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REZOLUTION: A DARK TOMORROW – Gratuitous Violence Style

So, for all of you who are new to the realm of Gratuitous Violence, here’s how it works:

-Every player gets a character (or, in this case, a small crew)
-Each player is 100% in control of their own characters, with the following exceptions
--No God characters (if this needs clarifying I’ll be happy to explain)
--No killing another players characters without their permission

For everyone familiar with Rezolution, its quite simple. Pick a faction, make a crew of 300 points or less, and go nuts. The only other restrictions are no Mercs and no mixed factions (i.e. no slapping some Ronin into another force).

The world of Rezolution is a dark, gritty, cyber-punk-esque one. The year is 2175. The Mega-Corporations wield more power than the nations do. Man has long been able to travel to other planets, as well as other systems. Great Brittain is now known as the Commonwealth, the entirety of Asia is now joined under the nation/business name of APAC (Asia Pacific). The UN crumbled long ago and in it's place now stands Unipol, and its military branch, the Central Security Organization. The religious fanatics of the world have mostly died off after an inredibly bloody and savage religious war. However, Catholicism is making a comback under the flag of the Vatacina. While the majority of humanity is unaware of it, a sinister alien race, known as the Dravani, with the powers to shapeshift and feed off the life essences of others to essentially live forever has been living amongst mankind.

All major Earth cities are now enclosed in domes as the pollution of the Earth is increasingly deadly. In the slums of the cities grows a group of people known as the Ronin, with no real loyalty to any side.

Playable factions are:

If you are interested in playing but have no knowledge of the Rezolution world, there are two things you can do:
(1)Go buy the book. The game is incredible, I highly recommend it.
(2)Ask me for a description of the available units of a faction you are interested in, or ask me to make a force for you.

Post up your crew on this thread, then swing over here and go nuts! (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=148450#post148450)

03-08-2005, 06:30
Maven - 58
-Assault Rifle
Wolf has been a leader since day one. At the age of 14 Wolf managed to create a splinter group within his gange and by the age of 16 they had seperated completely from his mother gang. On his 18th birthday, he was aproached by a man who introduced himself only as a "Juggler," and was quickly given his own crew to command. Now one year later, Wolf and his crew have run a number of small, beginner missions without any casualties, and a considerable success record.
Second - 43
-Pulse Gun
Streak grew up with Wolf, and was one of the first to join his splinter gang. She has a similar penchant for leadership as Wolf, but lacks the desire to be in charge. Instead, she is content to be Wolf's connection with everyone else, often acting as a relay for information from Wolf to the crew during missions, when Wolf hangs back, both so he can provide covering fire and so that he can better assess the situation. Of course, thats not to say that Wolf never gets up close and personal with a situation either.
Shootist - 49
-Dual Smart Pistols
Jester grew up will outside of the city, and, unlike most to live in the slums, spent his life before joining the crew with his natural family. He learned to shoot from his father, as hunting was the only realistic way to get food due to the dreadfully sunscorched terrain preventing any farming. Only 18 years old, he relates more closely to Whisp than anyone else.
Ghost - 23
Whisp began surfing the grid at a very early age. By the time he was 12 he had already had a large number of cybernetic augmentations. At the age of 17 he is by far the youngest member of the crew.
Brick - 58
Train was by far the largest of his many siblings and fellow gang members, and by no means the brightest. Forced at a younger age to act as a pack mule for the older gang members, Train managed to steal enough money to begin his quest to fully cybernetically enhance himself, and managed to free himself of his ties with the cruel gang through sheer force. At the old age of 23, Train has seen more combat than anyone in the crew and, despite his general lack of intellect, often acts as a mentor to Wolf.
Fiddler - 31
-6 Bomb bots
Wrench began her career as a fiddler when the crew formed, not having any formal training before then. However, her aptitude for mechanics was evident for a number of years before then, as she worked nearly 24 hours a day at a gas station in the slums. Despite her age of 20, Wrench is fairly inexperienced in combat situations and much prefers to hang back behind the crew and ply her gadgets than to get stuck in the fray. On occasion, however, she has known the pleasure of a point-blank flamethrower.

edit: TOTAL COST - 298
*edited to remove turrets, add Second.
*edited to add more bomb-bots...... cuz they're awsome ^.^

03-08-2005, 12:07
Vincent Telkas' Crew
Faction: Dravani

Crew Leader: Vincent Telkas
Dravani in human form: 72
While Vincent's actual age in unknown to anyone other than his closest friends, he appears to be a very handsome twenty year old. Born on Earth a mere 70 years ago, Vincent is still considered relatively immature by many of the other Dravani, which has caused his attempts to move up in Dravani society to be relatively fruitless. Vincent looks to prove himself to the others by taking on many, extremely dangerous, odd jobs for some of the more respectable elders.

