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20-04-2007, 00:51
Recent Changes!

So after starting this thread months ago I realized that starting a WIP thread in the middle of the country club's busy season (summer, LPGA, summer corporate parties, blah blah blah) was probably a bad idea. But I'm back with now, with some minor changes.

This will no longer be just a DG/TS thread. Given my displeasure with the new codex and my unhappiness with how the DG are turning out I'm going to put them on hold for a little bit while I finish some other projects. So now this will be a general Chaos Log, starting with me finishing my Heresy-Era World Eaters and my second Iron Warriors(ish) army. With that out of the way, I'll start posting the real info further down the thread.

Original Post (background for my postponed DG army)

The Fate of Al'ghazal

“The streets of Al’ghazal were dark. The wind blew bits of the desert through the city, swirling dust and sand against its weathered buildings. Most of the citizens were indoors: the desert had been especially savage this year. Those who dared brave the night were swathed in cloaks against the wind and cold. They took their clues from the few creatures who lived in the desert: make yourself small. And yet, there was another reason for the empty streets as well…

The plague had yet to reach Al’Ghazal, but the people knew it was coming. It had swept the Western Flats only months ago, and most wondered how long it would take for it to creep slowly across the wastelands inbetween. Even now the governor met with the mysterious Magi from the northern oasis’s. From all accounts the northern cities had been spared the plague. It had been whispered the Magi had saved them. And yet the south, already lost to the plague, was rumored to still hold the last vestiges of the strong-willed desert folk, the Ashendari, who had somehow survived the plague…”

20-04-2007, 00:57
So.....are we going Nurgle here or what?

20-04-2007, 01:21
So I have been waiting for a long time to work on my second Death Guard project, and I think I'm finally to a point where I can really put across the ideas that I wanted to. It's taken me quite a long time to let all of the ideas coalesce into what I feel will be a full-fledged army idea. I stopped my wargaming around 2005 when I moved to Seattle, having previously sold all of my armies (2.5k of IW, ~4k of Necrons, 2 different Tau armies, ~2k of Death Guard, ~2.5k of SoB, probably some others I've forgotten about) to either move or to pay for a vacation I took to Japan. After a year or so I got back in, and mostly I've been buying Confrontation stuff, but a few months ago I started making some sketches and doing some conversions for 40k again. So, having bought quite a fair amount of 40k stuff again, I'm ready to start my new projects.

First off, let me start by saying this is a dual project log, a Death Guard/Nurgle one and a Thousand Sons/Tzeentch one. I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from Kuh Tathor (The Warhammer Forum) and Doghouse (here/B&C) as far as how I want this to turn out. Kuh Tathor made an awesome pre-heresy DG army (or at least some models) that helped me finally see what my army could look like, and doghouse's Gothic Pattern marines were the final clincher. So those two I'm giving whatever credit they deserve, for whatever that's worth.

Secondly, about the Death Guard. I've always loved the idea of the plaguemarines, but to be honest, I've never seen ones that I've really like. Oh, there's a wealth of well converted, well painted stuff out there, and I recognize all of the talent some of those people have. It's just not my vision of Nurgle. I don't like the bloated, pus spewing PM's. They're too, for lack of a better word, "wet" for me. So please, when seeing any future WIP's I'll be showing, don't suggest I bloat them or give them pustules or whatnot. I always envisioned the DG as gaunt, wasted individuals. From the descriptions of Mortarion this is how I pictured him, tall, stern, half-starved. My DG will follow that vein, and so I went with a desert themed army (kind of). Think Fremen meet Nurgle. Tough, strong desert men, implanted with the gene-seed of Mortarion. There is no water-fat here, these are windswept desert warriors. And as such, their legion is know as The Dessicators.

Lastly, the Thousand Sons. I'll be honest, these won't be as far of a departure from their current form as the Death Guard will be. I've always been fascinated with Egyptian things, so the semi-Egyptian theme for the TK's works well for me. They'll be Gothic Patterned, and probably be in a color scheme more like their pre-heresy colors (as will the Death Guard, I've always liked the pre-heresy Cult colors). I'll be using lots of loyalist parts for both since I don't really care for a lot of the Chaosy pieces. Most of the torso's and heads will be suitably pre-heresy-ish, but I think going fully pre-heresy really limits the modeling options, so I won't go that route.

I might have a WIP of the first Test sculpt of the DG up tonight possibly. Updates won't be often, maybe once or twice a week at most, I always have lots of projects going at once (like my second IW army, about 4 Confrontation armies, a new Legion of Everblight force and some Infinity models). Most of my work goes in spurts as inspiration hits me, and right now it's the DG. Thanks, hope you all enjoy.

20-04-2007, 02:23
So here's the first Test model I have done.



