that specifically aren't Games Workshop sanctioned. I have checked out many local and regional tournaments and none have even had a problem with it, but I know GW's official policy.

Here's my plan:


1. Build a Zombie Pirates list that, with minimum effort, could also look like a not-completely-crappy Vampire Counts list.

2. Figure out how to build what I came up with using parts from God knows where. I am not picky about where the models or parts come from, as long as the biggest chunk of the army looks like it came from GW.

3. Buy a tricorner hat and yell at my opponents to swab the deck and such.

This is my plan so far, so we will see how it goes.

17-04-2007, 22:50
I am not picky about where the models or parts come from, as long as the biggest chunk of the army looks like it came from GW.

My thoughts exactly. Good luck, can't wait to see some of your models on this blog.

Warboss Grimmtoof
18-04-2007, 01:56
Use pieces from the Zombies and Empire Militia. They have lots of pistols and look kinda like pirates (tricorns and such) The new handgunners box works well as zombie conquistadors, not exactly pirates, but still kinda cool.

18-04-2007, 07:38
I liked the idea of zombie pirates and was thinking of starting an army, but like everything else, i couldnt be bothered.

Good luck with the blog, it should be good to watch this develop!

18-04-2007, 09:06
Crazy idea.

I like crazy ideas.

Good luck to you!

18-04-2007, 15:07
I'm a big fan of the zombie pirate list, as weak as it may be, and have actually been scheming up lists I'd want to make. As in, not build the 130+ models, or have to paint them and such, but in Happy Magic Land zombie pirates is the army I'd be playing :evilgrin:

All the same, best of luck to you, looking forward to how things fall together. And with zombie pirates being all the rave you actually have a LOT of other model companies to choose from!

- Salvage

18-04-2007, 15:45

I have decided to do something I haven't done before, which is to build a display board at the same time I'm building the army.

Plans for the display board:

1. The board will be modelled 3/4 in water terrain, with the rest in beach, with palm trees and the like. I want the zombies crawling out of the water onto the beach on the board. I will have the zombies modelled progressively shorter and shorter to have them coming out of deeper water onto the beach.

2. I want a ship about halfway sunken in the water, so that it looks like the zombies just crashed the ship and crawled towards land.

3. Toying with the idea of making it magnetic, so that this would actually be my whole carrying case. I saw this article a while back and liked it:


4. The best list I could come up with in the zombie pirates list still wasn't good, but it wasn't terrible, either.

By the way, for anyone that's wanting to build a zombie pirate army, here's the army list on GW's site:


The best zombie pirates list that worked for me had:

4 bloated corpses
Luthor Harkon
2 Fleet Captains with assorted gear
3 Carronades
2 rotting leviathans
10 scurvy dogs, all in one big unit
1 Big Honking unit of 40 zombie deckhands with musician and standard
2 10 man gunnery mob units with handguns
1 unit of 4 Animated Hulks

For what it's worth, I took Queen Bess almost every game and hated it every time. It's a worthless, overcosted piece of crap that misfires and dies every game without doing much damage, unless you have a WHOLE bunch of stuff in a line to hit. Even then, you'll probably misfire.

In my "good" list (he says with a smirk), I ran the zombie unit, luthor harkon, and the fleet captains all in one unit. Then I ran all 4 bloated corpses behind the unit. I flanked the zombie unit with a leviathan on each side. I also put the hulks and the dogs on opposite flanks, depending on whether I needed to kill war machines or not with the dogs.

If I got there, I could usually kill a bunch of stuff. and at least hold in combat for a few turns. The rotting leviathans were the real power of the list, as they got a whole bunch of attacks and helped stack combat res in my favor. And they're hard to kill, which is more than I could say of the Queen Bess.

If something like knights or fast units came at me, I started throwing bloated corpses at them, running them from behind my zombie unit.

However, I cannot run this list as a VC army, due to the counts-as rule.

I plan on using the rotting leviathan as the black coach, which takes a rare slot. But this means I have 2 cannons and animated hulks to represent. Cannons are available in Dogs of War, as are the ogres. Does anyone know if I can somehow get ogre bulls as special choices if I take them as dogs of war? Or are they stuck as rares?

26-04-2007, 21:22
Update #2:

I have finished my first 5 zombies! I have decided to go for a funnier theme, so I am having all my zombies be shooting themselves and each other.

Also, I have decided to run and convert a unit of animated hulks, but they will look like zombies in boats on 40mm bases. In a regular vampire counts list, they will be counting as spirit hosts.

I know I'm spending a lot more time talking right now than converting, but this whole "counts as two armies" thing is throwing me a little.

Thus far, here's what my regular VC list looks like versus what the zombie pirates list will be. I also have not added up the points yet, so the two lists may be way off. I figure I can gear the characters up if I'm short.

Zombie Pirates 2000 Points

Lord: Luthor Harkon

Hero: Fleet Captain Death Mage (Slann Gold)

Hero: Fleet Captain

Hero: Syreen

Core: 40 zombies

Core: 10 Scurvy Dogs

Core: 6 Bloated Corpses

Special: 3 Animated Hulks

Special: 3 Deck Droppers

Special: 8 Deck Gunners

Special: Carronade

Rare: Rotting Leviathan

There's the Zombie Pirate List. Here's the VC one that it's going to double for in tournaments:

Vampire Counts 2000 points

Lord: Von Carstein Count

Hero: Wight Lord

Hero: Necromancer

Hero: Necromancer

Core: 1 unit of 30 Zombies

Core: 1 unit of 10 Zombies (Bunker!)