Team Hacker: Lesly Helaran
Wraith Vassal: 19
Lesly met Vincent 2 years back while she was running with a Ronin crew, attempting to break into and steal a large sum of money from the bank accounts of one of the Dravani elders. About halfway through the operation Vincent and his crew interviened, catching the crew by surprise and slaughtering them with ease. After the battle they found Lesly hiding in a metal crate at which point Vincent offered her a choice, become his crew's hacker, or die. Valuing her life much more than a loyalty to dead comrades, Lesly joined Vincent's crew, although she has become distant in recent weeks.

Crew "morale" officer: Heidy Lectra
Executor Vassal: 21
Heidy is the most recent in a string of Executors that have joined Vincent's crew. Vincent, while usually calm and collected, can become infuriated quite quickly and when he looks for someone to blame, his right hand man, or woman if the case may be, is usually the one who takes it. Heidy has heard all of the rumors surrounding Vincent, so it is not great surprise that she tries to make sure all of their operations go off without a hitch.

The Daemonic Duo: Reven and Yerah
Souless: 39x2= 78
Reven and Yerah have been with Vincent since his birth, serving as his personal bodyguards. They are Vincent's most loyal crew members and never question his judgement, even when situations are at their worst.

Front Line meat and "battery" rechargers: six Lektra vassals
Lektra Vassals: 16x6= 96
Some say the thing that keeps Vincent from moving up in the world is his complete disregard for anyone's life other than his own. If the way he treats his Lektra vassals is anything to go off of, they may very well be correct. Vincent is almost always in need of new vassals as he drains their essence when they begin to show the first sign of weakness.

Total Crew cost: 286

03-08-2005, 13:33
mind if i ask for an explanation bout this game, ive never heard of it before, but it looks like it could be fun

03-08-2005, 14:22
which would you like an explanation of, the Gratuitous Violence part, the Rezolution part, or both?

Commander X
03-08-2005, 14:50
I'm in the same camp Diddimz is, and I'd like an explanation of everything you can explain about if it's not too much effort.

03-08-2005, 16:51
Ok, here we go. *takes a big breath*

Brief History of GV
GV was a game that Vesk and I started back on portent, and is in essence a complete freeform cinematic roleplaying game that can be applied to any setting or game already in existance, as well as anything one might want to make up. We had several 40k GVs, a Fantasy GV, and one where we were abunch of crazy guys who got into a brawl in a doughnut shop and then flew into space in our shenanigan-powered shopping cart.

Just in case you were curious, of course. :p

03-08-2005, 16:52
(the very-very-very postcard versions, mostly from memory. point listings are PER MODEL, not per team. equipment has no extra cost unless specifically noted)
APAC was originally founded by a Japanese family of Samurai. They saw that their place in the world was becomming obsolete and in an attempt to retain power they turned from a nearly exclusively militant life to one of business. This family was responsible for creating the Yakuza, so that they could get their fingers into both the upper corporate world and the dirty streets world.

Many years later, APAC united Asia through a combination of force and diplomacy. APAC is now the only entity in the universe that is both an intergalactic corporation and a national state. (Kind of like how Australia is a country and a continent.... except.... with different things =p)

