View Full Version : are all night goblin armies a possibility?

28-04-2007, 08:32
as the title says

on wednesday i am going to get a bucket load of night goblins

2 bosses
2 shamen

125 spearmen
62 archers
9 fanatics
4 trolls

have not got a clue how many points this will be, is it a feasable idea - well there will be trolls *i hate orcs so wont be including any*

has anyone out there already done a ng army and how did thiers turn out like


28-04-2007, 09:49
You should read a bit in this thread to find out more :

28-04-2007, 09:53
thanks, love the cookie monster avatar :)

29-04-2007, 04:38
get lots of fanatics... and watch your army explode like popcorn... and hope you have enough units not fleeing at the end of the game... very destructive... very fun... have fun... dont expect to always win... lol...

01-05-2007, 05:02
It looks like you are in the same boat as I am. I bought two BfSP gobbo sets for virtually nothing, and now I have spears and bows out the yang. What points level are you planning?