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25-04-2007, 14:01
Here is my proposed army list for my next army. There is a lot of background written up for it so some of my choices may seem a little strange but I'm not too bothered about it winning a GT. It's there for a little fun and maybe win a few games against mates.

Tyrant: Great Weapon, Handguns, Heavy Armour, Luck Gnoblar, Sword Gnoblar, Greedy Fist, Wyrdstone Necklace, Daemonkiller Scars, Beastkiller Big Name - 332pts

Hunter: 2 Sabretusks, Longstrider Big Name - 210pts

Butcher: Bangstick, Dispel Scroll, Tooth Gnoblar - 185pts

3 Bulls: Crusher, Additional Hand Weapons - 137pts

3 Bulls: Crusher, Additional Hand Weapons - 137pts

3 Bulls: Crusher, Additional Hand Weapons - 137pts

3 Ironguts: Gutlord - 164pts

3 Ironguts: Gutlord - 164pts

2 Leadbelchers - 110pts

2 Leadbelchers - 110pts

3 Maneaters: Heavy Armour, 2 w/ Handguns, 1 w/ Great Weapon - 270pts

21 Gnoblars: Groinbiter - 44pts

Any thoughts?

25-04-2007, 14:11
It look balanced and not overpowered at all. I like it. I would try to fit some trapper in there that's the only thing I would add, my friend field them most of the time, and against some army they are quite useful.

Best of luck.

25-04-2007, 14:46
I would love to find a way to fit Trappers in too! The models are so cool! I will add a few into my regular Gnoblars until I can find a way to field a whole unit.

Thanks for the response.

25-04-2007, 15:38
drop the champs on the bulls.

25-04-2007, 17:45
As DesertDirge suggests, the champions in the bull units are not a great use of your points. Musicians, on the other hand can be quite useful in helping them rally. The only worthy baiting units you have are the bulls so improving their chance to rally will serve you in good stead.

26-04-2007, 07:41
I absolutely agree with the above, drop the champions on the bulls for sure, and add musicians as the rally is much better than an overpriced +1 attack. Also, whichever unit of Ironguts has your tyrant in it doesnt need a champion either, since the tyrant will want to be the one calling and accepting challenges. The champ on the other ironguts is good assuming your butcher is in that one, to protect against mage hunter heros, but if the butcher isnt in there then drop that champ aswell. That would free up some points.

26-04-2007, 13:43
The Tyrant isn't joining a unit of Ironguts, he's going with the Maneaters. The Butcher will be joining one of the units though.

OK, consensus is really pushing me towards Musicians instead of Champs on the Bulls. I may concede there. Models have been sitting in their boxes until I got sufficient feedback. Reckon I'll build some Leadbelchers first... Nice and simple.

Oh, I also think I'll take nothing but Handguns on the Maneaters instead of the Great Weapon. That'll give me a "Pistolier" with Repeater Handguns, a "Pirate" and a "Kislevite Streltsi" with a couple of Longrifles.

27-04-2007, 03:30
Updated list based on some input from Warseers and GW Vets.

Tyrant: Great Weapon, Handguns, Heavy Armour, Luck Gnoblar, Greedy Fist, Wyrdstone Necklace, Daemonkiller Scars, Beastkiller Big Name

Hunter: 2 Sabretusks

Butcher: Bangstick, Dispel Scroll, Tooth Gnoblar

3 Bulls: Bellower, Light Armour, Ironfists

3 Bulls: Bellower, Additional Hand Weapons

3 Bulls: Bellower, Additional Hand Weapons

3 Ironguts: Gutlord (Accompany Butcher)

3 Ironguts: Gutlord

2 Leadbelchers

2 Leadbelchers

3 Maneaters: Heavy Armour, Braces of Handguns (Accompany Tyrant)

21 Gnoblars: Groinbiter

8 Gnoblar Trappers

Trappers are in there because I love the models as well as their ability to just annoy the heck out of my opponent. The Bulls get their Bellowers as suggested. One unit gets Ironfists just for a little variation and it didn't seem worthwhile without Light armour so I took that too. All the Maneaters have Handguns now. I figured the 5 S5 Attacks, Stand and Fire, and Rng24 weapons would be useful somewhere.

27-04-2007, 05:15
It looks good and i think it has alot of potential. Some people would say that any points spent on a unit of normal bulls other than for a musician is a bit of a waste, but its not much and i agree that some iron fists and armor add a bit of variety and some nice modelling opportunities. Glad you could fit in the trappers should definetely end up worth their points in annoyance alone. Im also a fan of the maneaters with the brace of pistols since the Tyrant will be with them for the 7 str hit in case of chariots and such.

I hope the leadbelchers prove useful to you, they can be fickle, but the models look great and ive always had a soft spot for them even though i dont seem to have very good luck.

28-04-2007, 17:08
Leadbelchers need bellowers. They are the Ogre charge bait to perfection. Move forward 6 inches, fire 12 inches, giving an effective striking distance of 18 inches. Your opponent must either charge them or get shot more. The belchers flee from the charge, stranding your opponent's model in front of your ironguts. The leadbelchers rally on ld8 with their bellower, are allowed to reload and reform ranks on that turn, and either go find someone else to shoot or side charge into the combat the ironguts are in, if they havn't won yet. Put bellowers in your leadbelchers! Charge bait with them! :)

Also, champ upgrades are totally worthless on any unit that does not include a butcher (to protect him from challenges). 2 crushers gives you 2 attacks and costs 40 points, the same cost as another bull WITH extra hand weapon, who gives you 4 attacks and 3 wounds.