A couple of notes:

1) I realize the "scarf" around his neck has no practical application considering he's wearing power armor. It's a flavor thing.

2) The picture quality sucks because it's a WIP, I actually can take better pics! :)

3) There are a couple of "rough" spots in the sculpting, mainly around the feet because I haven't quite mastered doghouse's technique yet, but it was my first try so... There's also a few mold lines left on there, not done with those either, just thought I'd toss some pics out to see if anyone bites.

20-04-2007, 03:31
I like the fluff, I'll be watching :D

20-04-2007, 04:49
torso777: Yea, Nurgle and Tzeenth (eventually, once I order some TS heads...)

Strelok: Thanks, I'm trying to write something at least interesting, so I'm glad you enjoy. I'll be spreading the fluff out in between each update I think, I have most of it in my head, just need to write it out as I go.

01-05-2007, 23:49
So along with a new monitor (and too many new models) I got a scanner, so I can start uploading some sketches I've been working on. I'm not entirely pleased with the first test model I did.

1) Too plain, it's just your standard tabard marine with a scarf around his face. Doesn't scream "desert" enough to me. Any ideas?
2) Along with the first, it doesn't have any of the dessicated effects I wanted to do. I originally wanted to do most of it in painting, but I think there's certainly some modeling stuff I wanted to do.

So here's a few sketches I did:

This is essentially the test model I did (except without the MKII head, of which I sculpted probably 20 or so, mostly for my IW army). Kind of boring, no?

This one is essentially the same as above, but with the tabard/scarf being more prominent. What do you think, does it work better?

I definately want to do several models along this line. Not too many because I really don't want to sculpt all of those coats. :) But definately at least a squads worth. I think the heavy coat really helps embody the desert feel, but maybe that's just me. Any thoughts on this one?

I wanted to get away from sculpting robes on the arms because it's kind of a pain, but I might do it on a few. I'm trying to get away from the "robed monk" feel, which is really hard to do I guess considering I'm going for "robed desert warrior."

01-05-2007, 23:56
You could have the SM weapons held in zombie arms with shoulder armor on top. I've seen plenty of great Marines with exposed arms. That would add to the look you're after.

I also do like the larger scarf.

02-05-2007, 00:00
You could have the SM weapons held in zombie arms with shoulder armor on top. I've seen plenty of great Marines with exposed arms. That would add to the look you're after.

I also do like the larger scarf.

Yea, I was thinking something like, too, it's not a bad idea. Actually, my first Death Guard army had quite a bit of zombie parts, I think I used almost the entire zombie box for 4-5 squads of marines. *looks around for spare zombie parts*

02-05-2007, 00:07
Yeah, as far as exposed arms, marauder arms might also look good, fit the desert warrior look, but might be too bulky for the dessicate look. Aye, the larger scarf looks good. If I think of anything else to make the army look more desert-y I'll post.

02-05-2007, 00:15
Yeah, as far as exposed arms, marauder arms might also look good, fit the desert warrior look, but might be too bulky for the dessicate look. Aye, the larger scarf looks good. If I think of anything else to make the army look more desert-y I'll post.

Thanks! Yea, I think the Marauder arms will probably be too big, too. The zombie arms will probably work best (except for filing off all of the clothing).

One of the things I wanted to do was have holes in the armor (chunks blown off, bulletholes, whatever) and show exposed dessicated flesh/bones. Along with that, I wanted "dust" coming out (whether it's actual dust or dried flesh/bone), which will really reinforce the arid feel. Also, this will be an important tie in with the Thousand Sons, as I wanted strong similarities between the two ("All is Dust" and the Death Guard's dried state). There will be lots of similarities besides that as well, just enough to tie them to an original state, but on obvious divergent paths from that beginning point.

02-05-2007, 18:25
Gah I just posted this and the internet ate it! Here goes a second time...

Gothic Pattern Legs
Fairly straight forward on these. They're a pain to sculpt, but they're getting easier.

Gothic Patter Mk VI Legs


I'm not sure if these look too bulky, but I definately wanted something to break up the monotony of the other legs. I might give a shot at doing some of the other Mk Series legs, we'll see. I'd love to do some MkV's, especially considering how many studded shoulder pads I bitz orders (well over 20), but I can't find anything that will make good studs of the same size as the shoulder pads.

I'll probably do this first squad like the second sketch I posted. Most likely I won't do the tabard like the drawing because that would entail sculpting over the chaos warrior thigh/hip plates. This will be a regular bolter squad with interchangeable special weapons. If the new codex actually allows Marked squads heavy weapons I can go back and add those later. Once the legs are done in a day or two it won't take that long to add the torso and the scarf. Mostly I'll just ponder which heads to use (I sculpted about 30 or so Mk II Crusade helmets for my IW, but I want to finish the DG/TS first, so I might use them).

