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21-04-2007, 20:04
hi after taking most/ all of your comments into consideration and had a talk to an experinced wood staff member at my store i have come up with this i hope you like it more than the original.

highborn +great weapon, armour, sheild, amber pendant , hail of doom
arrows, murder of spites = 247
noble + battle standard bearer , armour, muster of matevolents = 117
spell singer + level 2 , 2 dispel scrolls

19 eternal gaurd + full command = 258
(7 wide and 3 deep, has both noble and highborn in it)
8 dryads = 96
8 dryads = 96

4 treekin = 260
4 treekin = 260

tree man = 285

this totals 1794 what should i spend the other 206 on i can only think of another spell singer or more dryads.

is it legal ?? is there 2 much points in 1 squad ??? how well do you think it will do?? what armys do you think it will have problems with.



22-04-2007, 07:07
It is legal, but not very good imho.

You have only 3 dispel dice, no cavalry or flyers, and no archers. :wtf:

I would scrap one unit of Tree Kin for sure, split the Eternal Guard into 2 units of 13 each, and get some archers and cavalry.

Your magic item picks are very odd to say the least. I'd give the BSB Oaken Armor, and the Highborn Annoyance instead of the Murder.

22-04-2007, 09:44
Tree Kin aren't that good, scrap one of the them. Also, as said, none of the really fast WE units, you totally lack cavalry/flyers. Sure, it's original, but there's a reason no one plays WE like this. I don't think it'll pull off very well.

Get a caddie for magic protection at least, get rid of the second treekin unit. Get some glade guards and glade riders. Or some wild riders. To form the eternal guard 7 wide and 3 deep seems pretty strange, I'd definatly do that 5*4 instead. Also, you'd better get some better protection on your characters.

god octo
22-04-2007, 22:23
As mentioned, you don't really have any speed in your list. Also, you don't have anything that forces your opponent to come to you, such as archers.