Arashi - 63
The Arashi is the spiritual leader of the APAC crew. A craft user from birth, the Arashi derives his powers from the forces of the storm, and there have been Arashi known to conjure hurricanes at a whim, to channel lighting through their fists, and to shroud themselves in wind for protection against foes. Being both a martial artist and a very spiritual craft user, the Arashi wields no weapons other than his limbs and his powers.
Enforcer Team - 24 (lieut - 30, heavy - 31)
The APAC Enforcer team is the backbone of an APAC crew. Ranging in number from four to eight troopers per team, they choose to wield either dual machine pistols or a combat shotgun, along with their secondary weapons of knives and a 9mm pistol. The Lieutenant for the Enforcer team has the same optional equipment, but wields a katana and a heavy pistol as his sidearms. The Heavy, a failed sumo looking to regain his dignity, wields only his fists. And a rocket launcher.
The enforcers know no true allegience to a single family line, but instead give pure loyalty to the state, risking their lives to protect and advance it.
Yuurei - 26
The Yuurei plays the role of hacker for the APAC crews. Augmented to the point of being a cyborg, they are among the best hackers due to the easy access to very advanced technology. Due to the nature of hackers in general, the Yuurei is often very arrogant and independant, and can be at odds with the rest of the crew. They carry only a machine pistol and their remote access board.
Ninja - 47
Many years ago, the ninja realised they were a dieing breed, and in exchange for protection, signed on as exclusive assassins for the APAC state. However, they quickly realised that due to the advancements in security, as well as the widespread paranoia, a single shadow would no longer be enough to do the trick. Now they opperate in teams of four to ten, and, wielding a mini crossbow, shuriken, and a katana, they now leave their foes in full knowledge of who has come and dealt the damage.
Numb Sisters - 33
These synthetic beings are, in essence, genetically created craft users. While their power is small, they also serve to create a zone in which all craft powers are nullified. Wielding only their razorbladed fanes, these creatures were not created for frontline combat, opperating in teams of two to four.
Bishoujo Senshi - 38
Trained from birth, these incredibly skilled combatants are given heavy genetic treatment for a number of years. All female, the Bishoujo Senshi are never allowed to age in appearance past that of a teenage girl, although their skills in combat far exceed the level expected. Wielding poisoned blades, a snipe pistol, and a fletchet pistol, these assassins prefer to work alone and in urban settings, where they can easily blend in.
TADS - 63
The Tactical Assault and Defense Suit is a cybernetic suit into which th epilot plugs himself. Very expensive, they are of course only used for very important and high risk situations. As the suit is 100% self-contained, the TADAS are capable of opperating in the void of space, as well as many more and less harsh environments. The suit itself is covered with blades, and each fist has a small machine gun imbedded in it. Equipped with the ability to self detruct in dire circumstances, the TADS are not something to be taken lightly. They opperate in teams ranging from one to four.
Panther Securibot - 37
The Robot Rights Movement of 2136 caused a large ammount of discomfort in APAC due to their heavily automated facilities. The use of AI was widespread in APAC, for while a human security guard gets tired, an AI will not. However, an AI will not stay forever loyal, and the new AI union laws make them increasingly difficult to employ. The result of this was APAC’s development of a new style of AI, one based on animalistic instinct rather than that of the human brain. Thus, the Panther Securibot was born. Only armed with sharp blades on its paws, the Panther is nonetheless a formidable opponent.