I need to bitz order some TS heads so I can finish their test model. Really all he needs is the head and some "character" sculpting so he doesn't look like a plain marine.

07-05-2007, 23:47
The Fate of Al'Ghazal, Part II

"The Ashendari home world had been in decay for centuries. Their weather patterns and ecology had been shifting ever onwards toward a desert climate. Do not be mistaken, their world had always had its share of desert, more than most worlds in fact. But in the last few hundred years it had begun encroaching on the last vestiges of the world’s temperate zones. As it threatened food production, riots began. The traditional warrior castes were unable to handle the civil uprising, and the Imperial garrisons were on the verge of being utterly wiped out. There was only one thing left for the Imperial governorship to do: ask for the aid of the Ashendari.

The Ashendari were more than mere desert folk. They were the desert. A tight knit group of warriors who were born, raised, and trained in the desert, they were the most feared fighting force on the planet. For centuries they had little contact outside their own society besides selling their services as mercenaries. But as the situation became more unstable, the Imperial citizens encroached more and more on their territory in the futile search for supplies. So when the Imperial government beseeched their help in ending the civil uprising, they were only too willing to give their aid…"

27-10-2007, 20:44
Alright, so now that I'm back in the saddle (and not in, uh, that way), I'm going to continue on posting the rest of my Chaos armies (if you didn't read the updated first post, I'm putting the DG on hold until I figure out how exactly to execute them the way I pictured them in my mind, both modeling-wise and list-wise).

So about 3-4 years ago I started a Pre-Heresy World Eaters army. This was right after they had put out the IA articles in book form (although I had read them before that, I didn't pay much attention since they were merely WD articles, and I tend to blank those out). So, inspired by the paint scheme I built and painted this model one night (sorry for the terrible pics, my camera died after taking these two pics so this is what I have until I recharge the battery, but you get the picture).



Now, I started this army years ago, before I read Warseer and B&C and Dakka, and I didn't really care about making the army "fluff-accurate" with things like the proper armor and helmet variants, in fact at that point in time those ideas never even occurred to me. The troops in this army were assembled and primed before the end of 2004, I just pulled them out of the box and finished them. With that in mind, please don't bitch that the army isn't PH-accurate: I KNOW.

These are two of the models that I did after I pulled them out, a Champion and a regular trooper. All of the Champions and two Berserkers from each squad have interchangable bolt pistols/plasma pistols like the Champion here. These were something I added just recently, so I essentially had to saw off their hands, add the magnets, and fix what the sawing screwed up (which was really a pain to do since I had already painted the models).



There are still a lot of details I need to finishe on the troops, some random cables I missed here and there, a little more shading and fixing some paint/lining mistakes I did, and adding some gore to the models. Not too much gore, I don't want it to detract from the white, but I want it to be noticeable, but subtle.

Now, as far as the list for this army goes, I'll be using the new Chaos codex for them. For 1500 points I'm using a fairly troops-centered list:

--Chaos Lord w/Jump pack and PW

--Chaos Sorcerer w/MoS and Lash of Submission (not rules-fluffy, I know, but merely my middle-finger concession to "Counts As" proponents, besides, it could represent a WE Librarian psychically infecting an enemy unit with rage... don't laugh!)

--8 Terminators

--32 Berzerkers (4 squads, two with PF, two with PW, and however many plasma pistols will fit depending on how I equip the Termies)

Next up (once the battery is charged): Pics of the four squads of Berzerkers. Pics of the Terminators. Pics of the Lord and the Sorcerer. And coming soon: My second Iron Warriors army!

bram kuijpers
27-10-2007, 21:45
the model on the left is strange a chaos head with a imperial eagle
thats just wrong! even though it does looks great!

27-10-2007, 22:10
the model on the left is strange a chaos head with a imperial eagle
thats just wrong! even though it does looks great!

Well, yea, I kinda made the army with what I had available to me at that time: standard chaos and imperial marine parts. I prefer most of my Chaos stuff as very strongly Imperial based anyways, I hate filing and painting all of the extra stuff on the chaos marines. :D But I did want a little chaos influence, which is mostly a few random weapons/heads here and there.

bram kuijpers
27-10-2007, 22:39
suppose those berzerkers could have winged khorned symbols 50/50 hu?

Metal Fingered Villain
28-10-2007, 03:19
Those painted berzerkers look really dope. The white is incredibly clean and the lining pulls em all together like santa clause and christmas.

28-10-2007, 05:36
Looking great.
That white is smooth and clean. im envious

28-10-2007, 05:59
good stuff-im loving those legs

28-10-2007, 12:43
The World eaters are fantastically crisp, what about the earlier project that still in action effect? any progress?

