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The Undying
18-03-2005, 03:18
The old man slowly sat into the hard steel chair by the wide glass door. He sighed in comfort as his body started to relax, a smile almost formed on his wrinkled face.

"Josiah!" Yelled a young man wearing a dark blue tuxedo, his black hair slicked backwards. "Get up and get back to work!"

The old man looked at the young man. "But, sir, it is time for my break. I have been standing for six hours, my old bones ache."

The young man's face twisted grotesquely in anger. He practically roared back, "Who is your boss, old man? I am the only one who would give such a waste of life a place to work!"

Josiah looked away, his eyes starting to tear up. He tiredly stood and walked slowly behind the cold metal counter adorned with rust and many scratches. To his right was an out dated cash register that was older than Josiah, he was the only one at the large grocery store who had to use it; all the other employees used new high tech cash registers. The old man never complained about this though, for in his day working men didn't complain about what they had to work with.

A young woman slapped her four cans of re-hydrated vegetables onto the counter in front of Josiah snapping the old man out of a day dream.

"Hurry up, old man," the woman growled.

"Y... yes, ma'am," Josiah stuttered.

The young woman sneered at the old man. When Josiah started to bag the cans the woman snatched vegetables out of his hands harshly. The next customer in line was a little girl Josiah recognized and was his only true friend, the little girl carried a small pack of chewing gum, a popular flavor called Bolter-Blast,and a bottle of clean-energy water.

"Hello, Zindie," Josiah smiled as he greeted the little girl. "I see it's the usual for you."

"My friends say you are creepy," Zindie replied bluntly.

Josiah paused deeply hurt. "Well, no need to worry what other people say. For though words may be harsh life goes on."

The little girl nodded her head as if she had listened to what he had said then grabbed what she had bought and ran out of the store. Josiah looked at the next customer and gasped. A man dressed in the black officer uniform of the local authorities stood holding a glass bottle of alcohol in his hand smiling wickedly.

"Now, worthless old man, I want a discount for this little drink," The officer sneered.

"I am sorry, but I cannot," Josiah said feebly.

"I put my ass on the line everyday protecting people like you! You don't even care, what would happen if I wasn't out there? That little girl would probably be killed, you don't even care though. I demand a discount!"

"S...sorry, sir. But I cannot," Josiah replied looking down at his hands resting on the counter top.

The officer's face reddened in anger, he then opened the bottle of alcohol. He looked around the store before he suddenly brought the bottle down onto the counter smashing the bottle into many shards; the alcohol splashed onto the officer's uniform and glass stabbed into his hand. The officer held his wrist as blood poured from his wounds onto the counter. The manager of the store pushed aside customers until he arrived next to Josiah.

"What happened here, Josiah?" The young man demanded angrily.

"Well... I... I told the customer..." Josiah stuttered nervously.

"He picked up the bottle and attacked me!" The officer yelled interrupting Josiah. "Luckily I was able to fend myself with my powerful hands, but when I knocked the bottle away it fell onto the counter and smashed."

Before Josiah could reply the manager of the store grabbed him by the collar and pushed him towards the door. "Get out of here, Josiah. You're fired. I don't want to ever see you again in my store!"

Josiah stood by the door tears starting to run down his wrinkled cheeks. "But sir..." Before he could finish the manager raised his fist threateningly. Josiah turned and fled the store as fast as he could, many customers laughing as they watched him awkardly run. The old man was twenty feet away from the store doors when he stopped and leaned against the stone wall panting. Tears ran full fledged down his cheeks now and he sobbed loudly. He slowly sat onto the wet sidewalk and put his bald head into his wrinkeld hands.

"What's wrong, Josiah?" Asked a familiar voice.

The old man looked up to see Zindie and two other children in front of him.

"I.. I was fired," Josiah sobbed.

"Ha ha, the grown up is crying!" One of the kids laughed. Soon the other broke out laughing, after a brief hesitation Zindie started to laugh.

"Zindie, why are you laughing?" Josiah asked confused. "Friends don't laugh at each other."

"Your friends with this bum, Zindie?" One of the children asked.

"Uhhhh... No," Zindie answered. "He just talks to me all the time. He's weird and he smells funny." The three children laughed and ran off into the distance, the setting sun on their backs. The old man put his head in his hands again and weeped.

