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29-04-2007, 14:18
Ok, Well I got my first TK the other day and I've been looking at my TK army book (I am yet to acquire the WFB rule book) and have been wondering what to make my army of. I've been thinking of going with a core of two units of 20 skeleton warriors (light armour, shields, spears and Banner of the Undying Legion{lets you regain wounds and models}), 16 heavy horsemen with the same banner and two units of 6 chariots with yet again, the same banner. Any suggestions? If I'm not giving you enough info to run off just lemme know


29-04-2007, 14:34
Well, I'm not an expert on Tomb kings, but at least I can inform you that you can't take the same magic item twice. Also, I'm not sure but I'd bet that regular skeletons can't have magical banners.

The most common setup for tomb kings is something as follows:

Tomb king
2-3 liches (or whatever the hero-level casters are called)
A unit of skeleton warriors
A unit of tomb guard (with the Icon of Rakaph, though this is a cliche)
A chariot unit or two
A unit of those big, ogre-like creatures
1-2 Tomb scorpions
1-2 Skull catapults
Maybe some carrions or a bone giant

Your army looks good though skeleton horsemen are quite awful IMO. Remember to take some tomb scorpions; they are possibly the best thing a tomb king army has to offer. Good luck with your new army. :)

29-04-2007, 14:51
Thanks for the reply. To tell the truth, I wasnt too sure about being able to take more than one of a magical item. However, Skeleton Warriors may take a magic standard worth up to 25pts :)
Ok. scrap the part with the all the Banners of the Undying Legion. Thoughts?


29-04-2007, 15:05
One unit of skeletons may take a 25 banner if the General is a King.
My personal army at 2K consists of
King with Destroyer and Collar of Shapesh (leads TG)
Prince with Great Weapon and Golden Ankhra (leads Skeletons)
2 Liches, one can fly and gets one extra spell (one use), one carries two dispel scrolls

1 unit of 25 skeleton spearmen with banner of the undying legion
1 unit of 10 skeleton archers
2 units of 3 chariots

1 unit of 25 Tomb Guard with Icon of Rakaph
2 Tomb Scorpions
5 Carrion

Rare: 1 Catapult

Sometimes I use a block of 15 heavy cavalry with warbanner. itīs ok, but not great as you cannot mount a prince on a horse. I will try however to include a BSB with the +1 to hit banner just for the heck of it.

30-04-2007, 09:20
my list I used for our warhammer league. came in second total for the playoffs
2250 Pts - Tomb Kings Army

Tomb King 268
Shield; Spear of Antarhak,Armour of the Ages ,Collar of Shapesh

Tomb Prince 154
Light Armour; Shield; Blade of Setep

Liche Priest 168
Hierophant; Golden Ankrha,Skeletal Steed

Liche Priest 148
Hieratic Jar, Skeletal Steed

Skeleton Warriors (27+1 Champion) 302
Shield;Light Armour;Standard; Musician;
Banner of the Undying Legion Bound item;

Tomb Guard (23+1 champion) 358
Standard; Musician; Icon of Rakaph

Screaming Skull Catapult 110
Skulls of the Foe

Screaming Skull Catapult 110
Skulls of the Foe

Skeleton Chariotsx3 120

Skeleton Chariotsx3 120

Skeleton Warriors (10) 80

Skeleton Warriors (10) 80

Carrionx3 72

Carrionx3 72

Tomb Scorpion 85

Total Army Cost: 2247

Basically we played with 2250 for our lists. Dont think its too bad

30-04-2007, 10:58
While there are a couple of no-brainer units (such as scorpions) practically everything else in the TK list has its uses and its fans/detractors. It all comes down to play styles and what you like the look of. Personally, I like chariots and the other bits and pieces that differentiate us from vampire counts. Therefore, I usually have to take a king, so I can use enough chariots and still have slots left for the cool support units. I'm currently testing a chariot-mounted Icon bearer. Not the strongest hero choice for sure, but quite useful in many situations when it is used correctly. Of all the armies I have yet played (almost all of them) few have the flexibility and reliability that Tks do. In the last 3 weeks I have managed to do fairly well with 5 different builds, and although I have some 'signiature' units, they are quite different.

My latest list is:

King, Chariot, LA + Shield, Crown of Command and Flail of skulls
Icon Bearer, LA, Chariot, Icon of the Sacred Eye
Hierophant with Jar and Cloak
Mounted Liche with 2 scrolls

3 Chariots, Std, undying banner
20 Skellies, banner, Shield, LA
20 TG, Std, Icon of Rakaph
3 Ushabti
6 Light Cav
2 Scorpions

A small # of deployments (could be smaller through the scorpions) which always helps with the +1 on going first. Seems to do well against war machine-light armies. I hope to play empire and dwarfs with it soon.

30-04-2007, 11:01
I had a 1200 point list i used in a round robin thing with friends. In the 3 games i played i got 2 massacres and a solid victory (i only lost my prince fighting against the empire)

My memory is a bit hazy but it pretty much consisted of:

Prince: chariot, LA, shield, Blade of setep

Prince: chariot, LA, shield, flail of skulls

Liche Priest: Cloak of dunes, hieratic jar


10xBowmen (these guys can take out skirmishers and generally soft targets...such as outriders)

3xChariots: Standard, Icon of the sacred eye (incredibly nasty on chariots, prince hitting on 2's)

3xChariots: standard


SS catapult: skulls of the foe (always get the upgrade....ALWAYS)

hope that helps somewhat