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03-08-2005, 19:18
just wanted to know why do lot of people prefer to use dryads in groups of 8?

03-08-2005, 20:17
That is their minimum unit size, they are expensive, skirmishers and quite hard to kill...

Lord Setra
03-08-2005, 20:35

They are far from expensive. Only XII pts each and there rules are godly.

I find that I like runny units of 10 dryads. It just gives me enough to soak up casulties and still have enough to do alot of damage when I reach combat.

Screamin Daemon
05-08-2005, 22:10
I agree with Lord Setra. a Dryad is beast for 12 points. I play daemons, then my friend got the woodsies, and I was shocked by how fricken good dryads are for 12 measly points. I wasn't impressed, he doesn't let me forget it....jerk....

Anywho, unit size. 8 is good, 10 is good. The best size would be 2 units of a small number that can fit into woods to be tree sing, tree sanged, tree sung. Whatever the proper tense is....:)

And now for something compleatly different... what is 834-55!. I got the rest of the line, but this word stumped me.

05-08-2005, 22:21
I think the main reason people seem to be fielding them in units of 8 is that you get 16 in the army box so it makes sense to make 2 units of 8. As soon as they are on general release i'm sure you'll see different sized units.

06-08-2005, 05:34
I think a large reason behind it is also to do with how enticing they are.. if you have 2 units of 10 for example, you can talk yourself into spending just 48 more points, and rather than having two units of 10, you can have THREE units of 8! Personally, I'll probably be doing 3 units of 10 (but for just 24 more points, i could do 4 units of.. oh ther I go again :<)

mad dog
06-08-2005, 05:39
Nice models, probably gonna play well, but all those frgile spikey bits - they are a bitch to clean up when you stick them together.

Lord Setra
06-08-2005, 11:26

06-08-2005, 14:50
A bit of topic but what unit types are woodelves going to have most problems with? Im facing them soon (and probably often after that) so it woudl be nice to know if they had some special problems with some type of units. Im a chaos player so we have quite some options of units to field :)

06-08-2005, 17:26
faster units that can catch them and things that automatically hit (salamanders :))

06-08-2005, 17:32
don't forget anything with fire.. man if your opponet has alot of fire stuff (e.g. high elfs w/ alot of fire magic) hide your tree kin/men.

Ordo Hereticus
06-08-2005, 18:03
Played a few games against a friend of mine who had the army deal, only small games though, i was using me skaven, absuletly slaughtered his dryad with ratling guns, and used magic to kill his bowmen.

So yeah shooting that doesn't need to hit can be a kink in the wood elf plan, also he used tree singing a bit, and once he got it cast a few times, i gave up dispelling it as it didn't actually do anything, as i was moving a fair bit with my big units then he couldn't catch me, especially as the woods were moving a mir 3" a turn :/

Hail of doom arrow and star fire (i think thats the name) arrows were a pain for me! Even with only one use for hail of doom it still butchered a unit of clan rats :P and the other bow item making me flee if i took one casualty :(

Personally i think wood elfs strength lies in shooting. Thats where most of the casualties i suffered were lost.

07-08-2005, 07:30
Played a few games against a friend of mine who had the army deal, only small games though, i was using me skaven, absuletly slaughtered his dryad with ratling guns, and used magic to kill his bowmen.

Now that is surprising. :rolleyes:

On topic: Though Dryads lost their aspects and ability to flee I still think they are a good bargain. Their cost was reduced by 40% and now they are a core unit, how great is that? You have to pay not even 100 points for a fighty reliable unit that does not occupy an important slot.

IŽd say Dryads are one of the best units if not the best one in the new Wood Elves list, especially for their price.

And why the hell are they cheaper and have a bigger Initiative value than a Daemonette? WTF?