28-10-2007, 18:32
The World eaters are fantastically crisp, what about the earlier project that still in action effect? any progress?

The other project is on hold whilst I sort out how to execute my image of them: I wasn't happy with how they were turning out visually. I also didn't know how I wanted to do the list with the new rules. But it will get finished eventually. The WE are essentially done minus some painting and maybe another squad or two to jack it up to 2000 points. The IW that I'll be posting I have a much more clear view of how they will turn out, and for the most part they're at least assembled (minus ~3-4 big pieces).

As soon as I go get some coffee and have some breakfast I'll be uploading some more WE pics, and maybe a few IW WIP pics.

28-10-2007, 20:12
Alright, got some coffee, ate some food, took some pics. My morning is done (well, at least until I go to work, but until then I'll just watch some football).

So here are the four Aspiring Champions (err, Skull Champions now :rolleyes:) that I made. There's still some work to be done, the skin and some fine detailing here and there, but they're roughly tabletop ready. They all have the interchangeable hands for bp/pp, too, but the the PF/PW are built in.

My personal favorite is the second from the left, the PF one.



28-10-2007, 20:22
Alright, so the Champions are posted above, now here are the squads they go with. As above, there are still some details to be done: skin, some cables, and most importantly some squad markings. I built each squad to have as much variety as possible as far as pose and helmets/torsos, but since they all kind of look the same I need squad markings to actually keep them separate.

It's hard to tell in the pictures (because I didn't care to take good ones, plus my lightbox hasn't been used in a while and it's kind of run down, and I'm too lazy to fix it at the moment), but the white is essentially a flat with just the black lining to give it depth, and the blue just has a simple one-stage highlight and the black lining. It's a very, very simple paintjob, I was never going for artistic, I simply wanted them to look very clear and defined, and I'm happy with how they've turning out (certainly not my most stunning work ever, but I've given up trying to match some of the stuff I see on here).

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Squad 4

Still to come (maybe tomorrow): Pics of the Terminators (NOT pre-heresy style, I was too lazy to convert shoulder pads). Pics of the Lord and Sorcerer. And who knows, maybe I'll put together a squad of Havocs for them.

Comments on the list and the models always apprecaited!

29-10-2007, 22:40
So here's some pics of the Terminators. I spent yesterday before work painting the bases and flocking them. As with the rest of the army, there is still some fine detail work to be done on the models. Now, on to the squad.

This is roughly how the squad will be equipped. 5 PW, 2 PF, 1 CF. I haven't decided if I'm going to include combi-weapons, I probably won't include a Reaper Autocannon because they just aren't worth it I think. So, without further ado...

World Eaters Terminators

So here's the one that is going to be my Aspiring Champion, I really like the flat chestplate. As you can see, the arms are magnetized to allow me to change out their armament should the need arise. All 8 of the Terminators are made this way.

Here's the Chainfist Terminator.

29-10-2007, 22:41
Here are a couple more of the Terminators:


29-10-2007, 22:52
Fantastic models! I really like the terminator heads. How are you black lining your models?

29-10-2007, 22:54
Fantastic models! I really like the terminator heads. How are you black lining your models?

Your standard Pigma Micron .005. As far as the heads go, they're just standard Terminator heads with the sides shaved down.

30-10-2007, 02:48
Needs some highlights, the color looks a little flat.

30-10-2007, 03:04
Not bad, even if pre-heresy Aspiring Champions are using Mark 8 Armour :p

nice job though, keep it up!

30-10-2007, 04:54
Yea, I know, I know, I made several disclaimers about it. ;) It was built years ago before anyone I know of built Pre-Heresy armies.

30-10-2007, 09:24
For The Emperor! For A While!

Nice stuff, pre-heresy stuff is always welcome on my computer screen.

31-10-2007, 04:04
Alright, got some WIP's of the Lord and the Sorceror!

WE Lord - Ah, my simple characters. I have never fielded overpowered characters, I've always prefered to load up on troops. So, this is about as simple of a Lord as I can make in the new CSM Codex and still have him fit in with the army. Eventually he'll team up with the WE Raptors. As you can see, this one was made recently, and is roughly PH accurate armor-wise.
-- Lord, MoK, PW, Jump pack --

WE Librarian - This one is kind of boring at the moment, I still need to at some scrolls and some other details to him.

Needs some highlights, the color looks a little flat.

The Terminators have yet to be highlighted, I switched from Citadel to VGC for them, and I really haven't pulled my paints out much the last week (been putting together Iron Warriors!). It doesn't help that my picture setup at the moment sucks, too, but I didn't feel like setting up the light tent for WIP shots.

Still To Come: An actual painted character model! Some WIP's of my Iron Warriors (my favorite at the moment).

