View Full Version : Refined 1000pts Woodelf List!!!!

24-04-2007, 19:17
this is my refined 1000 pts list but i still have an extra 73 pts to spend.
what can i do with these and what do you think of my list?


Light Armour
Great Weapon
Hail of Doom Arrow
Elven Steed


10 Glade Guard
Standard Bearer

10 Glade Guard 120

5 Glade Riders
Standard Bearer


6 Wardancers 108


Treeman 285

Total 923

25-04-2007, 02:14
Some thoughts:

Your sole character is mounted in a unit that is likely to be more than 12" from most of the rest of your army. This deprives you of using the generals leadership. While not terrible for elves (9 vs 8) it is still worth noting.

As to the kit on your noble. A greatweapon while mounted really isn't worth the effort. +1 S to attack last in subsequent turns just isn't attractive. If you take a spear you still get the +1 S on the charge. If you're around for a second phase of melee you have charged the wrong opponent. Then again, I wouldn't put him with the cav in the first place and would either put him on an eagle so he can be highly mobile to contribute where needed or leave him on foot.

As to your troops:
Gladeguard banner bearers are victory points for your opponent in most cases. Unless you put the 'always stand and shoot' banner there (which I wouldn't in most cases) I'd drop the standard and get a musician for the second unit. Alternatively, 10 plain-jane glade guard is actually fine in most cases.

For your gladeriders, I imagine you plan to put your character there. Therefore you MUST take a champion in the unit to accept Mr. Killy-the-Chaos-Champion's challenge for one turn while you kill softer targets. If you leave your noble in his current configuration then keeping the banner bearer is appropriate and you should probably put a warbanner there too to make sure you win combat. If you take the noble out of the unit I'd drop to musician only.

I love wardancers. I never take a unit without a champion, ever. Others will tell you that you shouldn't use champions in wardancers or dryads and I completely disagree. An extra attack in the same frontage can't be beaten!

Treemen are fine although in a 1k army they're a HUGE investment of points. You could take any 2 other units for the points.

As to what to do with your spare points options include (if you trim command from some units as above):
1) Put noble on eagle
2) Add another noble/spellsinger
3) Add a small unit of scouts
4) Put warbanner on gladeriders if you don't change noble

30-04-2007, 04:06
there is no lord at 1000 pts.
explain to me the difference between a spear and a GW when mounted in a fast cav unit, and you'll see why a GW is a bad choice.

Drop the standard on your Glade Guard, take musicians in both units. Drop the standard in your Glade Riders.

Take 8 wardancers with a musician.

treeman instead of magic? hmm,.. well I dunno.

It's sure a non standard list and the treeman at such low points is what does it. usually people take those at 1500+ points.