View Full Version : Mixing Bases - Ranking Bonus Question

Brother Siccarius
24-04-2007, 20:37
With the loss of the old rules that allowed a character in or near a unit to be singled out if he was on a mount, or significantly larger than the others around him, the idea of putting a mounted character in a foot slogging unit seems more reasonable, and almost ideal for some armies.

However, when it comes to counting rank bonus in combat, it gets muddled. Does a mounted character (with unit strength 2) in a foot slogging unit (with each model unit strength 1) count as filling the two ranks that his base is in?

24-04-2007, 22:41
The rules don't say so, but it is conventionally accepted.

24-04-2007, 22:45
I believe that by the current rules, he only counts as being in 1 rank.

This can create some "odd" unit formations.

A common convention used is to just count him as being in 2 ranks, even though not specifically allowed by the rules. Same with a character on a 40x40 base, just count him as being 4 foot models in 2 ranks. This was used in the last edition of Warhammer, but didn't make it into this one.

I believe this also may have been discussed at length here before, mabye look through some of the earlier threads.

25-04-2007, 03:42
Most people count him as being in 2 ranks, so if there are 4 models, then him, that's how you count it.