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25-04-2007, 01:22
Im an Ogre Kingdoms player mostly, but ive always loved the mercenary Dogs of War, and so im looking into making a list for them at 2000 points.

The army is filled with Ogres naturally, due to my having them. The theme, as you can see from the name is that they make their name by pretending to be cannibalistic, to inspire fear. The fact that the ogres are in fact capable and willing to eat people certainly helps, and the rest of the human contingent merely attempts to look fiersome and hungry to frighten their opponents.

Here then is the list, followed by an explaination of troops chosen.

HERO TYPES - "the Head Chefs"

Kaelen the Ensorcelator
Hireling Wizard Lord (General), Horse, 2 Dispel Scrolls -240pts
-he runs with the 9 cavalry below, or on his own and supports the troops wherever needed with Shadow Lore (more on that below)

Escalus the Saucier
Truthsayer - 265
-Keeps with the block of Pikemen used to support the chargers with his magic, especially good with the Ogre units.

Malakai and Friends
Goblin Hewer (Counts as a Rare and Hero choice) - 130
-Malakai and the Goblin Hewer perform most of the meat Carving before the feasts. Its just an awesome model, and a great unit altogether so i really wanted to include it.

Riddles Iculous the Silverwarehouse
Paymaster - crossbow, heavy armor and shield - 79
-He who has the cutlery wins the day. Riddles rides with the Pikemen aswell as they offer him much needed protection and he helps them to never break and win combat resolution.

CORE CHOICES - The Daring Hunters!

18 Pikemen, Champion, Heavy Armor - 208
-Armed with Pikes affixed with Forks they will skewer and kabob any unlucky foe. A beefy unit to protect important people and offer up some frontal attack damage.

9 Duelists - pistols - 81
-Loading their pistols up with salt rock to sting, and season enemies as they approach. Their primary goal is too keep people off of the Pikemans flank and redirect charges etc.

9 Light Cavalry - Bows - 135
-a good sized unit to hold the mounted wizard and deliver annoying ranged fire wherever it can help, with the ability of fast cavalry to form for free all the bow hits can be used at a moments notice.

5 Light Cavalry - Spears - 60
- A mix of utensils adorn the end of their spears as these light cavalry seek out flanks and ways to assist the Ogres.

5 Light Cavalry - Spears - 60
- Another unit of the above for a fast moving army

10 Crossbowmen - 80
- The Pepper shakers! To pepper the enemy from a distance, aswell as parking themselves in a position to save my pikemen from shooting.

SPECIAL CHOICES - The Meat of the Army

3 Ogre Ironguts - Bellower - 154
- Im a fan of Ironguts, fast, tough, and with enough strength to wreck certain units outright, not bad for drawing charges and retreating, and awesome when they get the charge off themselves. Bellower is a must for regrouping.

3 Ogre Ironguts - Bellower - 154
- Same as above, allows me to shield one with the other if need be or just hit from both sides aiming at weak spots.

2 Ogre Maneaters - 2 Cathay Swords, Heavy Armor - 180
- The true cannibals of the army and possible MVPs as their great stats boosted by the swords, and stubborn nature will allow them to hold up and whittle down the best units the enemy has.

2 Ogre Maneaters - 2 Cathay Swords, Heavy Armor - 180
- Im a fan of those cathay swords for sure, although i considered this unit to have the brace of pistols for more action in the shooting phase and to weaken a larger unit before a charge.

SUMMARY - Added this more easily scannable list version

Hireling Wizard Lord (warhorse, 2 dispell scrolls, shadow magic)
Goblin Hewer
Paymaster (hvy armor, shield, crossbow)

18 Pikemen (Champion, Hvy Armor)
9 Duelists (Pistols)
9 Light Cavalry (bows)
5 Light Cavalry (spears)
5 Light Cavalry (spears)
10 Crossbowmen

3 Ironguts (Bellower)
3 Ironguts (Bellower)
2 Maneaters (Cathay Sword, Hvy Armor)
2 Maneaters (Cathay Sword, Hvy Armor)

Points - 1998
Models - 73
Power Dice - 8
Dispell Dice - 6 (plus +1 to dispell rolls due to truthsayer and 2 Dispell Scrolls)

So as you can see my army is geared towards being maneuverable, getting the Ogres to where they are needed and assisting them in combat. Hopefully the Light Cavalry can be used to force a charge or two (as well as their regular duties like fishing for fanatics) in which the bulls or maneaters can then take advantage. They will also wheel in to the flanks during close combats to help negate flank bonuses etc.

