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04-08-2005, 10:45
I recently picked up an interest in Fantasy again (I tend to rotate between 40K, Fantasy and LotR), and am thinking about reforming my army a bit.

My latest idea is to maximise on MSU, speed, firepower and magic.

Which basicly means for 1500 points:
- 2 units of Warriors with repeater crossbows.
- 3 units of Dark Riders (I plan on getting the new Wood Elf steeds second hand and converting them, much cheaper and better than the Dark Rider models), if not more (I've already got 5 Dark Riders; 8 WE steeds in a box, so I need atleast 2 boxes to get 10 Riders, but than I'll have 16...).
- 2 Sorceresses.
- Reaper Bolt Throwers.
- skirmishers (Harpies, or maybe get some Shades).
- Cold One Knights (although I fear stupidity, but than again they don't need to take fear tests...) or Executioners for heavy hitting unit. Or possibly some Chariots.

For 2000 points I could add a High Sorceress, maybe try one on a Manticore (might actually work: maybe with that 2D6 attacks item in a challenge), although that would get her into close combat were I don't want her.

My previous tactic used to be massed Warriors mobs, supported by Chariots. But I found this army very vulnerable to fire power armies (although it works great against assault armies like Khornate Chaos :D).

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05-08-2005, 08:14
From what I have herd DE need to focus on a couple of areas to be successful. I like your idea but I tihnk the COK arent the best choice of hard hiting support as they will just dier off and leave the rest of your army behind, execicutioners or chariots would be better dpeending on the opponent IMHO.

05-08-2005, 15:09
From what I have herd DE need to focus on a couple of areas to be successful.

Exactly: I kept losing, so I asked myself what Dark Elves are good at.

Shooting (Bolt Throwers, massed Repeating Crossbows).
Mobility (M5 infantry, Dark Riders, Harpies, Manticores...).
Magic (very aggressive spell list, +1 to cast, M5 wizards with good Ld).
MSU (Elves and numbers is hard to pull).

Another aspect I found rather effective are monsters: Manticore, War Hydra, Cold Ones (with Knights and Chariots), Harpies...

So another army I want to try (I've got the models anyway) is Dark Riders for core, no crossbows, and than load up on Monsters. Above 2000 points I can than start combining both styles.

Not sure about the combat unit: Cold One Knights are faster, have better armour, hit harder... I hate stupidity, but on the hand they don't have to take fear tests.

I think I'll try them both.