03-08-2005, 16:53
After the UN fell, it was replaced with Unipol. Unipol now acts as the international, interplanetary, intergalactic "peace keeping organisation." With no loyalty to any nation, Unipol remains as independant as possible in all disputes. The Central Security Organization is the military arm of Unipol. While they have stations in many cities and countries, the bulk of the CSO force is stationed on a number of large orbiters called Arks.
Each Ark is nearly a mile long, and remains in low orbit for a number of years before needing to refuel. An Ark carries a support crew, four divisions of CSO personnel and squadrons of vehicles, including the Barracuda patrol cruiser. Wielding a rediculously massive arsenal, the full strength of an Ark has rarely been brough down into a situation -- often the knowledge that an Ark is nearby is enough to quell the disturbance.
Marshal - 67
The Marshal is both feared and respected, and is the highest ranking CSO opperative in any CSO crew. Always on duty and wandering the galaxy, the life of a Marshal is a lonely one, but they are fully dedicated to upholding the law of the galaxy as set by Unipol. Equipped with a combat knife, grenades, and a hammerhead assault pistol, the Marshal is dangerous on his own, and deadly when supported by troops.
Troopers - 25 (Serg-28, S.W. - 25)
The Troopers of the CSO are the flesh and blood of the crew. CSO Troopers are taught early on to know their team and their weapons, and to trust both of them fully, as all lives depend on one another. The Troopers are aremed with a 9mm pistol, an assault rifle, a combat knife, and smoke grenades, and operate in teams of four to ten. The Sergeant has a 9mm pistol, an assault rifle, and a combat knife. The Special Weapons Troopers have a 9mm pistol and a combat knife, and can carry either a combat shotgun or a flamethrower. The S.W. Troopers come up to two per team.
Peace Keepers - 39 (Major - 43, Sniper - 49)
While the Troopers are the flesh of the CSO crew, the Peace Keepers are the muscle beneath it. More heavily armed and armored, the Peace Keepers are called in for heavy duty action. Rarely having time off from action, the Peace Keepers are often more rowdy during their breaks, but due to their importance, their infractions are often overlooked by the higher-ups. Running in teams of four to ten, Peace Keepers carry and assault rifle, a combat knife, grenades, and a heavy pistol. The Major wields an assault rifle, a combat knife, an emp grenade, and a heavy pistol. The sniper carries a combat knife, a heavy pistol, and a sniper rifle.
Rangers - 41
Rangers are undercover CSO operatives, used to infiltrate organisations and use their skills to get information. While they possess the ability to access the grid, they are not grid jockeys and have a very low hacking skill. In essence they are secret agents, and often act as sleepers, waiting for years on end before recieving the order to move. Armed with a beam pistol, a flechete pistol, a garotte, and smoke grenades, the rangers accell at getting into places without being recognized, preferring subtlety to other tactics.
"Stomper" Class 3 Warbot - 117
Its a giant robot, used for security and war. It's a 30mm game and hes on an 80mm base. Honestly, do I need to go on? He's got a mini-gun and a pulse cannon.
Field Engineer - 28
The Field Engineer is an important member of any CSO team, as he not only packs extra ammo and can repair jammed guns, but he also has a slew of other usefull gagdets, such as bomb-bots (6 points each) or medi-bots (4 points each), as well as turrets which he can plant (we're gonna not use turrets, I just decided. too much more to cover). Armed with a combat knife, emp grenades, a heavy pistol, a remote board, and choice of a flamethrower or an x-tec beamer, the engineer not only carries gadgets but is armed to the teeth.
Field Medic - 21
Its a medic. They heal people. They can also buy medi-bots (4 points each). They ahve a heavy pistol and a combat knife. Simple enough.
Penal Legion Troopers - 16 (Cyborg - 21)
CSO has always struggled to maintain a sufficiently large standing force, and has recently begun "emplying" convicts to help fill its ranks. Each convict has a bomb implanted in his or her head, which fills a few purposes. If the convict dies in combat, the bomb explodes, and takes out more foes (hopefully). Also, however, the bomb is an insurance procedure, as each bomb is set to a timer (generally between 30 and 60 minutes) and if the convicts don't return to the marshal to have to bomb deactivated, it explodes. The Penal Legion Troopers carry a combat knife and an SMG (as well as their head bomb), and operate in teams of four to ten. In addition to the standard convitcs, many have been physically augmented into cyborgs. These cyborgs also have a head bomb, but are only equiped with minig tools (a close combat weapon).

