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19-04-2007, 14:52
Prince= 536
pure of heart
Armour of protection ( 4+ ward)
helm of fortune (6+ re roll)
Enchanted shield (5+)
Talismon of Protection (6+ ward)
6 units of 10 archers=720 120 each
2 units of 9 shadow warrois= 135 each 270
(rare/ dogs of war)
Dragon Lord Asarnil=460
heavy ar., lance, shield
Dragon heart am -1 to hit
+1 to monster chart on 6 choses
Total= 1986

use the dragons to run aroun causeing terror checks.( one time i got 8 units running from one failed check)
Archers thin down the enemy causeing paninc checks with missel fire( i'm plaing gobos soon so it shoudl be nice)
Also with the dragons use the fire breath to make units run( i have done this a few times keep cahsein gthe same unit if they rally make them run off thieir
side of the board the look on you friends face is a nice one XD)
The shadow warrois war machine killers ( for some reason i can make a 6+ light ar save but i have issuse making my drags 3+ scally save...)
Once the weaker units are delt with ( either dead feeling or just scared out of thier minds) I will have my dragons flank the stronger units hitting them hard.

Prince has a 3+ re roll ar save
2+ward save
meaning unless i suck at rolling ones (like i normlay do...) i shoudl be abel to keep him alive. As long as he lives I ill be good ( don't need my friedn geting the extra 100p for killing a pure of heart guy)

So bring on the ctritsium .
is it good?
what should i take out or add?
any other ideas on how to use it?

I'm open to ideas

19-04-2007, 15:20
No offence meant, but this is terrible.

For a start, ward saves don't stack like armour saves do, so you have a 4+ ward.

Second, you don't have an army at all here. You have two dragons. Lose them, the game's over. Lose one, you're going to struggle to win. Unless they're BOTH charging the same unit, you won't win any combats, realistically, and you'll get broken and run down.

You have zero magic protection.

You have little shooting protection.

Your games are going to go one of two ways. Either you win because the enemy didn't have enough magic/shooting to stop the dragons both charging one unit in turn, or you lose horribly because they did (or were clever enough to make it impossible for you to dual-charge like that).

The 'horrible loss' will be much more common.


19-04-2007, 15:57
I hate to be a downer, but where to start :(?

Firstly, as has already been said, ward saves do not stack.

Secondly, you cannot have two items of magical armour, so you cannot have the Helm of Fortune and the Enchanted Shield (you could in 6th edition but not any more).

I predict this army will get really dull to play really fast. With your only units being six units of archers there isn't really any substance to your army apart from the Dragon gimmick. This is compounded by the fact that archers aren't really that great at the best of times.

Particularly against goblins, your missile fire will prove pretty ineffectual, so your opponent will probably be able to concentrate everything on the dragons.

Sorry to be negative, but I think I'd redo this one from scratch :(.



19-04-2007, 20:05
... I've seen Tzeencth lists load up on characters and chosen knights/warriors have more models then this. Sorry, but you'd get rocked by many different types of army lists. As the others said, I'd scrap it and look again. And remember, NO magic armor stacks, so Armor of Protection + Enchanted Shield + Helm of Fortune = Illegal.

19-04-2007, 20:47
Take out the dragons. Take out the archers and the shadow warriors.

Add a new army, and you're good to go... ;)

On a serious note though, I have to agree with everything mentioned before. If you lose a dragon, you're going to be hard-pressed to swing anything your way (at least against a competent player). HE-archers are overpriced, since you pay for their high WS, which you'll never want to use (making the wild assumption here that you wanna shoot stuff with them and not get them into CC). Furthermore, their weapons (longbows) have str3, which means that you'll need 4+ to wound as a minimum, often 5+.

To sum up: Dragons make big targets. When they die (and they will), you have absolutely nothing capable of preventing the rest of your force being annihilated.


20-04-2007, 03:45
though unlike most people that don't use archers they work beter then my SMoH

Yes i know the risk of the two dragons yet with terror, my flame panic it can work.

and what about this no staking items
i play in tornaments and they stack magic items like crazy.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
20-04-2007, 04:22
I agree with all of the above posters.

For goodness sakes drop all but one unit of the archers maybe two if your pinched for points. Their points could be much better spent on some silver helms( 2 units of 5, and maybe a unit of 10) and tiranic chariots(2) for some hitting power to support the lord.