31-10-2007, 07:41
Lord looks nice, though not super standoutish atm. Do you plan to add alittle fanciness to him ? Or just like that ?

31-10-2007, 11:35
Hmm, some more ideas to "desertify" your marines if you want em.

You could give a few of the guys bedouin style headwraps or turbans. Maybe sergeants or bareheaded models.

Another thing you could do is give them curved sarecen style scimitars, wrap various vehicles in yellowed cloth, etc.

also look at traditional saracen armour and see if you see anything you like that you could incorporate into your marines.

31-10-2007, 12:06
These guys look super mean, I think some of the power fist guys would look great with their white fists covered in specks of blood streaks. Just enough to say that these blokes just smashed some dude's skull in.


31-10-2007, 17:30
Lord looks nice, though not super standoutish atm. Do you plan to add alittle fanciness to him ? Or just like that ?

Yea, I was planning on adding some more stuff to him, was fishing around my bitz boxes last night to find something suitable, nothing has jumped out at me yet. Spent most of the night trying to figure out how to make the CC arms on my IW Defiler mostly. :)

Hmm, some more ideas to "desertify" your marines if you want em.

You could give a few of the guys bedouin style headwraps or turbans. Maybe sergeants or bareheaded models.

Another thing you could do is give them curved sarecen style scimitars, wrap various vehicles in yellowed cloth, etc.

also look at traditional saracen armour and see if you see anything you like that you could incorporate into your marines.

Yea, I did the scarves around the neck originally, you're right I should probably do some around the head, too. And I bought a bunch of the curved swords that I believe come with the Berzerkers, I have about 40 of them, just need to shave some of the details down and attach them.

These guys look super mean, I think some of the power fist guys would look great with their white fists covered in specks of blood streaks. Just enough to say that these blokes just smashed some dude's skull in.


I know, I can hard wait to add some gore to them!

02-11-2007, 02:06
So while I've been thoroughly putting off painting (i.e., finishing the World Eaters), I've been in the modeling mood. I've been working a bit on the Iron Warriors, trying to finish my last Obliterator and trying to figure out some specifics on my Defiler (such as how to mount the arm at them moment).

This is the prototype model I build about a year ago for my Obliterators (and honestly, I like this one the best). It was very loosely based off a model I saw on Dakka (I pretty much just talked to guy about his build and used his idea for the legs). The rest was all ideas I had brewing in my mind. You see, I hate, hate the GW Obliterator models, always have (heck, I don't even know which ones I hate more, the old or the new ones). Back a few years ago when I was playing IW a lot I had 6 of the new ones, because at that time I couldn't for the life of my find something decent to replace them model-wise. So when I came back to the game I wanted to really have something on the board that looked as cool as I thought the Obliterators should look. My ideas meshed perfectly with my second vision of the Iron Warriors (which I'll post eventually).

So, enough of my blabbering, here you go.

Prometihean Pattern Obliteror Mk. I




I guess from the back he looks a little lopsided, but from the front he looks fine. The body is joined at the waist with magnets for easier transportation.

Comments and criticism welcome.

Still to come: Two more Promethean Pattern Obliterator variants? The best Defiler ever? Hordes of Bionic Iron Warriors? Will our poster get around to finishing painting the WE? Find out tomorrow!

02-11-2007, 05:49
That looks great but I think the lascannon off sets it from the start (not just the back photo). I think it might be the angle though rather than the placement. It's just so awkward pointing up at the sky...


02-11-2007, 07:43
Yea, I might add in a little spacer (I had to do the same thing on the Mk. II version, it's tilt was WAY more obvious) to fix the crookedness. However, it might just be the lascannon itself that's the problem. Originally I wanted to have two shoulder weapons, but adding the second one made the model way too busy, like there were more weapons than surface area, so I didn't add it. And yea, the angle does look weird, it's supposed to be in the "resting" position, but I didn't want to put it any farther up because that looked even stranger.

02-11-2007, 09:08
That Robotic Obliterator looks awesome. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than some munted looking Terminator.

:skull: Usi :skull:

02-11-2007, 17:52
That Robotic Obliterator looks awesome. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than some munted looking Terminator.

:skull: Usi :skull:

That's what I thought, too.

Now I'm thinking though that the model would look a little better if I took the Lascannon off. I originally wanted to fit a bunch of weapons on there to represent the different weapons they could fire (granted, not going as far as putting ALL of the weapon options on each one, that's lame, but at least putting a couple on there). This was before the new codex, so now the weapons I have on them, like some missiles, heavy bolters, autocannon, don't really fit, but since they were just there as a representation it should be all good. However, maybe I'll toy with taking the LC off this one...

