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28-04-2007, 19:14
Not much of a Legion at the moment, but between working on my Death Guard and Thousand Sons armies and my new Infinity stuff I managed to get my Carnivorean mostly converted. Some of these models I like as standard, but there's still a number that really need some work to make me like them. I'm sad to say most of the casters aren't my favorite, and they're almost exclusively solid chunks of metal, so converting them might be more than I'm willing to do, but we'll see. The Shredders, well, we'll see what I can come up with. I have a Teraph coming soon, that should be fun to work on, and I'm thinking of getting a Seraph to toy with as well. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with the Warmongers at the moment, too, I just wish they came in more pieces.

As far as a color scheme goes (when I eventually get around to painting them), I was thinking of a brown/grey scheme, although I'm not sure whether I would do the skin grey with brown armor plates, or brown skin with grey armor plates (the more likely of the options). However, that's the same scheme I wanted for my Tyranids when I get around to them so... ;)

You can see the change in pose, I wanted it more upright, like it was howling at the moon or something.

It looks best from this angle so far. I still need to blend in the sides a little more, put some finishing texture along the side. The arm joints where I refixed the forearms need a little bit more work, I was dead tired when I finished it last night.

This angle just looks plain wierd. I need to add something at the head joint to make it fit better.

I'm also unsure whether I want to add the third set of arms, I don't really like the way they look, but I'm wondering if that would set the fluff-nazis off, or make it a problem for official tournaments. I don't see why it would, but then I've never actually looked at the tournament rules.

Comments and criticisms welcome. Updates will be sporadic considering my hadful of projects I'm working on concurrently.

02-05-2007, 00:09
Wow, apparently no HORDES love here. Anyways... I think for my Shredders I wanted to do something similar to THIS (http://forums.privateerpress.com/index.php?showtopic=113937). I tried to do some sketches, but I'm a worse artist than I am a person.

I already cut up my first Shredder, head and tail are cut off to elongate the whole thing. I don't think I'll go for the smooth body like SickBunny did, I'll probably at least add spines along the back ridge, but I really like the dynamic pose he used so I might try something similar.

I'll probably have it pinned and the rough body done either tonight or tomorrow, we'll see.

02-05-2007, 00:19
Oh sweet, you posted this on the PP Forums too, yes? I love this conversion, and I love the Legion too. :) I look forward to your work on these guys.

02-05-2007, 00:21
Yea, posted it on the PP forums, too, but I thought double coverage couldn't hurt. There's always so few conversions on their forums I thought that getting feedback from all of the converters here would help a lot more than the PP site.

02-05-2007, 00:25
Yah I liked this on the PP forum too, it's very nifty, makes it look more like a dog, sniffing the wind a little.

You could go for a glossy black and electric blue type scheme, sort of like night and ice thematics.

02-05-2007, 17:55
So here's something I slapped out last night (after a REALLY amazing dinner, I'm surprised I could walk). As I said above, it was inspired by this thread (http://forums.privateerpress.com/index.php?showtopic=113937) on PP forums.

You can't really see much detail in tihs pic, but it gives the overall look of the repose.

You can see some of the musculature that I started working on with this. I wanted to bulk up the shoulders a little, and add more muscle to the neck. You can also see the settings for where I'm going to add the dorsal spikes.

Here's a lot of the neck musculature that I put in. It's not amazing, but it gets the point across.

I wanted to get a good undershot of neck, I was adding tendons in and I wanted to see how it looked on camera. I guess I shouldn't even bother since you'll never really see that angle with it on the table, but it makes good practice I suppose.

The tail isn't done at all, I just tossed the basic form on there before I went to bed last night. I'll put some more detail on it maybe this evening or tomorrow.

As far as the Carnivorean goes, I'm waiting for my Teraph to arrive so I can see what the Teraph's arms look like on the Carn. I'm not a huge fan of the little arms the Carn has, and I think it will take too much work to get them to where I want them (maybe not, I'm feeling lazy).

02-05-2007, 17:59
Very nice sculpting, I must say. It looks so smooth and realistic. :)

02-05-2007, 18:27
Very nice sculpting, I must say. It looks so smooth and realistic. :)

Thanks! I just wish it looked this smooth in real life. :)

02-05-2007, 18:44
Mmmm dragonspawn! I may not like WM or Hordes, but I'm a big fan of the Legion spawn models. Never really seen them converted or repositioned or anything, and your work here is very interesting. I look forward to seeing what happens with the Teraph, etc.

- Salvage

03-05-2007, 05:03
Mmmm dragonspawn! I may not like WM or Hordes, but I'm a big fan of the Legion spawn models. Never really seen them converted or repositioned or anything, and your work here is very interesting. I look forward to seeing what happens with the Teraph, etc.

- Salvage

Interesting, that's pretty much how I feel about WM/Hordes, too! ;) I wanted to make it exciting for myself since I feel the rules and sculpts are pretty lackluster (I could deal with one or the other, but both is hard to stomach), and I felt the Legion models were the best to work with. Plus, it gave me something ordanic to work on since my other concurrent project is sculpting a bunch of Space Marines.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Teraph. I need to order the Seraphim, too, I think I might actually be able to convert it to the point where I could actually field it.

07-05-2007, 20:03
So I finally got my Teraph, and found out it's arms were way too small to fit on the Carnivorean (we're talking T-Rex scale here, it was too comedic to actually even bother). So I simply slapped on the Carn's original arms the way they're supposed to go. I didn't bother converting them because I really couldn't think of anything else to do to them to make the pose more interesting, and the arms aren't really conversion friendly. So here's the way the Carn looks now:




I'm not sure the arms actually help the overall pose, I kind of feel like they clutter it up a little, but I pinned and puttied them on now so I'm too lazy to go back and take them off.

I still need to do a but of final smoothing and whatnot, but that will wait until I have the basic sculpts of the entire army done, just in case I think of something else I want to do (add chainmail, fur, or something else to tie the army together).

07-05-2007, 20:14
So I find it funny that the one model that essentially got me into Hordes just begged to be reposed once I had it in my hands. By the way, I hate how this model fits together.

My first thought was to reposition the head. I didn't like the downward angle once I had the model in hand. An angled pin and some putty later, boom, he's not looking at something on the ground anymore (well, maybe "looking" is the wrong term since they're, well, eyeless).

Secondly the arm position really bothered me. It has the same problem as the Woldwarden's dancing arm pose: lame. So file down some shoulders, reposition the arms back (a little similar to the Carn's pose, I admit, but it looks cool to me, and that's really all that matters ;) ), add some pins and putty and there it was.




There are still some things I need to add/fix on this one. I need to add the armor plates above and below the neck section I added to give it continuity. I also need to putty over a few more of the joints since these models fit together as well as, well, something that doesn't fit together very well. And I also need to fix the shoulders, they might be a little big, so I might either file them down or add some Carnivorean-style shoulder plates (the more likely of the two options).

So what do you all think so far?

07-05-2007, 20:19
That's a nice looking Teraph, gives it a good Aliens look :)

12-06-2007, 17:26
*loves log*

12-06-2007, 18:23
Sorry about the lack of updates, it's been a hectic few weeks of work (a couple of LONG weeks, I did a 75 hour week last week). I did just get my Seraph though, so I'm excited about start that one, although once I had the model in hand I realized it really wasn't conversion friendly, so it's going to take some work.

I'm still trying to figure out whether I want to just order some of the Epicast Warmachine ice bases, or make my own from Magic Sculpt...