In the distance thunder boomed as if two ancient titans were fighting for supremacy in the heavans, lightining cut across the dark sky like a cracked window. The wind started to pick up blowing cold air through the streets making the sound like a hundred wolves howling at the full moon. The rain started slowly picking up within minutes to a down pour soaking the streets in feezing water.

Josiah pushed himself up off the ground groaning as he rose. He wrapped his arms around his chest and started down the empty wet streets towards his home. He stumbled through the rain like a drunk man, slipping in the puddles and seemingly luck being what held him up. As he splashed around the corner leading to the apartment building he lived in several street lights flickered for a few moments before going completely dark.

As Josiah leaned on the railing on the stone stairs leading to the entrance to the apartment building he heard a loud creak. Before the old man could react the railing snapped and he fell on to the stairs smashing onto the hard stones. He groaned as the pain spread from his chest to his legs and arms. At that moment he almost gave up and rested his head onto the ground forever. With all of his will and strength he pulled himself up and entered the building.

The light bulb that hung from a three foot chain connected to the ceiling flickered constantly casting gloomy shadows about the hall. To the right of the entrance door was a set of dirty wooden stairs covered in mud and old dried blood. The walls were stained from years old murders of the past residents, the smell from the walls drifting through the air like a heavy fog. Several holes lined the walls, rumor was that a man had gone insane in the building and used a heavy sledge hammer to kill all of the residents in the building; the holes were made when he missed his fleeing prey.

Josiah pulled his body up the creaking stairs, the wood on the rotting railing feeling like cold skin. When he reached the top of the stairs he stared at his apartment door in horror. The door stood open barely hanging onto its hinges with several holes by the handles. As he looked into the apartment he noticed his kitchen table was smashed and the chairs that had sat at the table gone. When he ventured further into the apartment he saw that his refrigerator was on its side, the small amount of food and drink kept in the refrigerator scattered all over the dirty floor. The cabinet doors were all ripped off the plates and bowls that had once sat in the cabinets gone or smashed along the counter. He slowly walked into the living room only to find his recliner gone, the paintings that were passed down to him for many generations also gone. The stained red carpet was torn up as if some one was searching for something hidden.

The Undying
18-03-2005, 03:18
The old man went into the middle of the living room and sat on the carpet, tears running down his cheeks.

"Why are you sad?" Asked a raspy voice.

Josiah looked around but saw no one, he answered anyway. "No one likes me. My stuff has been stolen... I want to die.."

"No you don't. You want to get revenge," the voice replied.

The old man shook his head and layed down onto the carpet his eyes feeling as heavy as iron. When Josiah awoke thunder boomed loudly shaking the apartment building. He slowly stood and walked into his wrecked kitchen, slowly he edged his way to the numerous drawers along the counter. He opened one that contained his eating tools; all but one of his knives were gone. He picked up the rusted knife and held it in a shaky hand in front of him. He brought the point to his stomach and took a deep breath.

"NO!" A voice roared so loudly that the old man dropped the knife.

Josiah looked around but saw no one. "Where are you? Who are you?"

"I am you, I am with you," the voice answered. "We are one and alike."

The old man stood silent, he then slowly bent over and picked up the knife once more. "No one wants me alive. Why should I bother them?" He asked himself. "No one cares. Everybody hates me. Hates... me... hates..."

"Then do it!" The voice commanded. "Do it, and prove to them you are worthless, that you don't deserve life. Prove that you are nothing, that you are a coward. Do what they want. It should be no problem as you have spent your entire life being pushed around."

Josiah brought the knife up to his neck, his hand shaking uncontrollably. Tears started streaming from his eyes and he started to wimper.

"Cry you coward," the voice said harshly. "End your pitiful excuse for a life. Stain this disgusting floor with your blood. Are you scared?"

The old man threw down the knife and stopped crying. "What do you want?" The old man roared in anger.

"That's it," the voice replied. "I want your anger. I want you to use your anger to get revenge."

Josiah sat leaning against the wall, his eyes darted left and right wildly. "How do I get revenge?" He asked aloud.

The voice cackled wickedly, "I will show you..."

The Undying
18-03-2005, 03:24
The manager at the grocery store sat at his desk grinning widly as he counted his money. A knock at the door to his office broke his concentration. He stood and threw the door open savagly. "What do you want?!" He roared. "I am busy...."

The manager's eyes widened in surprise quickly narrowing in hate. "Josiah, get out of my store you ugly mut!"