Core: 5 Dire Wolves

Core: 5 Dire Wolves

Core: 6 Ghouls

Special: 3 Spirit Hosts

Special: 3 Fell Bats

Special: 8 Black Knights

Rare: Black Coach

Rare: Dogs of War Cannon

I'm making the army so that it's a "counts as" for each unit, so here's what each unit represents:

Animated Hulks = Spirit Host
Harkon= Vampire Count
Deck Dropper= Fell Bat
Leviathan= Black Coach
Carronade= Cannon
Deck Gunners= Black Knights
Syreen= Necromancer
Fleet captain death mage= necromancer

So far, the only real stretch are the Deck Gunners as Black Knights. I have no ideas how to represent this, other than putting zombies with big guns on horses. There has to be some creative solution for making a unit that can represent both units, right? I just need creative ideas.

Also, both lists look like they're closer to 1700 points, so I'll do some more thinking.

27-04-2007, 00:05
Something I just thought of, couldn't you do a Zombie pirates list as a counts as Empire list. Would play completely differently, but an Empire gunline would fit a pirate theme well.

Ozymandias, King of Kings

27-04-2007, 09:29
I'm really curious about how you'll do stuff like Leviathans and Bloated Corpses. Watching project logs where you have to do a lot of thinking outside the box usually turn out great, so how about some pictures of those zombies? :)

27-04-2007, 12:22
Erm, can we see any pics of these Zombies please Sephiroth? :angel:

27-04-2007, 16:18
Something I just thought of, couldn't you do a Zombie pirates list as a counts as Empire list. Would play completely differently, but an Empire gunline would fit a pirate theme well.

Ozymandias, King of Kings

Cool idea! I could actually put the zombie pirate handgunners back in. Wonder if it would be possible to use the army for 3 different lists? :D

27-04-2007, 16:20
Why just 3? This could become the Swiss Army Army! :D

27-04-2007, 16:23
Just an idea (one that could be problematic if this is for official tournaments), but PP has a bitz service now, and they also have some really great undead pirate heads. Just a thought.

Warwolt the skaven
27-04-2007, 16:34
as long as its 50 percent GW stuff its clean. How else could greenstuffed (NOT COMPLETELY!) armies enter, if the greenstuff isn't a GW model part?

07-05-2007, 17:11
Update #3: ARRRRRR!

I have pictures. Yo ho. Be aware that my picture taking is ****e.

I bought a box of Empire guys:


Bad picture of a monkey on a treasure from Ral Partha:


I have no idea what the hell I'll do with it, but someone gave it to me and it's very cool looking.

I bought the Dark Maiden from the Reaper Dark Heaven line. It's not put together yet, but you can get an idea of what it should look like. It's going to be my Syreen!


More treasure chests. My friend Todd had these in a box somewhere and he donated to my cause. My pirates are going to be rich!


On to the zombies! First pic is a little blurry, but you can see them blowing each other's heads off, which I found hysterical to model.


2nd pic:


3rd pic:


I have also been talking about it and running it through my head and I have figured out how to do the black knights. I'm planning on mounting them on sea creatures (i.e. sharks, crabs, squids, or something similar) and arming them with harpoon guns. How would one make a harpoon gun, you ask? Me too. I'll keep building zombies and thinking about it.

07-05-2007, 17:19
I'm really liking those Zombies Sephiroth :D

On a side note, it's possible to get pics from Photobucket into the text, which makes it a bit eassier for those looking. There should be a thing saying IMG code; copy that into the text and the picture should appear.

07-05-2007, 18:14
That's a load of loot! Nice finds, all. The dark maiden is a wonderful model, I've got one I've been meaning to paint up for me girlfriend (who loathes Warhammer :cries:). The deadites look great so far, I see the obligatory Guy with Barrel is in there too ;)

- Salvage

04-09-2007, 20:51

After reading Treasure Island and swabbing me deck (I mopped my floor), I'm feeling enough like a pirate to do some more work on the zombie pirates.

First, I ordered my general, a vampire pirate model from Dragonblood Miniatures.


Next, I hit up google for pictures of ocean water. I picked this one, a cove, for several reasons:

1. I don't have to model big waves as much.
2. The blue of the water is absolutely gorgeous and will enable me to do some cool things.

Looking at it, I forgot that the water has shadows, which should be easy do do with paints.

For the bases, I've done some experimenting and I'm going to use wood filler that's painted, with elmer's school glue layered lightly on to make it have depth and look wet.

I also hit upon some neat things on the internet this week modelwise.

Skeleton Pirates! They'll be zombies in the zombie list and skellies in the regular list.


Next, I saw these guys on ebay:


I have bought some balsawood craft sticks, but the darned things are too tall. I'll have to buy some thinner ones so that the bases actually look like the deck of a ship.

I have rethought my previous idea about my diorama and I am now leaning towards the one unit of zombies coming through the water and another one on the deck of the ship. I have two pirate ships from ebay, one a captain kidd model and another generic pirate ship model. I will post pics later and ask everyone which would look better.

Edit: crap, I'm trying to load these up as pics and I plugged them in as image tags. They still popped up as links, though. Anybody have any help here? Thanks!