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30-04-2007, 08:39
Played first competative dogfights last night:

My Squadron:
4 x thunderbolt weapons load 4
2x lightning weapons load 4

Nick's Eldar:
1 vampire raider
2 pheonix
2 nightwing

(basically our first orders from FW!)

First game, we both came in straight at top speed. By turn 3 we'd reached the middle of the table and at short range Nick caused me so much damage he forced a disengagement on turn 4. In short, I let him get to close and paid a heavy price. I lost 3 planes outright and only had one undamaged by the end of the disengagment phase.

Second game, new tactics. Came in speed 2 (min), where he raced across the table straight, same altitudes. This tactic enabled me to get some long range shots with the skystrike laden imperial planes - I knocked out the two lightnings in my first round of shooting (some lucky 6's not withstanding). That done I outnumbered him 2-1 and it was easy pickings really.

Two totally different, and thoroughly enjoyable games in under 3 hours.


02-05-2007, 23:18
played again tonight -

scenario was that each player had a line of 5 epic tanks rolling towards teh enemy at 2" per turn. The tanks were 15 pts each, 2 hit points.

I kitted my lightings as strikes and sent them wide along a table edge to nail his grav tanks, while my Tbolts stayed at min speed to defend the landraiders.

I managed to hit and kill 3 grav tanks to nicks one landraider (which he snatched in the disengament phase) once again i got pummeled at short range.

My dice were terrible though, at one point i had two tbolts tailing two nightwings, and even with the extra round of shots I only got them down to one hit each - i was outraged!

good game though and an intresting scenario.

New Cult King
04-05-2007, 17:58
Sounds like fun! Was the second scenario one of your own devising?

04-05-2007, 19:33
Yeh, nick (eldar player) is great at devising fun scenarios with little quirks to keep things intresting.

we're going to try the 'kill the titan' mission sometime. We also have between us a whole load of epic buildings, so we thought we might try a city fight with buildings as high as alt 3, lots of tight turns etc. It'll warrant some pics if we do that!