03-08-2005, 17:40
The Dravani are an alien race with the power of near immortality. On their homeworld (in essence, comparable to or even far worse than the worst death world in 40k), they were the ultimate in evolution, able to regenerate wounded flesh at a slow but effective pace, and able to feed off of the life forces of other animals to fully regenerate themselves instantly. Through a large and involved chain of events, visitors came to their planet, they fed on the visitors, they stole the visitors space crafts and from then on had the capability of space flight.
They conquered most of the galaxy, but the Enemy came (no, I don’t know who the Enemy is, it’s a mystery so far) and totally kicked the Dravani in the ass. A very small number who were living of vacationing on an agricultural planet managed to escape and went into cryosleep with the ship flying as fast as it could into an unknown region of space. Eventually they stumbled upon Earth (sometime during the dark ages) and made residence, using their ability to shapeshift and their slight mind control powers to manipulate mankind and stay hidden. They realized that they would need lots and lots of money if they ever hoped to get off the planet, so as mankind progressed in science and technology, the few remaining Dravani began setting up and buying businesses.
Dravani, Human Form - 72
There are very few Dravani remaining of their once glorious empire, and those few disguise themselves as humans and lead crews comprised of their physically altered vassals. Armed with dual heavy pistols and mono-blades, the Dravani human form are combatants to be feared.
Executor - 21
The Executors are vassals who have aspirations of power and eternal life. While the Dravani can only grant power, no vassals really realize that and dedicate their lives to serving their Dravani masters (although maybe it’s just that Dravani mind control). Executors are the only vassals allowed freedom and free thought, as they are trusted enough to serve as the right-hand to the Dravani themselves. However, they are still closely watched, and failure is never tolerated. Armed with a 9mm pistol and a SMG.
Wraith - 19
The Wraith is the hacker of the Dravani crew. Augmented to the state of cyborgery, Wraiths are less free-thinking and free-willed than most hackers should be, but the Dravani willingly sacrifice the small amount of hacking skill for someone who is totally controlled. Armed with a 9mm pistol, and remote board, and a SMG.
Lektra Vassal - 16
Lektra Vassals are humans who have been hugely cybernetically altered (although there is dispute as to whether or not they are true cyborgs, even within the upper echelons =p ), and implanted in a high-tech suit with electricly charged claws, capable of stunning even the largest of failed sumos. They ahvev no free will at all, and run in teams of two to eight.
The Damned - 8
The Damned are vassals who have failed their masters, and have been brought underneath the Baggers’ tools. The Dravani fear death, but they also see it as a release from the pain of life, and because of this the Damned are kept alive for as long as possible, and, unlike the Lektras, the Damned are “allowed” to retain full consciousness. Armed with nothing at all, they often throw themselves at the enemy in attempts to put an end to their misery.
Souless - 39
The soulless are a genetic mutation caused by a race which the Dravani fed upon during their time of galactic conquest. Outcasts within their own society, their lives are at even greater risk on Earth as they have lost their ability to shapeshift. And most live in small temples out in the wilderness. They have, however, developed an odd ability to pass right through physical structures. Their only real weapon is their claws, but they can feed on the life essence of their opponents, which is often far more deadly.
Baggers - 38
The members of the Bagger sect grow bored with their immortality, and occupy themselves sadism, depravity, and brutality. Many dissenting Dravani (doesn’t matter what they were dissenting against) have ended up underneath the blades of the Baggers. Armed with surgical tools and a hypno-gun, the baggers operate in teams of four to eight.
Shamblers - 23
The Shamblers are yet another genetic mutation of Dravani. This time, however, the mutation was caused by the pollution and UV from earth. The skin and muscles of the Shamblers are literally melting off, and they are in permanent, severe, non-regenerateable agony. Armed with only their claws, the shamblers are driven by their pain, with no thought other than that of doing whatever they can to lessen the pain. Some iota of intellect remains in the heads of the Shamblers, but only enough for very simple telepathic commands from the Dravani, such as “Move” and “Kill”. They travel in teams of four to ten.
Brides of Lilith - 74
Lilith is a noble who was vacationing on the agricultural planet of Eird, and therefore managed to escape before being killed by the Enemy. The Brides of Lilith are her personal body guard, and at one point constituted an entire army. True masters of martial combat, the Brides of Lilith have very nearly never been defeated. However, after a long series of events, Grimalkin, the leader of the Dravani who made it to earth, went totally ape and killed almost every single Bride of Lilith, so there are now less than ten of them left. They are armed with a set of blades which was given to them when they “graduated” from the Temple Academy.
Volkoda - 32
It’s a giant beast with huge claws and super sharp teeth and these savage pseudo-spring-loaded blade arms on its back. Its huge and crazy, and they brought it from their homeworld. ‘Nuff said.

Commander X
03-08-2005, 18:01
*Reads it all*

*Sees "Stomper" robot*

Ok I'm sold, I'll write up the characters tonight/tomorrow morning, but I'm goint with CSO.
1 Marshall, 1 'Stomper', 1 Engineer with 2 Bomb Bots, and 4 Penal Legion Troopers. Would that be a 'legal' party?

03-08-2005, 18:10
:cries: Oh why the stomper.....why :p :D

Commander X
03-08-2005, 18:11
Because I love:

So violent robots are just what I need:evilgrin:

