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18-04-2007, 22:41
Ok guys here's my list tell me what you think.
I recon i will usually go for movements spells with the mages so using beasts and shadow lores mainly.

Prince: Dragon Armour, Shield, Swordmaster, Vambraces of Defence, Pure of Heart: 231pts

Commander: Battle Standard Bearer, Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Sword of Might, Helm of Fortune: 158pts

Mage: L2, Seer, Dispel Scroll: 180pts

Mage: L2, Seer, Channeler: 170pts

20 Spearmen: Standard, Musician: 238pts

5 Silver Helms: Heavy Armour, Shields: 115pts

5 Silver Helms: Heavy Armour, Shields, Musician: 122pts

20 Swordmasters: Blade Lord, Standard, Musician, Banner of Sorcery: 340pts

5 Shadow Warriors: 75pts

2 Chariots: 170pts

2 Bolt Throwers: 200pts


19-04-2007, 05:18
I can't quite figure out how you managed to get so few models in 2000 points, even with High Elves, though I guess its the heavy character load.

First, simply drop the shield on the prince. It isn't doing him a single ounce of good with the great weapon, since he isn't going to be running around outside a unit.

Second, the BSB seems unnecessary with this force- with those spells he's going to be way ahead of the main body, so the BSB isn't helping anything but the unit he's with. And he's rather vulnerable with such a small bodyguard (assuming he's with a Silver Helm unit). Take the time to kit the commander out properly for his aggressive role- drop the banner, add a shield, and possibly give him a lance. Cheaper and higher strength on the charge. And with a unit that small (and no banner of its own), if you don't break units with wounds on the charge, you aren't breaking them.

Third. If you're going to be using the Silver Helms as line breakers (which I presume you are, because otherwise you've just got the swordmasters), they need the full command. Get as many attacks as you can (champion), and bump the CR however you can- standard, musician for times, and for Caledor's sake, make one of them First and give them the war banner. Otherwise they're just going to bog down in the face of superior CR and die.

The Spear unit. What is it doing? What role does it have? Its just kind of there, whereas everything else has a definite offensive point to it. Rip it out. Maybe bulk up some combat units, fill out command ranks. And possibly put in some archers to at least attempt to cut down on enemy ranks before your small and fragile combat units hit them.

Also. You've got 4 characters and only three possible units to put them in. Very bad in 7th. Either get another character a horse, or rework something.

The mages. Uh. Interesting idea with the spells, but... Unless both mages take Beasts, you have almost no chance of getting two movement spells off in a turn- and even then, you're burning all six of your power dice to do it. On average, you'll need 3 dice to pull off the Wolf Hunts, and 4 to cast Unseen Lurker. However, your only real unit-breaking power is in the Swordmaster unit, so you need Unseen Lurker. A bit of conundrum, that.

To be honest, (possibly too honest, sorry) I don't like this list. You've maximized the fragility of the high elves, but you don't dominate magic OR shooting OR close combat. And I think you're potentially weakening your tactics by using the movement spells as a crutch. Though I freely admit that is a personal bias of mine (and one of the reasons I can't stand to play undead armies)- you rely too heavily on magic, which is way too iffy, since you've got your own luck issues, plus however many dispel dice/scrolls the opponent is packing.

19-04-2007, 12:07
Wow thanks for the in depth response.

Ok first point if i'm worried about the prince getting hit say by a decent character i can use the shield rather than the great weapon to get a 3+ save with reroll and 4+ ward, and i still get killing blow.

The BSB has no fixed job he can stay back and keep the infantry company, protect the bolt throwers, join the silver helms etc. The Infantry probably won't be too far from the cavalry for most of the battle either since they should be supporting each other.

The silver helms are support units taking out flankers, missile troops hitting enemies flanks etc. They definitely don't expect to beat a ranked combat unit in the front.

Spear elves are a second unit with good combat res if i put the bsb in there they can dish out a bit of damage, in combo with other units like a chariot they work really well.

The mages don't really need line of sight for the spells so they can hide in woods or they can hang out with the bolt throwers etc. Banner of sorcery means i have at least 7 power dice enough to cast unseen lurker and wolf hunts.

I appreciate your honesty and i'll see how it goes i've not tested this list in battle yet it's just an alternative to my current tournament list so i have some variation in what i play with.

19-04-2007, 18:05
I did miss the Banner of Sorcery, which does make it possible to pull off the spells.

The tactics make things a little clearer, though. If you can manage to keep the units supporting each other and time the charges right, I can see potential. I do think that bulking up the infantry regiments is necessary, however. At 20 models, any losses will result in a loss of a rank, and with T3 and 5+ AS, losses will accumulate as soon as they are hit.