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22-04-2007, 22:34
So, i'll be playing a 3999 game in a week's time versus Chaos.This is the first draft of the list...Any useful thoughts??

-Slann 2nd gen, plaque of tepok, plaque of dominion, diadem of power, BSB, totem of prophecy

-Oldblood, B/S of itz,sotek,quetzl, aura of quetzl,piranha blade, gleaming pendant of chotec, LA, shield, riding on a carnosaur

-Scar-veteran, GW,LA,shield,Charm of Jaguar Warrior

-Scar-Veteran, B/S of Itzl,Sotek , LA, shield, Burning Blade of chotec

-20 Temple guard, full command, shield, war banner

-20 Saurus Warriors, full command

-19 Saurus Warriors, full command

-4x10 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes

-2x10 Skink Scouts, blowpipes

-6 Saurus Cavalry, full command, banner of huanchi

-5 Terradons

-5 Kroxigor

-2x Stegadon

Any thoughts???
(bear in mind i'll probably have to face a bloodthirster and a dragon...)

24-04-2007, 15:46
hmmm...i would really appreciate some feedback on this...anyone???

Goq Gar
24-04-2007, 16:08
I can give you my famous advice:

Less heroes and skinks, more saurus.

Maybe drop one of the vets or the old blood.

24-04-2007, 18:30
i agree... for such a high point game you really have no troops.

24-04-2007, 19:29
for such a high point game you really have no troops.

In order to get another combat unit in the list i would have to free up approximately 250 points. So, what do you suggest i drop?

Bear in mind:

-I wouldn't like to part with the carnosaur, as i have never used one before and ,now that i actually got the model, i'd like to see him in action.(wouldn't even consider using it in 2000 points)
-for this battle i am using every single painted saurus warrior I have, so adding more is -if not out of the question- a choice i would like to avoid.
-I could drop one kroxigor and save some points in order to include another unit of kroxigors.(4 of them cost 232 points, so i'll have to save another 174 in this case) Bearing in mind that my anti-cavalry power will be boosted by this 2nd unit, i suppose i could try dropping the scar-vet on the cold one, and maybe the champion of the cavalry unit..That would bring me back inline points-wise...
-There is always the alternative of adding another cavalry unit..

Oh!and another thing..the battleplan (vague...) is to hold the centre with the TG and saurus warriors plus the stegadons (in-range of the BSB), and attack the flanks with kroxigors, cavalry and the carnosaur(which is actually there to counter any Large creature, namely dragons, shaggoths and greater deamons). If i am able to disrupt the enemy's advance with skinks and terradons, i think it will work...

Keep the comments coming, i appreciate constructive criticism!!!

24-04-2007, 19:53
Your list is certainly fine, for such a big game the key is depend upon tactica. troop itself has few impact.