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29-04-2007, 01:02

I trying to make a balanced high elf list that is competitive that isn't based on heavy magic. Any advice you could give me would be welcome.

Prince - 240
Lance, Dragon armour, Enchanted Shield, Radiant Heart, Dispel Scroll, Elven Steed with Ithilmar Barding

[He joins the dragon princes. I normally wouldn't go with a prince, but I thought it would be cheaper than including a 2nd scroll caddy and a 2nd commander]

Commander - 80
Lance, Heavy armour, shield

[He goes in one of the chariots]

Mage - 135
2 Dispel Scrolls, Pure of Heart


10 Archers - 120

10 Archers - 120

21 Spearmen - 249
Standard & Musician

7 Silverhelms - 216
Full Command, War Banner

7 Silverhelms - 196
Full Command


6 Dragon Princes - 216
Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion

[banner might catch a few people out, as it allows them to ignore terrain penalties]

5 Shadow Warriors - 75

[usual march blocking duties]

2 Tiranoc Chariots - 170

[these will help the knight units have a chance of breaking units from the front]

10 Swordmasters - 130

[a small flanking unit]


2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200

2 Eagles - 100

Total: 2247
Magic Defense: 4 Dispel Dice & 3 Scrolls

The army has a nice fast half made up of 3 units of 7 knights, backed up by 2 chariots with 2 eagles to divert and march block. The 2nd half is made of MSU infrantry and the traditional 2 bolt throwers. Finally a unit of spearmen to add some static combat res., they can either go 7 wide against weak enemy, or 5 wide for maximum ranks against better opponents.

I've missed out on some good magic items to make the army larger, I particularly was tempted to give the commander the reaver bow, but I not sure what to lose.

Have I made any errors with the list ? How could it be improved ? Is the list competetive ? Is it even possible to make a effective HE list without basing it on magic and knights ?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Von Wibble
29-04-2007, 08:54
Its a little cav heavy to count as balanced imo. Your cavalry is 7 wide as well - a nightmare to deploy and they don't all get to strke against a unit of 5 small bases. Imo 6 is better with an extra unit or commander somewhere.

2 units of archers is questionable - I would have just 1. I would also in a balanced force have 1 more unit of spears and 1 less of helms.

Commander on chariot will be an easy target for missile fire and magic.

I prefer Helm of Fortune on your prince for a 1+ save with reroll.

To answer the bottmom question - difficult but not impossible. The army book rumoured to be out at the end of the year should change that though.

29-04-2007, 12:29
7 is a great number for Cavalry actually. You have to consider how many will actually reach combat in the first place- Bolt Throwers/ Cannons are a common sight in armies (Especially those with a lot of 20mm bases) and it's usually good to consider that you'll lose 1-2 members of a unit before it gets to combat.

The Helm's a good choice, especially if you're taking no Ward Save.

Take a Champion for the Spearmen, and upgrade your Commander to be a BSB. Lose a unit of the Archers to pauy for this, and give him a tasty banner. Might be better just to put him in your First unit of Silver Helms, add the Battle Banner and laugh insanely as you charge your enemies' biggest, most static combat resolution based units- gaining +1 for BSB, +1 for War Banner and then +D6 for the battle banner (Plus your combat kills). Very few units will survive that charge.

To be honest I don't think this list will win all that much, but that's a lot due to the weakness of the High Elf list than anything else. Though as von Wibble says it's more cav-based than balanced, so you may have a better chance than usual.

29-04-2007, 19:47
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments. I agree that the list is a bit cav heavy for a balanced force, but as I wasn't taking magic I thought I'd need to use more of their best units (which I think is the cav).

I've made great use out of 10 man crossbowmen units in my dark elf army. They shoot a few turns and then are used as bait and flee from charges allowing other unit to get a flank charge. As the archers are only one pt more than the spearmen in the high elf list I thought it would be a valid tactic, but then you both suggest I get rid of an archer unit.

I'll take your advice on the magic helm and try to fit it in. Not many people take "ignore armour save" magic weapons,so it's like a cheap ward save. If I want to keep the 2 archer units I could lose a champion from the silverhelm unit which doesn't have the war banner, swap dragon armour for heavy armour on the prince, and use the 1 of the 3 spare pts.

Alternatively I could lose 1 archer unit and have the pts for the helm and a normal shield instead of the enchanted shield, the reaver bow on the commander, and 67 pts spare for either extra archers on the remaining unit or extra spearmen. Is this option better ?

Thanks for you helpful comments, keep them coming.