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20-04-2007, 23:33
Hello all. I am a 40k player trying to put together a fantasy army. I have no experience when it comes to fantasy so please feel free to give me a shove in the right direction. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

1000 Point

Saurus Scar Vet - 176
Spawning of Tepok and Quetzl
Light Armor, Great Weapon, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, Glyph Necklace

Skink Priest - 90
Dispel Scroll

13 Skinks - 78

13 Skinks - 78

15 Saurus Warriors - 240
Hand Weapons and Shields
Full Command
Spawning Of Quetzl

5 Saurus Cavalry - 205
Musician and Champion

2 Salamanders - 130 (I know, I know but I only have 2)

Total 997

12-05-2007, 09:20
Firstly on such low points (1000 only) I'd only take one spawning a character at the most to save on points. Also i dont recommend u take 2 salamanders i'd opt for a nice unit of heavy saurus.
Apart from that the lists good and well balanced.

12-05-2007, 14:12
hey man i'm in the same boat as you starting out with lizardmen

2 salamanders are quite potent so keep them, i think they're awesome both in coolness and devestation factor, one of them up a flank will possibly annihliate units.

skinks are great but i would give one unit javelins and shields to use as a better shield for the saurus, you only really need one unit to skirmish ahead

personally i wouldn't spend that many points on a hero, you're from 40kso you should understand that but whatever works for you, he's going to be devestating,

the saurus are ridiculously good, or so i've been told, i'd make that squad bigger but i don't think you'll need to

..and this is what i'm starting with for 1000 points, i'm entering a local tournament which only allows: 1 hero, 2 core, 1 special and 1 rare choices so that is how i've set out my army;

saurus scar-vet
light armour
magic shield
charm of jaguar
maybe something else i'm not sure

unit of 12 skinks with javelins to use as a screen?skirmishers

unit of 23 saurus with spears to form the centre with musician and standard

6 saurus riding on cold ones with musician and standard

and 3 salamander packs

yeah, hope that helps a little