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25-04-2007, 10:34

This is my list, a themed orcs list with only orcs

black orc warboss 145
boar 24
shield 3
heavy armor 6
waaaaagh cleaver 100 = 278

orcs (24) 120
standard 10 = 130

orcs (24) 120
standard 10 = 130

orcs (25) 125
standard 10 = 130

black orcs (25) 325
standard 12 = 337

black orcs (25) 325
standard 12
musician 6 = 343

black orcs (25) 325
standard 12
warbanner 25= 362

giant 205

2 trolls 80

So what do you think?

25-04-2007, 11:55
you will get taken apart from magic as you have no defence against it

also missile heavy armies will be a problem

2 trolls is a very small unit they may not achieve much, you want at least 3/4

and I personally would go full command in all your units

25-04-2007, 12:39
Ahh magic, I know I'll get screwed by it but I cant afforc to get a magical banner, is magic defense that big a deal?

How are missile heavy armies problems, couldn't black orcs just use orc boyz as living meat shields?

Well I actually put trolls in the army list beacuse I liked the look of the new models, but would one chariot be better?

why would I want Full command? For twenty points I get an extra attack and weapon skill while for 13 I can get antother black orc and still have points left over.

25-04-2007, 12:53
magic defense is a big deal. Just do a test run agains a magic heavy list and you'll see why :)
Missile heavy armies is a prob because you have such a slow list. The only fast movers are the lord and giant. Some orc boar boyz would help.

25-04-2007, 14:03
I agree with the other comments abouts magic defense and your vulnerability against shootier armies.

As for the champion, it's quite useful against fear causing opponents, say you get charge by a unit of 20 tomb guard with a tomb prince. You challenge your opponent, he will mostly accept with the prince. That way your unit will suffer less causalities in you unit. Sure your champion will mostly die and you will suffer from overkill a bit, but at least you will still have the +1 bonus for unit strength one more round of hand to hand. And you have more chance of not auto-breaking because of fear.

25-04-2007, 14:36
If you're looking for some quick magic defense without having to drop a character slot on it, try Mork's Spirit Totem. It's a handy 3 dispel dice when place in one of those huge units. You'd either have to drop the warbanner and 25pts, or upgrade one of the regular orc units to big'uns. (which would be very expensive) I play against a magic heavy high elf regularly; heavy magic will screw your day up royally.

You can use your plain orc units as bullet fodder, just spread them wide.

I noticed you're taking the Waaagh Cleava. I'd think the Battle Axe of the last Waaagh would suit you better. As long as you're planning on putting the warboss in one of the units, you hit the same, you'd have a strength of 8 (wound on 2+, armor saves at -5), and you'd have 3 more attacks. (always a plus!) I mean, if you're spending 100 pts on a weapon, it should at least make you breakfast in the morning.

Otherwise, I like the list. It'll be challenging to play with (which can be a very good thing!) but very nicely themed. Tell us how the playtesting goes.

(Oh, and you might want to take out the individual point costs throughout the list. I believe that's a bit no-no on forums!)