Hasan ibn Sabbah
02-11-2007, 23:20
wow! Beautiful, must ask where did you found head for this beauty?

03-11-2007, 07:11
Instead of actually dismantling the Obliterator, I played with it in Photoshop.


So this is what it would look like without the lascannon. A lot sleeker, I think I actually like it better. Thanks for the heads up MF3000. Anyone else have some thoughts on it?

wow! Beautiful, must ask where did you found head for this beauty?

For the Obliterator? It's one of the three from the Defiler box.

Hasan ibn Sabbah
03-11-2007, 14:52
For the Obliterator? It's one of the three from the Defiler box.

Another reason to buy defiler :) thanks mate

I'm voting for no-lascanon, looks much more nasty :)

03-11-2007, 15:16
That obliterator is an amazing concept.

03-11-2007, 15:37
Nice job on the Obliterator

03-11-2007, 21:32
Wow that looks much kooler like you said - reminds me of the Space Hulk dreadnoughts remember those?!

Looks great nonetheless.


08-11-2007, 02:01
So, I'm terribly sick at the moment, and anything that comes out of me mouth (errr, keyboard?) that sounds retarded please attribute to the illness. Not much motivation to work on stuff (being ill and all), but I did a little here and there. I figured out some of the details of the Defiler, got the close combat arm almost figured out, so that's good. Pics to come of that later.

I fiddled around with the Promethean Mk. II Oblit (just found out it's "head" doesn't fit the way I imagined it), but it's well enough done to post some pics.

Promethean Pattern Obliterator Mk. II




The shoulder mounted missiles are attached with magnets, so they aren't fixed in those positions, they do swivel a bit up and down, I didn't notice the awkward angles until I upload the pics, and I'm lazy at the moment.

So essentially all the Mk. II needs is to fill the gaps in the missile pods, mess a bit with the top section of the armor to make the coils/cables not end in a blank spot, and fix the head.


24-11-2007, 20:02
So it's been a while, but sickness and holidays and work will really put a damper on working on miniatures. However, I do have some WIPs of my Defiler to post now, I finally got it to a point where it will show off how I want it to look.

This is the third defiler I've made in this vein. The other two I made years ago right after the defiler kit came out. The configuration on the original ones were a little different, the feet were a bit different and the weapon arms were totally different, but the it's essentially the same beast.

Hephaestus Pattern Defiler Mk. I

Detail of the legs
There are only a few things left for me to do on the legs, mainly put joints at the bottom where the "feet" meet the "ankles." I was also thinking of putting a few armor plates on, mainly because from that very front angle the legs look too thin, but from any other angle it looks fine. And as you can see the waist is magnetic.

Gun arm
I'm pretty much satisfied with how the gun eventually turned out, it took me a long time to figure out how to do it. I just need to fill in the side holes and maybe add some wires. The gun arm is magnetic as well.

Close combat arm
I just need to thicken up the forearm a bit maybe and add a little more to the elbow joint, and possibly some detail to the blade and it's about done. It will have a matching shoulder plate like the gun arm.

Besides all that, I was thinking of adding a "backpack" type thing on the back, maybe a powerplant-type thing, to balance out the model.


24-11-2007, 20:24
Wow, that Defiler would make a great Knight Titan!

24-11-2007, 21:12
Defiler looks great, I could steal the idea, and nice use of a Greek god's name, very appropriate.

24-11-2007, 21:27
I love the Oblits but something is off with your World Eaters,
I know BLOOD.

floyd pinkerton
24-11-2007, 22:06
I quite like the obliterators

Any chance of some painted IWs?

24-11-2007, 23:19
Liking the new Defilers/Oblits, very nice in fact.

Prefer them to all the other "Knight" defilers that are out around

25-11-2007, 09:56
malika: What's funny is as soon as I saw the "knight" conversions people had done I thought "wow, those look a lot like the Defilers I did."

bluebugs: Thanks, and go for it!

Esinhorn: Yea, I just bought some of the perfect blood substance to put on them, too, so they'll be much more Khorne-like soon.

floyd pinkerton: Thank you! The painted IW's will be coming in the next few weeks, I need to finish the WE's first because they're a Christmas gift for a friend, but there's really not too much left to do on them.

Earthbeard: Thanks, I like the design better than the "knights" as well (but I guess I'm biased), I just never thought the hips/legs looked quite right on them (but it's preference, you could have the same opinion of mine I suppose).

Well, I've had a bit to drink and cold drive home, so off to bed. Thanks for the comments!

25-11-2007, 17:56
perhaps a tutorial on how you made the defiler and obliterators?

26-11-2007, 05:43
perhaps a tutorial on how you made the defiler and obliterators?

I can try that. It might be a while, I need to order more parts so I can do a picture guide.

