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04-08-2005, 04:18
Just figured I'd post this and let it get torn apart. The basic strategy is to use the two infantry blocks as tarpits, which are babysat by the King and the Priest with the Plaques. The Chariots, Ushabti, and possibly the Scorpion hang a few inches back, on flank-charge duty. The Carrion go war machine/mage hunting and march blocking, with help from a tunneling Scorpion in some cases. The Hierophant sits back with the Catapult, while the third Priest hangs around near the Archers, but retreats back to support the main bulk of my forces once the enemy gets closer.

-Tomb King (General) w/ Great Weapon, Light Armor, Shield, and Golden Ankhra
-Liche Priest (Hierophant) w/ Cloak of the Dunes and Dispel Scroll
-Liche Priest w/ Plaques of Mighty Incantations
-Liche Priest w/ Hieratic Jar
-Skeleton Archers x10
-Skeleton Archers x10
-Skeleton Warriors w/ HW, Shield, Light Armor x25 incl. Standard and Musician
-Chariots x3 w/ Standard and Banner of the Undying Legion
-Tomb Guard x20 w/ Standard, Musician, and Icon of Rakaph
-Tomb Scorpion
-Ushabti x3
-Carrion x3
-Catapult w/ Skulls of the Foe

Total: 1997pts

05-08-2005, 20:03
im pretty sure tomb kings suck unless its like a 5000 point battle

Lady's Champion
05-08-2005, 20:13
Again Mr Ruido, you continue to flame armies pointlessly for no reason

Refrain from doing so

Freak Ona Leash
05-08-2005, 20:34
im pretty sure tomb kings suck unless its like a 5000 point battle
I'm pretty sure this is the first troll that Warseer has gotten. We should give him an award before we ban him ;) But in all seriousness, stop trolling. Either give something constructive in a thread or dont post. Or go post in the wastes wher we dont care what you say.

06-08-2005, 13:55
Looks like a solid, diversified army. I'm not too familiar with Tomb Kings, but it's got everything an army needs to pull of a victory: a considerable amount of magic, shooting and punch troops. And Tomb Guard combined with Tomb King is rock hard!!! One question though: why aren't there any champions, and y don't the skeleton warriors have spears, or is it cause u needed to spare some points??

06-08-2005, 15:48
Well, an earlier version of the list had champions in the skellie and Tomb Guard units, mostly for the purpose of taking challenges that the King doesn't want to accept. However, I needed to free up the points to put the Icon Of Rakaph (unit may make a free reform before charges are declared) on the Tomb Guard, and the champs were what ended up getting dropped.

As for spears, skellies really aren't going to be killing a whole lot with or without them. They have to rely heavily upon fear and combat res to get anything done. For that reason, I felt it better to give them armor instead, to help keep their numbers up and manage the casualty rate so that my priests could keep up healing them.

08-08-2005, 00:58
>>>>>I can understand that you want that larget unit of Skeletons to last; but honsetly the extra point per model for LA on Skeletons can be spent else where, easilly. Secondly; I would still recoccomend Champions; and just shave off a model to make room for him.

On the note to have champions to accept Challenges your TK doesnt want take part in; there are few things a TK should worry about facing in a Challenge, he can handle himself in almost any situation even if he is just armed with a Great Weapon and a Ward Save.

Another thing; Magic items on the priests. I'll start off by saying that the Plaque really isnt worth it unless its on High Liche Priest; being able to re-roll a single incantation on 2D6 a turn just isnt worth the 30 points you pay for it. Secondly; I would swap the Dispell Scroll with the Jar; so that the Hierophant with the Cloak cna have the Jar; it is likeley that he will need to get somewhere quickly in order to use that extra incantation; its just safer to have it on him. So that would leave you looking like this:

-Liche Priest (Hierophant) w/ Cloak of the Dunes and Hieratic Jar
-Liche Priest w/ Dispel Scroll
-Liche Priest

Having a Priest with no magic items is perfectly fine; dont feel obligated to load them all up :)

08-08-2005, 05:22
When it comes to the King taking challenges, I'm not at all worried about him not being able to handle himself. In fact, I worry about just the opposite: weakling little champions and such challenging him when I'm in combat with an unbreakable unit, just to prevent him from killing more models.

As for putting the Jar on the Hierophant, I hardly see the point when he'll mostly be hanging around back by the Catapult, making it fire twice a turn. I gave it to the other priest, since he'll be much closer to the action and will have more potential for needing another spell. The Dispel Scroll is just a bit of insurance to block the critical tide-turning spell that always seems to come up.

I kinda see your point on the Plaques and the armor on the skellies, though. If I drop those, along with the shield and armor on the King (though it's nice to be able to choose the HW/Shield combo over the GW against low Toughness, low Armor enemies) I could fit in the Champions and give the Priest the Staff Of Ravening instead. I'll consider it, and perhaps give it a try in a few games, but I'm not completely sure yet...

09-08-2005, 09:36
i think that you need a prince also, you have 2 close combat units and
only other has cc character :/