As for the Magic, I feel that Lore of Shadows, and the Truthsayer spells are potentially the best, for the following reasons.

Shadow magic spells Shades of Death and Unseen Lurker are each made for Ogres. The first will allow one of my ogre units to cause TERROR instead of fear which is badass, and the second would give me a huge chance at dominating every movement phase allowing me to get my ogres pretty much anywhere i need if it resolves. Crown of Taidron could come in handy if i get into a nice position amount the enemy units, not too hard with him in fast cavalry. The other spells arent bad, but not precisely ones to focus on in this army.

The Truthsayer i believe benefits this army more than a Dark Emmisary, due to his better statline in a combat happy army, and his spells with also go hand in hand with the Ogres i have chosen. Light of Battle giving an ogre unit a 5+ ward save is a huge boost to their survivability, making the maneaters even better at stopping the best their opponents throw at them. Boon of Courage is amazing with the sometimes fickle Ironguts when my general isnt close enough and a blessing of valor can maximise the 9 attacks my Ironguts will throw out.
However, on the 50% chance that i roll Gift of Life my chances to win go up dramatically. Gift of Life is a must counter spell that can revive an entire ogre in each of my four ogre units if one would die. Aswell as restoring men to my other less ogrey units. This spell, already great, becomes broken with Ogres. If it was just gift of life that was good i would switch to a dark emissary, but as seen above the other spells have good synnergy too.

One thing im wondering about is my ranged ability. Have i taken enough ranged support, or perhaps too much? Should i focus more on my close combat and maneuverability and just dump the bow weilders. I like to have all my bases covered normally, which is why i choose to have some ranged, but does that water down the other elements somewhat?

Anyway, i hope the list looks decent and playable, but im up for suggestions. Keep in mind however that Ogres are a must, and i would like to keep the army pretty fast on its feet if possible. Thank you for your time.

25-04-2007, 21:53
No dogs of war players on here? Or is the list just that atrocious?

29-04-2007, 14:22
1st thing 1st,

truthsayer/malakai are special characters, you might not need the opponents approval to use them but it is considered slightly cheesy to have such a decent spell caster/arty in a DOW army. ( cant remember the rules but i think you need opponents permission for malakai.)

Pikes. over-rated in my opinion and there is only 1 way to use them. Bring LOTS of them and in a big unit to anchor your line. 18 of them is useless.

strange numbers for the duelists and light cav. but as you like it, just that anything more than 5 for light cav is a waste of points. and dont expect too much from their shooting, i wouldnt put it beyond them to fare worser than grobbos.

dont know much about ogres cos i dont use them but they are decent units, but i question the choice of 2 maneaters. thats too small. at least 3 i would say.

done with the units lets talk about your tactics. you mention lastly that you want to keep your army fast???

sorry your army is going to be slow.your pikes needs cover and support, your ogres dont wear nike shoes, unless you want your light cav to go ahead on their own and get slaughtered, your whole line is going to advance slowly.

second, you re banking too much on the truthsayerm to give u a decent magic phase. facing any reasonable magic armies, you might find its not as easy as casting what spells you like.

shooting. those people are mercenaries, normal humans with BS 3. they are not wood elves for goodness sake. if facing grobbos you might see some effect else dont expect much from them either.

from what you have said, its quite apparent you dont have enough experience in WHFB yet so DOW might not be the right choice for you, but each to his own, you might want to proxy the units 1st and see how you do with your army before you really decide whether this is the right army for you.