Josiah sighed, his face depicting extreme sadness, pointing a finger at the manager. "For to long you have made me feel like I was nothing! I will end your hate now." The fingers on the hand that was pointing at the manager spread out. Suddenly a light blue ball formed from the old man's palm, yellow sparks flying from the ball wildly. Josiah pointed the ball at the manager and sighed.

The light blue ball shot forth into the manager's chest sounds of thunder booming throughout the room as it hit. The manager flew back over the desk his body twisting like a rag doll, the money on the desk bursting into flames, jagged streaks of lightning arcing into the money, as the body flew over it; the body slammed into the wall with a resounding crack. The wall shook bits of stone falling from quickly forming cracks in the wall. The manager screamed with pain as the ball tore through his chest sending small chunks of seared flesh into the air. With a loud snap the light blue ball smashed through the manager's spine and slammed into the wall suddenly dissipating in a plume of blue smoke. The manager's body slid off the wall leaving a smear of blood dripping from the wall.

The manager lay on the floor in a puddle of blood forming under him staring up at the old man. When he opened his mouth to speak only blood poured out, he slowly lay his head down his eyes dimming.

Josiah stared terrified at the smoking corpse of his former manager. "Wh...what have I done?" He asked himself

"You did as you were told," the voice in his head replied calmly. "This is what you wanted."

"No... no...no.." Josiah murmered falling to his knees tears welling up in his eyes. "I don't want to be a murderer!" The old man put his head in his hands, weeping silently. A sound outside the room caught his attention, boots slamming against the ground, auto guns being readied. "What do I do?" He asked himself.

No reply from the voice in his head. Josiah sat trembling in fear, his eyes locked back onto the corpse, staring into the lifeless eyes of the manager.

Suddenly the lights in the room flickered several times before going out, the slowly burning desk lighting Josiah and the body. The old man lowered his head closing his eyes. No sound, the pounding of Josiah's heart thumping through his head. Suddenly bright flashes came from the door, followed by what seemed like the sound of lightning cracking. Bullets slammed into the wall sending chunks of rock flying from the wall along with a thick cloud of dust. After a minute the lights and sound ended, the cloud hanging in the room in swirling patterns. Josiah panted, his ears ringing.

Three beams of light flickered on from the door way. Slowly the three beams crept into the room, scouring the hazey room. Finally the three beams seemed to turn into orbs as they rested onto the cowering old man.

Josiah stared into the lights on the autoguns like a scared mouse.

"Kill," the voice in his head whispered.

The old man lifted his hands up in surrender, one of the men lifted his auto gun and pointed it at Josiah's forehead. The old man closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. A shot rang out causing Josiah to wince. The old man opened his eyes when he noticed no pain, his eyes widened as he stared at a bullet that floated spiraling rapidly in front of his face.

"What?!" The man who had pulled the trigger gasped.

"Kill them, Josiah!" The voice in his head roared. The old man raised both his hands and spread his fingers. A small flame flickered to life in the palm of each hand. Josiah aimed both of his hands at the men in front of him, the small flames exploded out into the group engulfing them entirely.

The men screamed in pain as they burned, slowly falling to the ground their bodies pillars of fire brightening the room. Josiah ran by the burning soldiers into the hall outside of the room. He stopped looking out into the darkness of the hallway. The darkness seemed to consume him, seemed as if it was a giant bag suffocating him. He started to lose his balance, his head started to pound as if someone was inside it trying to punch its way out. He fell against the wall panting wildly. He felt blood start to drip from his nose and his knees suddenly give way causing him to collapse to the floor.

The Undying
18-03-2005, 03:25
"Get up, Josiah," the voice whispered.

"I..I am a murderer..." Josiah cried, tears streaming down his cheeks. "I want to die..." He whispered.

"Then why don't you?"

"I have tried..." Josiah wept." But I am too scared, I... I fear what will happen. Like this darkness, engulfing me. I yearn for death but I ache for life."

"Get up, if death is what you want I will lead you to death."

Josiah stood balancing himself against the wall. He wobbled down the hall one hand guided along the wall. His hand fumbled with the doorknob leading to the rear exit of the grocery store, when he finally swung the door opened he squinted away from the bright sunlight. When his eyes adjusted he looked at the two dozen Imperial Police surrounding the area, autoguns aimed at the door.