I would also go for a single level one sorcorer with two dispel scrolls. At least he can fend of the worst of the incoming spells until the lord deals with them.

Im not really sure on how many points youll have after dropping 5 units of archers and a whole unit of shadow warriors, and leave about 6 in the other unit. But after the mage, the silver helms, and chariots, I would look at maybe 2 bol throwers and a great eagle to go mage hunting and fly behing the enemy lines to run down fleeing units.

On the subject of wargear: you arent allowed to have more than one type of magic armor or weapon. for example, you could take armor of protection, and a mundane shield. But not the Enchanted shield and armor of protection.
Oh and like everyone else said, armor saves stack, not ward saves.If the tounaments you play in allow players to stack ward saves, then all I can say is find another gaming community...

20-04-2007, 14:30
so.. I see all this negative yes i know this is a vary risky list but you have to roll the dice and hope things go your way.

Out of all this neg wheres the pos i mean yes i do thank you for the rule updates have to let my friend know that rule.

yet can somebody anybody tell whats good about this list.
when you look at what army i said i was playing it a mostly goobo army.
my eye is set on haveing his gobso flee and shot the crap out of his orks. Some of you don't see the effetivness of the elven archers. I coudl go with LS but they only have 24 range my archers have 30 that coudl = an extra round of shoting before they get chaged then they get the reaction to the chrage.

Yes i am open for ideas yet does anyone have anything good to say about this list.
I've seen a list some what like this but they hadsilver helms instead of archers and it did well then i played thsi aginst that army and won. There are pros to this list. So can i hear somethign good about it?

20-04-2007, 15:24
Maybe if you sort out the illegalities we might have somewhere to start ;). As it is, with the army as it is it's no wonder you won against your friend's list!

There's not much point commenting on the list until it's a fully functional and legal army. Otherwise, I'd say the list's main strength is the 2+ ward and 2+ re-rollable armour save on your Prince ;).



23-04-2007, 14:48
well up date I faced my friedn and his orks I won Maj V
then i faced Burtonias = maj v
then empire maj v
and last army i faced was Choas maj v

dragons only lost 3 wounds each
comnder pwnd all liveing cretures and then a few dead ones
archers rolls where GOD like and to top it off all uints that faced my dragon breath fled.
As you say in my world what evere works why change.

The Old Scholar
25-04-2007, 09:09
Okay, change the armor around, man...you can't have three types of magical armor. After that, hell if you out deploy your enemy with 60 archers--that's a lot of models dedicated to one type of unit!!!!--and two dragons you stand a good chance against low armor, low magic armies. I'm surprised you didn't give your prince a bow like the Reaver bow or at least a basic long bow to stick with your theme. Anyway, it's an interesting army list. I'm surprised you didn't take any mages. Dragons tend to come out in 3,000+ lists where mages in 2,000 point lists take precedence.
Have fun...that many major victories must say you are a better player than your foes and more fortunate to possess TWO dragons!

25-04-2007, 14:21
well for my preice i gave him the
Vambrace of def-55
enchated shiled-10

so i made my army ligt to the rules. Though you people keep saying archer drop them get something beter.
With my exp with these follwing units (i will say and stand but this i played each of these units ten times)
Sivler helms units of 2 of 10 they do ok but my archers get more kills and are in the back i don't lose points as much.
Dragon prices of caldor ran down by gobos every time i lose my 25% then i normaly roll 6 and 6 12 ld i run and normlay my cav flee sucks and yet again ran down by gobos.
Sword masters got the liveing crap shotout of them didn't even make it to combat. Spear elfs weak died before combat. Chaorit blown up by canons before even abel to hit anything.

So for what my exp tell me and what works my archers are God sent . I noramly hit more thne the average. and I allways wound over half of that.
If i have 20 archers give or take. and i shot a unit from long dist. I normaly hit 13. Then out of that i wound around 7 /8.

Now yes i know haveing a non fighthing unit and pure shoting is a risk yet the shoting hurts my foe enough to where when he does get to my archers normaly after 3 ronds of shoting and then my charge recation he only really every has is about 5-8 guys left and my archers hold whiel another archer unit flanks.
I do thank you all for the ideas and crit. I know you all do it for the betterment of a strategdy and I thank you for your time.

This weeks battel with my friends is a forest campain. Depolymeny zone full covered in forest.

Might any one have Ideas?

I'm think White lions,silver helms with the banner that lets them move through terain. Any other ideas?