View Full Version : Empire 500pts patrol

25-04-2007, 16:51
Battle Wizard 100 - will use lore of fire (ltd ed armydeal model)
Lvl 2 wizard

20 Swordsmen 145
Full command

Detachment: 10 halberdiers 50


10 Handgunners 105
Hochland longrifle


10 Handgunners 100
Marksman 5
Repeater handgun 15

Total: 500 points

This is the start of a campaign force that will increaseby 500 pts every two months. I've got the armydeal plus another cannon and another box of state troops still unassembled so I can change the list quite a bit should it be needed.

26-04-2007, 20:40
The list looks nice, I got a similar one with a captain and a unit handgunners less (the one with the long rifle), but a unit of Knights instead.
Al balanced I would say