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23-04-2007, 08:25
Saturday the 28th, my friendly local game store is hosting the Fantasy Team Tournament. Two teammates, 1500 points each, for a total of a 3000 point force.
I have enlisted my Dwarf throng to the aid of another Dwarf general. We will defend our territory against the evils of the world.

First, I need the army fully painted.

Green= Finished
White= Almost Finished
Yellow= Primed/Ready to be painted
Blue= Unprimed
Red= Needs to be built

My goal is to have my entire 1500 points done by Saturday. (Although the army list is on the 3000 point level)

Dwarf Lord (in the form of the Thane from BfSP)
Battle Standard Bearer/Thane (if the standard bearer proves to take too long, I will do a regular Thane)
12 Dwarf Warriors (via BfSP warriors)- Bases need to be done
10 Dwarf Thunderers (via BfSP thunderers)- Just need bases done.
20 Dwarf Warriors, with great weapons- Just need bases done.
Cannon and Crew
Cannon and Crew
Engineer for a cannon.

Organ Gun and 2 crewman
1 Organ Gun Crewmen

That is for the team tournament, after that, there is more to be done.

Dwarf Daemon Slayer of Slaanesh
2 boxes of Dwarf Warriors
2 boxes of Quarrelers/Thunderers
10 Miners (via BfSP)


BfSP boxed set. I received the Dwarf models from a friend who bought the set.


During the time those Dwarfs are getting painted, I will be doing commission work on an army of Iron Warriors. Also working on finishing/repainting my Chaos army, Space Marine Army, and doing a few Dark Elf miniatures.

Pictures will come soon enough. For now check out Pants's Art (http://pantsart.blogspot.com) which has the pictures of my miniatures on there.

26-04-2007, 00:02
Update, finished a cannon, realized that I am stupid and need to pay attention to building models moreso. Realized I had to do the bases on all of my core units. Finished building the standard bearer, he is ready to be painted now.

26-04-2007, 00:57
Just followed the link, they look like some very nicely done miniatures, keep it up and maybe post some pics on this site.

26-04-2007, 08:33
Need to take pictures, but, completed 2 cannon crew and one more step before being done with the bases for the BfSP warriors and thunderers.

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27-04-2007, 07:23
Small update, finished the second cannon and crew. Loving the way they look.

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