28-11-2007, 06:25
So I've been adding decals to all of my WE's (originally I had only put decals on the test model). I really hate decals. Anyone have tips for putting decals on SM shoulder pads? They don't exactly fit properly (at least the Chaos WE ones), they're always bunching up or simply drying out and fluttering off in the winds.

28-11-2007, 06:47
Wow, these are coming out nice

30-11-2007, 07:27
Quick update:

I finished putting the decals on all of the World Eaters. Everyone now has a WE logo and squad insignia. Can I just say again how much I hate decals? I definitely do not want to ever use decals again...

Also, I finished goring up all of the Berzerker squads, they're looking mighty fine. I just need to gore up the Terminators now and paint my characters, and the WE's are done. I don't have pics just yet, I need to re-setup my lightbox and take actual good photos.

I work the next two days, long days, as we're just entering our second busiest month of the year (what with all the Christmas parties). I should be able to take photos on Monday, so expect an update then.

Still to come: Finishing the IW Obliterators. Finishing the Defiler. Maybe even doing a test model for the Iron Warriors.

30-11-2007, 08:37
Fantastic World Eaters, mate. Besides the fact that I'm not too fond of Terminator Honours on their PH/heresy-era armour (I still prefer the fluff that every one of these symbols is said to include a splinter of the emperor's armour when he faced Horus, but that's a matter of taste), I really, really dig your conversion and the fantastic paintjobs you've pulled of. Can't wait to see the next pics, pretty inspiring to finish my own, and I never would have imagined that red power weapons could look good on them, but now I see that they make a perfect contrast to their armour- I'll borrow the idea, if you don't mind. :)

30-11-2007, 17:32

Ithmaril: Thanks man. Yea, since I had already built the main army years ago with no focus on PH-armor, I didn't bother trying to make the Terminators PH either, I'd rather have the army look coherent than focus on 'pseudo-historical accuracy' (I thought I'd steal that line from you! ;)). I wasn't sure about the red power weapons either, but they worked out. Unfortunately, last night I decided to cover them in Tamiya Clear Red for some reason, pretty much washed out all the highlights (I don't know why I thought to do that, seems idiotic in retrospect). Go ahead, use the idea!

03-12-2007, 20:08
Alright, I only have a few minutes before I have to run off to an appointment, but I thought I'd post a quick pic of my (probably) finished World Eaters squad. This is one squad of four that are done, just wanted to see how the pics came out with the "good" picture setup. Anyways, here we go.


One day I'll actually spring for a real lightbox, this is one that I simply built myself out of balsa wood and vellum. It doesn't take the best pictures I guess, but it gets the point across.

When I get back I'll see about getting pics of the rest of the squads, then I only have to bloody up the Terminators and actually paint my characters (and pick out the eyes on the bareheaded guys, I always forget about that.

03-12-2007, 21:16
I need to quit looking at logs and work on my own crap. Don't feel bad about the PH-armor; I've been assembling a 13th Company warband, and only half actually have PH armor, if that.

But I'll likely try and work my own version of the Hephaestus defiler. I have the new army box, and the kit's been sitting around for months.

04-12-2007, 01:07
Ok, spent a little time taking new pictures of the squads, so here we go.

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Squad 10

So there we have it, at least for right now. I realized that the blood looks a little weak now that it has dried, I definately need to go back and add another layer, make it darker.

The lighting definitely needs a little work, I might have to add a third light. With the doors of the lightbox spead open so much, it thins out the light that is supposed to be reflecting around in there. The box works much better on single models.

04-12-2007, 01:33
Here are some pics of the champs, I thought a little one on one would give them a little more character.

Squad 1 Champion

Squad 2 Champion

Squad 3 Champion

Squad 10 Champion

I realized there are still a couple of decal lines around the squad numbers, I'll have to fix those. It really bothers me how orange the blood looks now, it went on nice and dark.

04-12-2007, 02:49
Bloodtastic and beautiful...


04-12-2007, 17:47
Bloodtastic and beautiful...


Thanks! I did a second coat of blood and I think it's looking a little better. Also, bloodied up the Terminators last night, so it's just the characters that need done now. I got the third Obliterator almost done now, which I'm finally getting happy with, I wanted to try out a different look for the third pattern, but it's pretty much just going to be a variant of the Promethean Mk. I. Still waiting on my bitz from BWB for the DP though (damn Forgeworld is delaying my entire order). I'm heading down to the LGS today to pick up my second Linebreaker squadron, hot damn that extra armor is sweet (although I think I have way too many Rhinos now). It's not actually raining today (yet) so maybe I'll get a chance to primer some of the Iron Warriors I have sitting around.

