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20-04-2007, 13:29
I know there is a lot of collection threads and painting threads out there on Warseer in this forum, but what of the thought process. It took me a long time to finally decide on an army. How about everyone else?

I have the hardest time sticking with an army but I am definitely going to go with Alpha Legion this time. This is the path Ive traced through Miniature gaming.

Started in Warhammer Fantasy:
High Elves (6th edition was released, moved to:
Empire (then thought about 40k)
Dark Angels (thought about it never did it)
Dark Eldar (thought about it never did it)
(MMORPG hiatus for 5 years, Star Wars Galaxies then WoW)
Steel Legion (started to collect, but went to the next army)
Started collecting Khador for Warmachine (have 4k point army)
Started collecting Mercs for Warmachine. (have 2k point army)
Started collecting Cryx for Warmachine (then ebayed it)
Started collecting Cygnar for Warmachine (then ebayed it)
Started collecting Everblight for Hordes (have a 1k army)
Started collecting Orks for 40k (got a 1500 pt army but ebayed it)
(ebayed all minis except Khador, Everblight, and Mercs)
Now my gaming group wants to get back into 40k with their 4+ armies, I learn about Alpha Legion and am afraid to collect but I have some figures for it due to new codex.
Alpha legion fluff allows for a lot and I start planning a infiltrated Marine army as well as a Chaos Alpha Legion army. I then decide to plan out a rogue Guard list that works for Alpha legion. I look at my Blood Axe Orks and think about a merc list that also works for Alpha Legion. Then I build a Witch Hunter list with Space Marine allies as a rogue witch hunter working with Alpha Legion kind of deal. Now Word Bearers are starting to interest me but not as much as Alpha Legion.

Then I get scared with all these army plans because of all the painting needed and want to go back to just collecting Alpha Legion. Then I go I have some good ideas for these other armies that tie them in with Alpha Legion.

I know I need to take it one army at a time but I have so many ideas. Im sticking with Alpha though and will try to collect my Chaos army first with all Chaos Space Marines.

Anyone else have this problem?

I won't even mention my Star Wars miniatures...

Wise Guy Sam
20-04-2007, 14:23
I have the hardest time sticking with an army but I am definitely going to go with Alpha Legion this time. This is the path Ive traced through Miniature gaming.

Anyone else have this problem?


I am really glad that you have decided on an army. group influence and white dwarf/new releses are my kryptonite as well. Once you have found an army you really love(aka nids...well for me anyway) just do it. granted new codex = problem. maybe buy a box or 2 of marines and paint em. find your colour scheme. Build bits and pices of army that you think you will be able to use when new dex comes out( CSM cant change to much, if at all they Rock). GO FOR IT SON i'll play ya ... if you live in the same country as me....never mind ;)

20-04-2007, 14:48
Yes, I have a hard time deciding as well, but I went with Orks and then heard all about Alpha Legion and since I was a Blood Axe player it went really well.

20-04-2007, 14:50
Yes I decided to go with Alpha legion. Once my Alpha Legion is built up I might break into Lost and the Damned. This will give me a very solid core of Alpha Legion Marines/Cultists/Daemons and let me branch out with LatD rules to collect some of the other Chaos and Imperial Guard units I enjoy and be able to field them when I want to with LatD rules:
Thousand Sons Marines
Khorne Berserkers
Word Bearer Bikers or Marines (painted in that scheme)
Imperial Guard 10 man squads with Heavy Weapons
Imperial Guard Tanks
Chaos Big Mutants

I would like a unit or two of the above listed, but not an entire army. I'd also like to grab some of the regular Space Marines and sprinkle them in with the Chaos Marines for more variety.

20-04-2007, 15:53
I tend to have lots of ideas, of which most go down the pan. Even now I am thinking about my fantasy army (I have just started my Guard army - 2 guards and 1 converted Rough Rider).

If you feel so impelled to do Alpha Legion, then do it. Just limit your choices at the moment to obvious stuff (Marines, Vehicles, etc) and wait a few months for the new codex...

24-04-2007, 04:04
I go through armies at a ridiculous rate. Originally it was
Thousand Sons-1000pts to
Plague Marines-1500pts to
Space Marines-1000pts to
Orks-1500pts to
Dark Eldar-500pts
which ultimately led to my
Dark Angels-3000pts and
Tyranids 2000pts
Fortunately I gave most of my armies to a buddy of mine, so they still see some action or augment other peoples forces.

24-04-2007, 05:06
To help (maybe) with collecting a bunch of models you'll have a hard time trying to find time to paint:


Keep the dollars in your pocket until you have the finished army in your head/on paper.

Just a thought. May not work, but still a thought. ;)