03-08-2005, 18:16
The Ronin are a mishmash group of undercity mercenaries banded together, sometimes to fight for a cause, usually to fight for large sums of money. As each Ronin crew is comprised of highly specialized combatants, they tend to be significantly smaller than other crews. Often they know no loyalty other than to their own crew and to the juggler who supplies them with jobs.
There are many things a Ronin crew would do that would make even the widespread ghetto street gangs **** hippos, but no Ronin crew will ever take a mission which acts against a juggler for whom they have worked. If a crew is ordered to do something like this, the juggler who gave the order is very, very swiftly found no longer able to give out missions, and, if it is found that a Ronin crew actually accepts a task against an old Juggler, that crew is very, very, very quickly put out of business.
Maven - 58
The Maven is the leader of the crew. His word is absolute in all tactical decisions, but he is rarely a despot. In a crew of Maven, trust must be complete as, with their small numbers, there is no time to sit and debate what to do. It simply must be known and be done. The maven is equipped with dual smart pistols, smoke grenades, snap blades, and a choice of assault rifle or combat shotgun.
Second - 43
The Second is the Maven’s right hand man. Simple as that. The Second is armed with mono-blades, some grenades, a heavy pistol, and choice of an assault rifle or a pulse gun.
Shootist - 49
The Shootist generally makes up the bulk of a Ronin force, if such a specialized force can really be considered to have a “bulk”. While all street gangers are proficient with firearms, the Shootists are people who have take it from a skill to a science and art, augmenting themselves with digital scopes and infrared sensors in their eyes, anything they can afford to help their aim and reflexes. The shootist carries a combat knife, machine pistol, grenades, and a choice of dual smart pistols or an assault rifle.
Ghost - 23
Ghosts are the ultimate grid-jockeys. Enhanced with everything they can afford or steal, they live for the rush and thrill of hardwiring to a port and surfing the grid. In the old days, a Ghost could do his job from a considerable distance away, but with modern technology and security, it is often necessary to be hardwired directly to the computer one is trying to access, which has made the lives of the Ghosts significantly more dangerous. Armed with a 9mm pistol, a combat knife, a remote board, and an SMG.
Brick - 58
The Brick is the ranged muscle of the Ronin crew, although is by no means ill equipped to handle close combat. While they don’t augment themselves in such a fashion to make themselves cyborgs, they do enhance all of their muscles, and, often their size with robotics. A Brick is equipped with a heavy pistol, and a choice of either a rocket launcher or a mini-gun.
Fist - 52
Fists are the close combat specialists in a Ronin crew. Completely devoid of any cybernetics, the Fists are martial artist experts capable of dealing blows as powerful as those of the highly supplemented Bricks. Armed only with shuriken and their hands and feet, a determined Fist is something its target would want to put as much distance and fire power between them as possible, as Fists are not only unnaturally fast, but are also able to mystically strengthen their skin to the point that, if they are lucky, they can deflect bullets.
Esper - 41
Espers are the craft users of a Ronin crew, and serve both as supporters and combatants. Drawing their power nearly purely from fire as their name suggests, they have been known to launch balls of fire from the palms of their hands, and, on occasion, cause the ground to erupt into a vicious volcano. However, they also have the ability to teleport themselves and two other Ronin over small distances, and psychically distract enemies. Espers are equipped with a 9mm pistol and a combat knife.
Fiddler - 31
Fiddlers are the Ronin equivalent of the CSO Engineer, although far more eccentric. They also have the ability to repair jammed weapons and carry reloads. They are equipped with a combat knife, EMP grenades, a heavy pistol, and can take either a flamethrower or a pulse gun. They can also take recon drones (5 points), and bomb-bots (6 points) or medi-bots (4 points).

03-08-2005, 18:28
*Reads it all*

*Sees "Stomper" robot*

Ok I'm sold, I'll write up the characters tonight/tomorrow morning, but I'm goint with CSO.
1 Marshall, 1 'Stomper', 1 Engineer with 2 Bomb Bots, and 4 Penal Legion Troopers. Would that be a 'legal' party?

The only "official" problem with that is the Stomper's crew allowance is "1 allowed per 1 Peace Keeper or 2 CSO Trooper teams in crew." But, honestly, that just sounds hillarious and awsome, so I don't care =p (that, and since I didn't actually post detailed crew allowances, just the team sizes, I think that I don't care enough to enforce the crew allowance, but team size still matters).

Commander X
03-08-2005, 18:38
Sounds good enough to me, how is a big robot going to know there aren't 4 hidden men around anyway;)

Honestly, seeing the amount of explosive things in the planned gang, I doubt anything but him will survive in the first place...

