View Full Version : Base sizes question

24-04-2007, 16:19
Right, I'm eagerly awaiting a set of the new DKOK Death Rider models and I've been thinking about the bases, unlike regular Guard Rough Riders they seem to have been designed to fit onto (and are supplied with) 40mm round bases rather than rectangular cavalry bases.

However I was thinking of making rounded cavalry bases for them (I made one for my DKOK Heavy Flamer team and was quite pleased with the finished look), so my first question was about the rules for base sizes, I believe it says in the rule book that models should be on bases the same size or larger than the ones they were supplied on, so I'm assuming that as long as my bases cover the same area as the original bases they should be fine? Conveniently, a rounded cavalry base of approximately 50x28mm, covers the same area as a 40mm round base, so the size is pretty much perfect.

Secondly, a question for anyone who managed to pick up the riders at one of the recent shows, do the brass lances cause any balance problems? I'm a little worried that by using narrower bases I could end up with models that tip over sideways!

24-04-2007, 19:28
as long as you don't get crazy, you can use any size the same size or bigger than what it came with. So just don't use a 60mm base for a teleport homer,
or something like that.