Seriously, your maneaters do NOT need a tyrant in their unit to be effective. All you do is create a huge shooting magnet for your opponent, as well over 1/4th of your army points sits in one unit that has pretty rotten armor and ward saves. Maneaters can hold their own without him better than pretty much any unit you can field. I would honestly only field them with greatweapons, but then again I don't field them at all.

The unit that contains your tyrant, for sure, needs a standard bearer and a lookout gnoblar. Nothing sucks like having your tyrant's head blown off by a cannon at the beginning of round 1. I would highly suggest putting him in with some bulls - or at least some ironguts - and buying them a standard and lookout gnoblar.

Again, your maneaters are a nasty unit without any help from your tyrant. Put him somewhere else and create two nasty units and split up your points a bit, keep them from being gunned down all in one unit.

I would personally say ditch the hunter for another butcher. Seriously. The hunter can't move-and-fire the sabertusks get gunned down very very easily, and the whole unit in general usually just gets shot to death. Your points are better spent on a second butcher. 1 butcher in a 2k game isn't going to get any spells off. He's just not. At 2k, take 2 butchers or take none.

29-04-2007, 01:28
"fickle" is not the word to describe leadbelchers they are the most frustrating unit I've ever fielded, in one game they gut two entire units and in the next get run down by a handful of poxy skeletons without ever firing a shot (was holding back the volley for grave guard). Considering all they have to do is remember to hold their hand-cannons shooty end forwards and point it in roughly the right direction, they sure do miss a lot or as has sometimes happened blown one of themselves up causing the rest to panic. Soooo good on paper, so hit and miss (pun intended) in reality. I wish they would give weapons that are point and fire a +1 to hit modifier to reflect their simplicity and the lack of training required, especially for something that is the ogre equivalent of a sawn-off shot gun. This is particularly annoying because my army background really lends itself to using them and initially i had planned to deploy one unit of 5 for gutting large infantry units and putting holes in the middle of the enemies battle line and another of three to guard the flank against cavalry/monsters. Now i'm just not sure.....

29-04-2007, 02:20
I am seriously tempted to ditch the Hunter. I like the model but a second Butcher would be more effective.

The Tyrant has joined the Maneaters purely for background reasons. They are the 3 other ogres who survived alongside Varga on his trip through the Chaos Wastes. They are his most trusted Veterans.

29-04-2007, 17:24
Gotta agree about the hunter. Models great but seriously under performed in every game I've used him in. The stand-and-shoot rule really hampers his effectiveness. Two butchers would be handy since one can load up on dispel scrolls whilst the other can be more offensive with the bangstick and halfling cookbook (good combo for 50pts). Depends whether the opposition are magic heavy or not.

At the moment I play in a small league against undead and Lizardmen, ok while the points limits only 1500 but the minute we move up to 2000 magical defense becomes a big issue especially with a Slann mage/Necrarch lord on the table (the only possibility for me to take a magical lord being to include Skrag at 400pts and his own set of pros and cons).

If the opposition isn't magic heavy for the 180 pts you'd spend on a butcher you could have two more maneaters, a scraplauncher or a unit of 90 gnoblars (5 ranks of 18 gnobars is almost as much sharp stuff as it is painting). All potentially more handy though the flipside is with two butchers you're less likely to have all your spells dispelled thus increasing the combat effectiveness of the troops you already have.

29-04-2007, 20:01
Gotta agree about the hunter. Models great but seriously under performed in every game I've used him in. The stand-and-shoot rule really hampers his effectiveness. Two butchers would be handy since one can load up on dispel scrolls whilst the other can be more offensive with the bangstick and halfling cookbook (good combo for 50pts).

I'd take another butcher over a hunter every time.

As for the butchers, give one a skullmantle and the other the bangstick. The halfling cookbook is unnecessary. You can cast blood gruel to get your wounds back, don't bother spending points on a magic item to do it.

One butcher with bangstick/scroll

Second butcher has two options - Skullmantle/scroll if you want the 2nd scroll against magic type armies. Skullmantle/Siegebreaker if you want him to join ironguts for a combat heavier unit. The skullmantle also forces -1 ld on break tests and panic checks and the like. :)

30-04-2007, 00:40
Hmm. Thanks guys. A lot to think about there.

I hadn't considered the potential of the Mantle/Siegebreaker Butcher..

With my slow painting technique, 90 Gnoblars is a definite no-no! But thanks for the suggestion.

30-04-2007, 04:49
Champions in ogre units is not a good use of points. paying 20 pts is not as good as an extra ogre on the table.

I think you only need 2 maneaters, but IIRC units of 4 leadbelchers is better than smaller units because of the misfire and panic rules.

I would also drop the gnoblars for trappers.

You're really on the right path with the army though, best of luck.

30-04-2007, 13:07
Taking one unit of 4 Leadbelchers would be a disaster. They would have to shoot one target and a bad misfire could kill off all 4. At least only 2 could die to one misfire if they are split up.

Thanks for the comments though. :)