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Warwolt the skaven
27-04-2007, 13:09
Allright lad's, heres my quick 2 weeks blog for 1000pts skaven. Wtf, even more of those furry bastards? Yepp. And as usual, im so ******* tired of seeing "oh, another random crappy army" im doing my signature "total pimp" on the whole fluff thing. So, here comes my fluff behind the army. Death to GW's fluff, prais WARWOLT! :skull:

The grey seers are the prophets of the horned rat, the leader of all Skaven. They are the definitive rulers of the race of ratmen and masters of decay and destruction. All Skaven clans, no matter of size and strength, answer to the Council of Thirteen. And it isn’t uncommon that a seer is sent out to command a clan and make sure that they follow the will of the Council.

The seer Necrater, who were sent out to take control over clan Anamer in the desert lands of Nehekara, was proud and loyal to the council. But the lure of Nagash is hard to resist for those who desire power. Battles with the undead started this, like small rocks thrown into the mountains and starting an avalanche. He began researching around these strange phenomena and started researching and understanding the unholy arts and magical powers of the undead.

By this time the seer has gotten the attention of the Council , whom ordered him to cease this act of heresy at once and return to Skavenblight to face his punishment for his unholy actions. When he refused, he had his head named with a price no assassin could refuse. Many of the Eshins finest murderers had set out to kill the seer, but no one have returned. How this were possible startled the Coulcil, Necrater was not a great sorcerer nor a supreme fighter by any means. But not even the ones whom had the ability to even withstand Deathmaster Snikch for minutes, could seem to defeat the seer. Now some greater assassins launched large raids with night runners and gutter runners to counter this growing treat. But they didn’t know how terrifying and powerful their enemy were…

When the moon finally shone and lighted up their path, the nightrunners could yet again see the living sand approaching. The sand golems approached swiftly over the dunes of sand with their sick blue eyes glimmering in the dim moonlight. The nightrunners had no other choice but to flee, what could possibly kill this. What could defeat the desert itself?

This treat could no longer be ignored, and even Snitch himself was about to be ordered to bring the seers head. But this was not the time, the seer had declared open war. The nearby clans had suffered almost complete extinction in a matter of days, and scouts reported his army to grow larger and larger for each week that went past.

Now known as the Necratcer, he seeks to claim what he sees as his rightful possession, the 13th seat of the Council of 13. With the power he wields he now fights against the council of 13 and the four greater clans along with all ratmen able of fighting. The Necratcer must be stopped, before he reaches Skavenblight and takes control over the council of thirteen and the whole Skaven race!

Reports of a dwarven artifact, the so called Nemesis Crown, have reached the Necratcer. The council knows now, that if the heretic seer will ever posses this mighty weapon, they will never defeat him. The power he would get from the crown would make him unstoppable and he would command the Skaven race like a marionette, using dark and old magic, and let his cursed minions invade the old world like an unstoppable plague.

If the Necratcer succeeds, then he will truly inherit this world.

Heroes: 279pts

Cheftain - 45+8+25=79pts
Greatweapon, Heavy Armor, Warpstone Amulet

Warlock Engineer 45+45+25+10=125
Full Kit no gun, Stormdaemon, Warpstone Token

Warlock Engineer 45+15+25=85
Warp-Blades, Dispell Scroll,

Core: 558pts

29 Clanrats - 160pts 145+15=165
Musican, Standard

28 Clanrats - 165pts 140+15=155
Musican, Standard

20 Clanrat Slaves - 40+4=44pts

20 Clanrat Slaves - 40+4=44pts

30 Giantrats - 150pts

Special: 150

3 Ratogres - 150pts

Total Pts: 997

Pics soonish :)

27-04-2007, 13:56
Aahahahaha! Good lord but we've got an infestation of rats here in Fantasy Plogs! Nice fluff load to start, looking forward to pics of the madness.

So 2 weeks for this army? Might even beat me ;)

- Salvage

27-04-2007, 14:00
Interesting concept, I can't wait to see it!

(and yeah, nothing wrong with a Skaven invasion of the painting forums!)

Warwolt the skaven
02-05-2007, 22:37

Some half old pics on my 1000pts army. The clanrats and slaves are painted and based, and I just need to paint my lovely little moulder piecies and a second warlock engineer. And those painfull 132 bases that needs to be painted o,o

All of this till sunday! Im going to photo my battles at my freinds tournament, hopefully bringing intersting readings.

From me, to you, a big middle finger to the usuall structure of life!

03-05-2007, 17:26
... and I just need to paint my lovely little moulder piecies and a second warlock engineer. And those painfull 132 bases that needs to be painted o,o

All of this till sunday!

GAH! Get moving lad, though I don't know that even Skandinavians can pull off such a superhuman feat! Good luck all the same, and bring on the pics and reports!

- Salvage

04-05-2007, 08:04
LIAR! I was promised dead rats made out of sand! I DEMAND THIS NOW!!

Anyways.. I don't like painting more than 1-2 models a day.. So like..a million of them in 2 weeks is insane.

Looking pretty good so far. Get to work, and good luck.