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23-04-2007, 21:13
This is my first attempt to convert something, so i wanted to see what people thought of it and what needs improving. I am planning on making an Orc Warboss on Boar. First i am going to start on the boar because i don't have any idea on what i am going to do for my Warboss.
I am going to make a basic boar but with the back legs differently so that it is standing on his back two legs. I am also going to fill in all those gaps with green stuff so it looks abit better (Matter of opinion because my GS skills aren't to good!!!). So these are the pieces i am using for my boar (apologies because i dont know how to post big pictures on my post, only how t add thumbnails. If anyone can tell me how to i would apreciate it).

24-04-2007, 16:07
I have finished converting my boar and i have made a base for it aswell!!!
It has been sprayed and is drying now. What do you think of it at the minute???
Sorry its not the best picture!!! Camera skills worse than my conversion skills (if thats posible)

24-04-2007, 17:00
It's really hard to see anything in the photo. Are you using a digital camera? See if yours has a "macro mode," which is usually indicated by an icon of a tulip (either in the menu screen, or a button or dial on the camera itself.) If so, use macro mode for very close-up photos. It will also come out better if you have the camera resting flat on something (or on a tripod - but you don't need to have one) and use a timer (on many cameras, also) rather than holding it in your hands as this will eliminate potential shaking & blurring.

If you don't have a macro mode, try keeping the camera further away from the figure and use the zoom to take a closer picture. Most cameras can't focus on objects that are too close.

Another alternate I used to use before I got my current camera is to place the figure on a flatbed scanner and put some sort of black cloth over the top of it and scan it in. The down side to this is that you can't pose the figure very well.

Good luck.

24-04-2007, 19:21
I do use my camera but im not good at using it. I've tried with my next picture to do what you said and thanks for the advise, but i don't think it has worked!!! I have just done the first coat of paint on my boar and my base. I have decided to paint them separatly and then stick them together near the end. I'm going to paint my boar brown so this is how i'm doing it.

(After black undercoat) Paint all over with Scorched Brown.
Heavy drybrush with 1:1 mix of scorched brown/Bestial Brown
Lighter drybrush with bestial brown
First highlight with 2:1 mix of bestial brown/snakebite leather.
Final highlight with 1:1 Bestial brown/snakebite leather

This is what i did for my other boars but with less stages.
For the rock.

(After black highlight) Paint all over with Codex Grey
Heavy drybrush with 1:1 mix of Codex grey/Fortress grey.
Light drybrush/first highlight of fortress grey
Final highlight of 2:1 Fortress grey/Skull white

So what do you think of that??? Is it not enough???