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Chaplain of Chaos
24-04-2007, 04:01
Could use some advice, a new Asrai player looking for some pointers on beating a Necromancer based list for VC. My opponent starts with relatively small units of skeletons to hold place, the Black Coach, Banshee and Ghosts (to screen his Necromancer's). His strategy seems to be, summon massive blocks of skeletons and swamp me with magic from highly tricked out Necromancers.

I have another friend who's building a HE army that looks like it's going to be formed around cavalry and magic.

Not sure his exact disposition, just looking for some general pointers.

I have two lists, 1,000 points respectivly.

List #1

Noble (Light Armor, Extra Hand Wpn, Hagbane Arrows) 116
Spellsinger (Cluster of Radiants) 115

Glade Guard (10) 120
Glade Guard (10) 120
Dryads (12) 144
Glade Riders (5) 120

Wardancers (7) 126
Way Watchers (6) 144

Total: 1005

List 2

Noble 139
(Elven Steed, Light Armor, Spear of Twilight, Helm of the Hunt)
Branchwraith 165
(Cluster of Radiants, Befuddlement of Mischiefs, Lvl 1 Wizard)

Glade Guard (10, Musician) 126
Glade Guard (10, Musician) 126
Dryads (12, Branchnymph) 156
Dryads (12, Branchnymph) 156
Glade Riders (5, Musician) 129

Total: 997

My basic goal is to kill his General and cause his army to fall to dust before he can summon to large a force. Also, the black coach worries me.

24-04-2007, 04:32
For your first list, I personally wouldn't use Hagbane arrows, they are very specialised in what they do and I have never found them reliable. Instead take the hail of doom arrow.

Spell Singers can't take the Cluster of Radiants spite, it is Branchwraith or Ancient only.

My current 1k list looks like this;

Spell Singer
Level 2
2 Dispel Scrolls

Wild Riders Kindred
Hail of Doom Arrow

10 Glade Guard
8 Dryads

4 Warhawks
6 War Dancers with Musician
5 Wild Riders

Great Eagle

Which should help give you an idea, though it is by no means a definitive list, every persons army will vary and it functions as you would expect it to.

Glade Guard shoot while running forward, then move back firing strength 4 at approaching units.
Dryads screen the Glade Guard from missle units and prevent units reaching them.
Great Eagle march blocks and warmachine hunts.
Warhawks are the mage hunters, which against undead, is hit or miss. You need a fear test to charge, though once your in you have a high chance of killing the mages in the unit and then you can hit and run.
The War Dancers and Wild Riders are the lynch pin really, they set up combined charges with each other and try to wipe out units in a wolf pack style.
The mage is just anti magic, while casting tree singing on one dice and the other spell on 3.
and lastly the Noble fires his hail of doom at the 'easiest to kill'/'best' unit in the enemy force, normally fast cavalry or skirmishers and then runs around the the Wild Riders.

So bascially, what you need is solid magic defence, mage hunters, march blockers and units that can deliver hammer blows.