03-08-2005, 18:46
Yeah... thats what I was thinking.... but, you know, didn't want to say anything of course =p

Commander X
03-08-2005, 18:55
Perhaps I should find myself the points to make the Penal Troopers Cyborgs, then I could claim the Engineer gets to repair everything every battle. Would be a lot of effort though...

BTW, do Bomb-Bots blow up themselves or plant Bombs?

03-08-2005, 19:04
The bomb-bots blow themselves up. Really, they are like the old-school Necron Scarabs. those guys were awsome. Run up, latch on, explode.

While I'm at it, the medi-bots are kinda like really, really small Necron tomb spider guys, the size of tau drones. And yes, they can float, which means they can fly over stuff.

Since I decided turrets were too much work, this is the space where I'm going to not talk about the different ones and how much they cost.

**note* edited my original crew list to get rid of turrets and add another member*

Commander X
03-08-2005, 19:07

Would it be allowed to get rid of the Penal Troopers, then hire another Engineer? Then using the Bots I'd get:

Marshal, Stomper, 2xEngineer with 3 Bomb-Bots and 1 Recon Droid

Then I'd have the kind of party you send out for 'Search and Destroy' missions.

03-08-2005, 19:22
Yeah, that would be allowed (again, the only REAL problem is the crew allowance for the Stomper). I probably ought to clarify that while you can have bomb-bots OR medi-bots, you can still take a recon droid regardless. (Just in case you only took the 2nd engineer for the droid.)

edit: rereading your post... did you mean 2 engineers, EACH with 3 bombots and a recon droid? (either way is fine, i'm just trying to clarify... for me =p)

But yup, that looks good to me. Really, the way things in GV work, you can make pretty much what ever party you want... just make what you think would be fun to play (and, hopefully, play for a while).

Also, I dont think I said this before, so I'll get it out there now: generally speaking, there is no GM in GV. Well, ok, there is a G in GV, but thats another point. You can pretty much narrate your entire story. Undoubtedly, players clash and have huge duels, but usually manage to either put aside their differences and join for the common good, or slink away before sustaining too many injuries to fight another day. Vesk and I were talking, and, depending on how things are going, we might throw in a little universal GMing just to get things rolling, but, otherwise, we're all on our own.

Commander X
03-08-2005, 19:29
I ought to clarify that it is supposed to be read as 1 Recon Droid for each Engineer, not just 1 in general. This all because I suddenly got a scene of some unknown movie in my head going a bit like this:

Big thing(Stomper) smashes in door and a bit of the surrounding wall, then proceeds to stand next to the opening. Big baddy(Marshal) comes in with his right- and left-hand man(the Engineers) and at their feet a lot of little machines start swarming the place(the Bots and Droids)

I suppose that with fiddling around the points I could replace the Stomper with more smaller things, but if it's Ok with you I'd like to keep it like this.

03-08-2005, 19:31
=p Like I said before, in GV you can play pretty much anything that makes you happy =p

...and I'm just as eager to see it played as you are to get to play it, so, by all means, go nuts! ^.^

Commander X
03-08-2005, 19:36
Great, as soon as everyone has his/her party and we start I'll make sure to do so in honour of you:p

03-08-2005, 20:05
remember, the CSO Engineer can take a flamer or beamer. I dont think anywhere it says you have to, but hey, its another gun, and it doesn't cost anything. *flamer sets people on fire (d'ur) automatically, the beamer has a chance to (i.g., it happens on a critical hit)

also, at Vesk's advice, i'm gonna put up a second thread for playing in. this one will be the ooc/reference/recruitment/etc thread. i'll put up a link to the other soon as I make it.

edit: here we go: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=148450#post148450

Commander X
03-08-2005, 20:40
Good, good, but does that make me your enemy with being CSO and such? I'll begin posting there tomorrow when I have descriptions of the 4 models that need them.

Two further notes:
1)Due to miscalculation, each Engineer gets 1 additional Bomb-Bot(For a grand total of 8 of the buggers :evilgrin: )
2)Could I get a more in depth description of Mr. Stomper? Is it like a Dreadnought, simplified AI, or otherwise and a vague explanation of how it looks would be very helpful too.

03-08-2005, 20:55
Let me just say... it doesn't immediately make us friends =p From experience, the game usually lasts longer when we fight, although that doens't mean we can't become friends, like I said.

