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25-04-2007, 13:04
next Friday I'm having a 4000pt battle vs Dark Elves.
so, i would like you to view my army list and i would love to hear some comments.

Karl Franz
------Ghal Maraz
------barded warhorse



Battle Wizzard
------2 scrolls

battle wizzard
------lvl 2
------seal of destruction

------griffon banner
------Full Plate
------barded warhorse

------sword of power
------full plate

Warrior priest
------armour of metioric iron
------hammer of judgement

23 spearmen
------full command
------10 halberdiers

20 flaggelands

10 handgunners

10 handgunners

9 knights (reiksguard)
------full command
------steel standard

23 greatswords
------full command
------9 swordmen
------9 free companies

5 pistoliers
------repeater pistol

5 pistoliers
------repeater pistol


great cannon

great cannon

steam tank



hellstorm rocket battery

this is 4001 point (this 1 point doesn't matter)

25-04-2007, 18:00
If this is simply a 'hey look at all the cool special character models I've got painted' army then fine.

Otherwise, the number of special characters is WAY over the top.

The other characters and your actual army are generally well built although rather small due to the enormous number of points you've spent on Karl, Volkmar and Kurt. I'd be tempted to drop the sword of power for a great weapon to free up points.

You also have a lot of nasty shootiness which may not win you any friends. The thing to keep in mind about your hellblasters is that they're in range of his reaper bolt throwers long before he's in your range.

You may do well to put HLRs in the handgunner regiments to drop wizards.

If your game group is okay with the 'going over by a few points' then, for a friendly game knock yourself out. Just be aware that most players and ALL tournaments keep absolutely to the point maximum.

25-04-2007, 18:14
You have what 3 bigish units of empire troops. EMPIRE TROOPS, this is a crazy armylist if you don't have the models for the games ask for a smaller set up. You have just enough units to house you charchters.

You need all the troops you can get, you want to be completley outnumbering his elves. Sure his charchters will pack a punch but if you cover the entire board it doesn't matter, construct the list how you would a 2000 point tournament list, and simply add another tournament lsit on top of that. And find the points for one special charchter, as your sure he is going to have one. And they are great.

25-04-2007, 22:02
well, about the SC, and there points.

i thought of dropping them, but i would come pretty close to the same number of points and then they are not as god as the sc.

maby it is a good idea to put in some hochlands, hmm what should i drop. sword of power for a GW could be an option

25-04-2007, 22:27
Its cool. Play for the fun of it and don't let any stinking dark elves pass the Empire borders.

25-04-2007, 22:33
Its cool. Play for the fun of it and don't let any stinking dark elves pass the Empire borders.

They don't stink. It's Cologne... (special prize for the one who gets the joke)

26-04-2007, 19:27
the french anyone ^^?

come on it had to be said im a Brit.