Like the ripples of thunder ripping the calmness of a dark night the police opened fire. Josiah fell back putting his hands to his face in terror. As the roar of fire ended Josiah looked up seeing he was unharmed. He sighed deeply watching as hundreds of bullets fell onto the ground ringing like many small chimes.

"They cannot hurt you with their pathetic weaponry," the voice seemed to scoff. "Kill them, they are all corrupt. Remember who got you fired from your job? He lied, just to see you in pain, just to humiliate you."

"No, I will not hurt them.." Josiah replied. "I will not kill anymore people."

"Kill them..." the voice whispered. "They are trying to kill you, is it wrong to simply defend yourself?"

Josiah looked at the men loading their Autoguns, watched them look hatefully at him. "Their weapons cannot hurt me.." The old man stepped forward as another barrage of fire opened up onto him. He kept walking as if he never noticed the men, like he was some how detached from the world.

The police moved aside in fear allowing Josiah a path by the lines. The old man wobbled down the street, the street was quiet as if devoid of life. Slowly, as the sun started to set he reached the outskirts of the city. He stared at the single steel bridge that led across a calm river to a large green forest. He looked back at the city, his eyes widening as he looked upon Zindie's face. The little girl was crying as she watched Josiah, a tall man stood behind the little girl.

The man looked at Josiah, his long black trench coat rustling in the wind. His black hair waved peacfully in the breeze, like a calm field away from the chaos of the city.

"Josiah," the man's deep voice boomed. "I am Inquisitor Sainvos. You are a danger to this city, I ask first that you come peacefully, if not I will be forced to use harsher methods to detain you."

Josiah started to tremble in fear as he looked into Sainvos' eye. He saw nothing of emotion in the Inquisitor's eye, as if he was completely soulless and devoid of any compassion. Josiah fell to his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Josiah!" Zindie yelled as she watched Josiah fall to his knees. She ran forward to Josiah's side, hugging him and joining him in his weeping.

"Z...Zindie," Josiah sobbed. "I thought.. I thought you hated me. You said I was weird and that I smelled funny..."

The little girl shook her head but didn't reply. She just rested her forehead onto his shoulder, sobbing loudly. The old man smiled happily, embracing Zindie in his arms as if she were his daughter.

"So, old one, do you chose to come with me?" Sainvos asked, still standing in the same place.

Josiah hesitated looking from Sainvos to Zindie. "I.. I don't know.."

"Don't go with him," Zindie cried. "Stay here, with me. I am your friend.. I am your friend.." The little girl sobbed quietly.

"My..friend.." Josiah smiled. He looked at Sainvos, "I chose to stay here, with my friend."

"So be it," Sainvos said as he pulled a pulsling sword from inside his jacket. He took a step towards the old man. He looked at Josiah, watched him point a finger at him. Suddenly a blue streak of lightning jetted towards the Inquisitor.

Sainvos brought his sword up, the blue lightining slammed into the sword sending the Inquisitor back five feet. Sainvos quickly charged Josiah jumping to his left as another streak of lightining lit up the darkening day. Sainvos stabbed out as he neared the old man, his pulsing blade cutting through Josiah's stomach with ease. The Inquisitor quickly pulled the blade out and sheathed it. He stared coldly at the old man as he was lowered to the ground by a crying Zindie.

"Pathetic..." the voice said. "I could have made you a king, ruler of this planet..." The voice faded off.

Josiah ignored the voice in his head, instead looking at Zindie. "Thanks for.. thanks for being my friend.. You're the only one I ever had.." He coughed, specks of blood coming from his mouth onto his chin and shirt. Zindie put her face in her hands, sobbing loudly. "Don't cry... Zindie.. This is what I wanted... I.. I want you to.. to remember me.."

"I don't want you to die!" Zindie cried. "Why do you have to be so mean..? Why can't you just live...?"

Sainvos watched the life in Josiah's eyes fade before turning and starting back for the city. He looked back one last time, watched Zindie lay her head onto the still chest of Josiah. As he watched the little girl he remembered back when he was a kid, his own father being killed. He remembered the pain and sorrow he felt for years. He sighed as he turned back to the city, his mission complete.

21-05-2005, 21:56
I expected to find a rather silly fanboy story with "my fan-fic, it's great" in the title. It couldn't be further from the truth, this story rocks. I could picture the store, street and house, and all but taste how nasty life was for Josiah. Kudos. :)

Rating: 4/5