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01-05-2007, 08:40
A unit breaks from combat. There is a unit behind it and another two either side. The one behind will obviously be hit by the fleeing unit so what order are panic tests taken in? Does the unit in the way of the fleeing one take a panic test before they move (as they were broke from combat) or because they are in the way? If the test is taken once both the fleeing unit and pursuing unit have completed their actions, and the unit in the way is contacted by the pursuers, do they even take one at all?

How do you resolve this?

01-05-2007, 09:22
Good question mattj.

"Panic tests are [often] taken immediately when they are caused"

The [often] has been added by the rule makers because they do not have sufficient foresight and want to cover the odd case where it may not apply.

Applying the rule as 'immediately taken' should solve the problem hopefully.

1) The 3 units close enough to the breaking unit, take their Panic tests.
2) The breaking unit moves, as do any unit which panics from (1). A sequence here, in this particular case, is not stipulated in the rules unlike pursuit. - Is this your main question?
3) As the fleeing moves from (2) are resolved they might trigger off Panic and more fleeing moves from other units.

(2) I suppose it does matter when fleeing unit (A) and fleeing unit (B) both end up on the same spot. Whether (A) is placed beyond (B) or (B) is placed beyond (A) has 2 possible consequences:
i) Another unit (C) might have to test for Panic
ii) Positions of (A) and (B) might be strategically important in the next turn.

A mutual agreement is probably needed.

01-05-2007, 09:30
Ok so you take the tests immediately. Should you then also make any flee moves immediately (working across all units making tests, make then test then move if failed... move on to the next)? So yes that is now the question :) Who moves first? There are consequences as you suggest.