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04-08-2005, 20:33
Here is a piece of fiction i have written for a games day 2006 table, I have written tons more and may make it into a short book!

++Necrons inhabit and build temples way before human existence++

The sky blackened as burning mycetic spores rained down onto the closing pyramid, the sky filled with the ash of tens of thousands of the life bringing globes. All around the center pyramid strange pylons crackled with energy, solely responsible for the immolation of the unwanted invaders to the planet. As the pyramid closed, the towers started to hum and vibrate with a force which cracked rocks and shifted the very surface of the planet.

The invaders were everywhere now, all around the planet was burning and the few remaining metal warriors were slowly being dragged down by the hordes of chitinous life. Only two areas remained in complete control of the rulers of the planet, the last vestige of the immortal sons of the star gods. In the southern most point of the planet a huge ship hovered motionless over the ground, basking in the invisible rays from the two suns low in the sky. On the ground hordes of scarabs worked feverishly to prepare the device, tomb spiders hovering close by and aiding with their considerable strength. Watching over all of them a lord dressed in tattered robes, his presence and sheer mechanical will ensuring the work gets completed in time. With practiced ease he relays commands to his forces battling outside the walls of the bastion, informing them the time is near and to pull back to the walls.

On the equator of the planet the pylons are humming at such a frequency that any invader within 50 miles is instantly reduced to mush, internal organs blending with bone in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden the reason behind the pylons becomes clear as the vibrating causes the enormous closing pyramid to start sinking below the earth. The metallic beings walk around unaffected by the vibrations, their smooth metal alloys rippling perfectly to the waves of force emanating from the pylons. The warriors gather for one last effort, unafraid and unaffected by the inevitable demise of each and every one of them.

To the south the invaders finally break through the metallic lines, a huge beast of war smashing through metal as if it was nothing more than weak, human flesh. The lord turns, and commanding his bodyguard to follow him, heads towards the gap in the defences. Before he can reach there the ship above him brightens, and finally starts to move upwards away from the planet atmosphere. As the ship moves, its influence is removed from the invaders, who press their attack with the ferocity only known in mindless killers. Their numbers are limitless, for each creature struck down with scythe or gun five more spring forward. The lord knows his time is over, but with the ship moving his task is completed. As the ship picks up speed it starts to glow with incredible brightness and heat, immolating anything within its radius. The warriors knew how to fight this enemy, knowing the weakness of the alien flesh to fire. Suddenly the lord heard a thundering sound, enough to shatter the remaining structures in the overrun compound. The ship seemed to ripple, before a huge hole in time appeared before it, and accelerating to a speed beyond comprehension the ship flashed through the hole. The lord gazed upon the destruction wrought by the shockwave of the ship entering the warp in the planet’s atmosphere. As it watched the shockwave getting closer the lord was satisfied and if smiling had been part of its programming would have been doing just that. The wave hit with the force of two suns colliding, the lord knew his duty was done and in the last second before he was obliterated sent a signal to the center of the planets surface.

With a crack like a cannon shot the pyramid finally closed, with energy coursing along its surface it slowly sank into the ground. As the earth passed over the top of it the pyramid kept sinking until it came to a rest hundreds of feet below the ground. On the surface above, the great devourer had conquered and prepared to strip the planet of all remaining vestiges of life. The pylons however, hadn’t stopped humming......

Suddenly the energy was released, spreading across the surface of the world from pylon to pylon, all dotted across the landscape. As the energy passed across the planet it scoured it of any life, alien or natural nothing survived as the energy wave stripped everything down to their component atoms. With the power of the most extreme self destruct system ever conceived, the planet was stripped in a matter of seconds. Then a terrible silence fell on the planet, broken only by the pylons collapsing. All that is left is a sun baked desert wasteland, marked only with the rubble of a fallen civilization.........


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Any comments/opinions welcome! ;) :)


05-08-2005, 13:01
who are the invaders? Im curious for more!!!

05-08-2005, 13:34
The invaders are a tyranid splinter fleet!

This story basically happened thousands of years in the planets past, and I use it as a cool intro into the modern day part! I'll let you know when I have more!