View Full Version : WE vs VC 6th Ed Last Stand Scenario

27-04-2007, 07:20
Ok as the Title Suggests i'll be playing the Last Stand Scenario with my Wood Elves against my friends Vampire Counts as part of an ongoing campaign. It will be 1500pts vs 3000pts. Which is fairly intimidating from my view point.

What i'm looking for here are any ideas/tips or must have units that people think i should field to try and pull this one off. Basically i need to kill at least 750pts of his troops to get a draw and 1501pts for a win.

I'll begin by listing the Army I come up with so far.

1 Wood Elf Noble:141 Spear of the Twilight, Helm of the Hunt, Shield, Light Armour, Elven Steed.

- (I'm never sure what to do with my general as he just seems to make any unit he joins a priority target. The Idea with this guy is to try and KB the vampire to make his army crumble small chance but it could work and theres always the other wizards to get rid of.)

1 Spellsinger:140 2 x Dispel Scrolls
1 Spellsinger:140 2 x Dispel Scrolls

- This is my magical defence which i'll try to reduce the magical impact of the game with, one of my major concerns as he could have quite a few power dice at 3000pts


10 Glade Guard:120
10 Glade Guard:120
8 Dryads:96
8 Dryads:96


8 Wardancers:144
6 Wild Riders:217 Full Command - War Banner


1 Treeman:285

PD 4 DD 4 + 4 Scrolls

Anything at all at this stage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for Looking.