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25-04-2007, 14:15
Having just finished reading Children of Hurin, I've decided to make a LotR army based around Turin Turambar's Company of Outlaws.

Now, given that they were lightly armoured and some were Edain, I've decided to use the rules for the companies of the Dunedain and Rangers of Arnor. However, in order to complete the theme, I have a few questions.

a) Can Aragorn be used with the Dunedain (it seems plausable, and he seems like a good choice of rules for Turin).

b) Who can the Dunedain ally with, and what limits are there with allying, as I would like to include both Beleg Cúthalion (who would use the rules for a Wood Elven Hero) and Mîm and his son Ibun (Petty-Dwarves. Mîm perhaps being a hero), and am curious as to whether this would work.

c) Would such an army be viable for general play (IE, would it be any good, or would it be heavily gimped)?

28-04-2007, 22:37
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