*note: i forgot to mention that bomb-bots are 0-3 per guy and medi-bots are 0-2 per guy, but, again, I don't *really* care, and more things blowing up = more fun, so that sounds good to me ^.^ I might have to add more to my crew too... I think I coudl fit in 3 more :-D

The "Stomper" Class 3 Warbot is, in essence, a dreadnaught. It's big, it walks around on two legs, it has arms and a head (sorta) and it goes crazy and shoots stuff. It doesn't have any actual close combat weaponry, but I'm sure getting beaten with a mini-gun wouldn't exactly feel like peaches and cream. They have AI, there is no pilot, but their AI is pretty much absolute. There's all kinds of history about them being developed to help protect the corporations until the corps developed securiclones to replace em, and the CSO rescued and took them in, and removed the chips inhibiting their learning and advancing and all that. Every Stomper abandoned his serial number given by the Corporations and took on a more normal name to try and fit in with their teams (can you imagine a Dreadnaught named Bob?). They are built more for standing ground and unleashing torrents of fire, whether as support for an assault or in holding a position defending something, than they are for actually hunting and chasing down people, although they work for either, I'm sure.

Commander X
04-08-2005, 14:17
Sounds good to me, I wasn't planning on getting him too close to all those explosions anyway ;)

Here are the names, I'll edit in the background in a few minutes.

Craes' Crew

Marshal, Craes
Craes has been the leader of this crew for as long as all three living members can remember, logical as they are all part of one family and he is the father. He is a merciless killer and does all to serve justice(and even more to protect his children if neccesary, although he won't admit that.) Having reached the highly impressive age of 36, he is augmented almost to the point of cyborgness.

Engineers, Koron and Miri
*X-Tec beamer
*4 Bomb-Bots
*1 Recon Droid
Respectively the son and daughter of Craes aged 19. Both of the twins have learned from eachother and their father since young age, learning both technical as well as some combat skills. Their main prowness is on the net however, 'deleting' any intruders in CSO networks. They are the ones who repaired Goliath into its current state, and also those responsible for augmentics for all four of them.

Class 3 Warbot, X-gen K37 in the past, now Goliath(You didn't expect that, did you?:p)
*Pulse Cannon
Once the primary defence of APAC, the X-gen were later outlawed after a certain incident involving the death of an ambassador who was travelling incognito. All existing ones were disassembled and the AIs 'killed'. However, at that time the twins managed to steal one of those before it was destroyed. They spent almost two years gathering parts, and in the end managed to reconstruct it in it's former glory. It is now programmed to defend the twins at all costs, the elimination of criminals comes in second.

Bots:BB-1 through 8 and RD-1 and 2
These are simple devices, put together from spare parts, sensors and explosives. The twins built them for their own amusement, and thus they are easily repaired/rebuilt.

04-08-2005, 15:48
East-15 crew
Maven bricktopn
bricktop is the head honcho of the crew. He has been in control of the crew for 12 years. They reside in a slum-town known as east-15 which bricktop runs. He protects the people of the town and runs gambling, boxing and street racing circuits to gain the slum extra cash.

Shootist sypher Smart PIstols
Sypher serves as brictops bodyguard and is the second in command. he has been with the crew for 6 years and like all of them was born in East-15.

Shootist spark assault rifle
Spark is syphers younger sister. She is new to the gan but has a good aim and know how to stay alive.

Fist georgeous george
An ex-street fighter geourgeous is one of bricktops top boxers and fights close up in his battles.

Brick sarge mini-gun
No one knows sarges real name but he is insane and loves destruction

Ghost hack
Hack is a young computer hacker. he isnt very good with combat but is an exeelent hacker.

thats about 285
Background: THe east 15 crew fight to keep the slum out of poverty. They run unlicenenced boxing, street racing, gambling and other money mking schemes with the help of the east-15 popul;ation. To get more money they have to do jobs, theyrecive jobs from a jugggler known only as mr x.

10-08-2005, 20:46
Grubnatz, I mean you no personal disrespect, but I'm beginning to have some concerns for your ability to roleplay.

11-08-2005, 19:06
whats wrong?

11-08-2005, 19:19
There seems the be an occasional lack of punctuation and sometimes incomplete sentences. That, in addition to a frequent lack of description or explanation (things usually necessary in an RP) often make it exceedingly difficult to understand what you are doing, and then reply to it.

11-08-2005, 19:23
well sorry. It doesnt help that i dont know much about the universe. Ill try to improve.