04-12-2007, 21:11
They look great because the blood doesn't detract from them being 'Chaotic' but you know something's going on. I can almost say that they look loyalists even with that blood stained look... far before the Heresy occurred that is.


05-12-2007, 06:26
You should really throw an assault squad or some rhinos in there to even it out to about 2,000 points. Maybe do a Kharn. I bet your friend would really like that.

05-12-2007, 07:59
You should really throw an assault squad or some rhinos in there to even it out to about 2,000 points. Maybe do a Kharn. I bet your friend would really like that.

Jesus, it's not like it's taken me 4 years just to get this far or anything... I guess that would depend on if he actually wanted it in January or if he was fine with waiting for me to ship it (I mean, especially considering how hard it is to send a Cities of Death box these days...). ;)

06-12-2007, 06:41
J (I mean, especially considering how hard it is to send a Cities of Death box these days...). ;)

I know I tried to ship one of those once it was heavy and hard to ship...........like a baby. Anyways even without that stuff the models look great and maybe your friend can learn to paint and match them to something he builds. What colors from valejo did you use and what base coat gray or white?

06-12-2007, 06:49
Just send me what you want done up. Raptors won't work model-wise like we talked about, so just send some Assault troops. I don't really feel like finishing the Dread considering how crappy they are in the rules, besides, I much like the feel of them as a troop-heavy army. I was thinking of doing a Havoc squad, or maybe two 10 man squads with Lascannons for anti-tank, what do you think of that?

For 2000 points the list can fit a squad of 8 Raptors, a squad of 8 havocs w/2 lascannons, and 2 rhinos without changing what's already in the list (I mean, that's what I personally would put in the list if I was keeping it). If you wanted to send up 2 boxes of Assault marines and a Devastator box maybe I could have it all done by the time I come down. Or if you want something other than that just let me know (hell I could probably crank out 2 dreads to fill up the other Elite slots in almost no time if I had another Furioso).

06-12-2007, 08:56
I just put together 10 assault marines and I will just paint them. I want you to finish your iron warriors. I will send you another dreadnought furioso no problem just found one in a bag but like you said they are damn near useless but a furioso is the only way to go. I will try to do a greater demon and maybe I will do a 15 man assault squad as a unit the lord can join for the magic 16 number,and do 3 vindicators for tank busting. that should sit around 2500 or so without the greater demon. I might play them as blood angels. That way i could do some world eaters scouts.

08-12-2007, 18:56
That list would work pretty well, especially with the 3 Vindicators. I debated adding my 3 Vindi's to the Iron Warriors, but I'll probably keep them for the Thousand Sons or Emperor's Children armies (or hey, both, seeing as how I'm going to be getting another Linebreaker Squadron). Hell, if you toss the Lord in with a Raptor squad I'd give him the Khorne Daemon Weapon at that point...

So the parts for my IW DP and some other stuff shipped out (like the rest of the bases for the IW) finally. So maybe by next week I can continue with my IW conversions. Still in a lull as far as how to finish the Defiler and Obliterators, and especially on how to do the second Defiler. I'm kind of bummed on how boring the troops are turning out, I did the best I could with existing GW bits, but to make them any more cooler I'm going to have to hand convert each one, and I'm not a huge fan of massive rank and file conversions, but we'll see. I already have the Summoned Lesser Daemons picked out for the list though, just need to bitz order more stuff to make them even cooler.

10-12-2007, 20:40
Alright, got the Terminators pretty much done. I took some pics of them, but for some reason I just can't get them to come out right, but this one will have to do.


I really need to build a new lightbox. Or buy one, but they're just some damn expensive (especially those really nice EZcube ones). I think I'll go the cardboard box route though, with the cut-out "windows," those look much sturdier than my scratch built balsa wood frame (I think I just really liked the idea of the swinging door arms, probably why I build it the way I did). Anyone know where to get nice swing arm lamps with actually joint tension? The two I bought pretty much just fall over, and the joint tighteners have about zero tension to maintain different angles.

12-12-2007, 06:05
What color (colour for those damn brits) base coat did you use on the eaters and what color(colour) valejo white and blue? Nothing to do with the army but how big of a light box do yo need? Christmas is close.

12-12-2007, 06:53
Just a plain white basecoat, then an additional coat or two by hand (hell, just a heavy drybrush coat or two would work). You really just want the white to be very clean, the basecoat will almost never be that clean. The blues were Enchanted Blue with Ice Blue highlights (for Citadel colors), and Magic Blue and Electric Blue for Vallejo Game Colors. As far as a lightbox goes, one 12 or 18 inches is about as big as I'd really need I guess. I'll be down to visit between Jan. 8th and the 18th, I'll bring them along then. Maybe I'll have something else for you, too (like a good ol' fashioned @$$-whooping, I suppose you need a decent challenge).