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30-04-2007, 05:46
i now have a total of about 2500 worth of orcs and goblins stuff so i wanted to gather another army and i decided to pick lizardmen so tell what you think of this list.
Saurus Scar-Veteran 1 Hand Weapon Light Armour; Shield queztel 104

Skink Priest 1 Hand Weapon tepok 85

Saurus Warriors 14 Hand Weapon; Shield; Standard Bearer Musician 186
the saurus hero would go here

Skink Skirmishers 14 Hand Weapon Blowpipe 84
would have them try and soak up a few hits to ensure the saurus warriors make it to combat

Saurus Warriors (1 blessing) queztel 15 Hand Weapon; Shield; ; Standard Bearer; Musician 228

Kroxigor 3 Great Weapon 174

Terradons 4 None 140 would prefer them to get into combat and pick off wizards/handgunners/shooty stuff you get the idea

total 1001

I would change this army depending on who i am playing but this would be my starting foundation or something similar for future army lists. I like it because if u do have shooting stuff your not sure what to shoot at.