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30-04-2007, 13:00

I've been tinkering with this infantry list a bit, and I just sqeezed 110 points out of a previous one for an extra helblaster at the expense of magic and an archer screen amongst other small details.

Lately my helblaster has been doing great, great things with long range shots at cavalry and other elite targets. I'm hoping adding two will allow me to command the centre of the board during a steady infantry advance.

Here's the list

III Schwartz Schild Batallion, Grand League of Averland

General of the Empire 156pts
Armour of meteoric iron, holy relic, great weapon
Battle Standard Bearer 139pts
Dawn armour, sword of might, barded warhorse, battle standard
Warrior Priest 98pts
Great weapon, heavy armour
Battle Wizard 95pts
Rod of Power

20 Greatswords with Full Command (Special) 274pts
9 Free Company
24 Spearmen with Full Command and War Banner (Core) 210pts
9 Halberdiers
23 Swordsmen with Full Command (Core) 208pts
9 Halberdier
24 Halberdiers with Full Command (Core) 185pts
9 Halberdiers
10 Crossbowmen (Core) 80pts

5 Knights with Musician (Core) 123pts
5 Knights with Musician (Core) 123pts
5 Inner Circle Knights with Great Weapons and Musician (Special) 138pts

Great Cannon (Special) 100pts
Great Cannon (Special) 100pts
Helblaster (Rare) 110pts
Helblaster (Rare) 110pts

Casting Pool: 3 Dispel Pool: 4 Models in Army: 172 Total Army Cost: 2250

The plan is to have the greatswords, swordsmen with BSB and spearmen with general present an advancing battle line, while the halberdiers maneuver to protect the open flank.
Magic is a little weak though...


30-04-2007, 13:07
You have an awful lot of halberdiers as detachments (not to mention the parent unit) and while I personally like them a lot for fluff reasons, quite frankly they are the worst state troop by far. There are about 3 situations in the whole of Warhammer where Free Company do not outperform them, and swordsmen outperform them even more frequently.

I'd split the Crossbowmen into 2 detachments of 5 attached to the infantry blocks for the Psychology benefits and the added flexibility when choosing targets.

I don't like 20 as a size for Greatswords (unless you plan to add a character?). They are best in wide formations to maximise their high strength attacks and to minimize the number of points languishing in the rear ranks.

30-04-2007, 16:50
If you're worried about being light on magic, you could switch your general for an arch lector...