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24-04-2007, 07:59

I have got a dwarf army recently and I am thinking about the list.

I will Start with this ... What do you think ?

RUNESMITH ... 79 (Character-General)
Gromril armour, "Rune of Stone", 2 Handed weapon

THANE ... 135 (Character)
Gromril armour, Battle Standard, Oath Stone, "Rune of Battle" (+1 CR)

23xWARRIORS ... 255 (Basic 1)
Full Command, Heavy armour, 2 Handed Weapon

23xWARRIORS ... 255 (Basic 2)
Full Command, Heavy armour, 2 Handed Weapon

12xQUARRELERS ... 132 (Basic 3)
Light Armour, Crossbow

12XQUARRELERS ... 132 (Basic 4)
Light Armour, Crossbow

15xMINERS ... 190 (Special 1)
Full Command, Heavy armour, 2 Handed Weapon

CANNON ... 90 (Special 2)

CANNON ... 90 (Special 3)

FLAME CANNON ... 140 (Rare 1)

- I prefer Dwarf troops as characters so i only included 2 of them
- I like the Runesmith, I lose a little puch (rune-thane) but i get more magic defence.
- The Battle Standard-Thane, in a unit of warriors with oath stone should be an anchor for my army
- I prefer quarrelers over thunderers (cheaper and i can shoot in turn 1)
- The list is very static, so i have the miners to deal with warmachines or shooting enemy units.

Well, I have been playing Warhammer for lots of years (15 more less) and I have fight against dwarfs or have seen other dwarfs battles in the club hundreds of times. But you know, it is different to play against or see them than make and army and command it.

So any dwarf player comment will be very welcome :)


24-04-2007, 14:07
well seems like you're set in stone for the most part.. but if I were to change something it might be drop the miners down to 10 and drop the FC to get some rangers.

or drop the Flame cannon and get 2 bolt throwers.

You really want to chew the enemy up before they get to your 2 combat units.

25-04-2007, 11:50

I need more feedback ... any idea ?


Lord of Pestilence
24-05-2007, 01:11
ummm idk n e thing bout dwarves and i wanna start an army..i have had a 1000 pt ork force which changed into 40k...and now a 1000pt Vampire count force. BUT i have for the longest time wanted to play dwarves..... (mabye like 2x boxes of Battle 4 Skull Pass?!) and i want to get an idea of the tactics...but for the most part the list seems good... crossbows are great anti-armor w/ like str4 is it?! (its been a while since wh games!)...and cannons arent bad! but tactically if u can mow down heavy calvary and what ever else is fast with some good shootin' from ur side, then ur warriors can give a shock-troop type force whilst ur miners follow up... im not much use to ur cause but please give me the answers as to where to start. (is it worthy to get 2x skull pass? there alot of stunties to go around!)
comment me please!