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Imperial Dragoon
30-04-2007, 20:06
Is it just my or is there very little on Skaven being posted on Warseer?
I meen theres hardly ever any posts about on them and i was wondering if theres any point in asking much about them when i start putting up my armylists and ask about tactics.
Is it that most people dont use them or that they dont like them because of SAD or whatever else?
Coz i just need to know if ill be able to get experienced players to help with any problems i come across like if night runners are better with just hand weapons or are slings worth taking and so on (btw i need that question answering).

Yay 13 on Dice great for Skaven!

30-04-2007, 20:11
There is little on the Skaven as there are (at least) 3 more WFB armies to be redone before they get their update, However I would imagine that nearer to that time the forums will be awash with tales of Vermin and crazy warpstone driven contraptions!!

To be honest IMO I don't think Skaven are one of the more popular WFB Armies, try doing a search though, it should bring up at least some info, also be sure to check out Spikedog's old project log, which was Skaven based, and was exceptional.

Hope that (vermin)tides you over.


30-04-2007, 20:13
Maybe it's because Skaven tactics haven't changed much in a while, there are a few power-lists that Skaven perform really well with and most players opt to use these in my experience.

30-04-2007, 20:40
With the Army book being out for some time, just about all the tricks have been pulled.

The only thing you see now is the "Does Storm Banner effect my own shooting".

30-04-2007, 20:40
2 months ago there was a ton of skaven topics... 2 months before that there were a ton of Bretonia and Dark Elves. This April and May seems to be all about Empire and O&G's and Beast's

There's no ryme or reason.. just people tend to discuss topics at hand. Sort of a follow the leader type deal.

All it takes is a good topic and Army list idea.. and it will spawn 4 or 5 other topics about that particular army.

30-04-2007, 22:00
Look at my sig: The Council of Thirteen. That's exactly what you're looking for.

But yeah, the current skaven list is very old so tactics aren't discussed that often. It's mostly about trying to find a good&enjoyable style, and then make adjustments. I've been playing with similar lists for about 2 years now. (but I don't play a lot anymore)

30-04-2007, 22:27
Right, I wouldn't count a 62 pages Tactica thread as "very little on Skaven".

Then there is impressive background material:

Otherwise, Skaven have an unusual amount of background books. Starting with the Grotek&Felix novel grey seer (covering all clans, nice overview), then a background book written in medieval style (and even mentioned in the novel as best source for Skaven info): "The Loathsome Ratmen and all their vile kin" (OOP). And then you have the fantastic and probably best book on Skaven: "Children of the Horned Rat" for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game, which enables you to create every possible RPG Skaven character including much background info on clans, mentality etc.