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01-05-2007, 12:17
Hey guys!
I've been working on some different WE lists the last time. (one normal, one with a 'The Feasthalls of the Wardance' theme, one of them...)
Now I've been working on the following list:
Noble, with enchanted shield, talisman of protection, light armour and a Murder of spites (+D6 magical&poisoned S2 attacks on I4)
Spellsinger, lvl 2 with a power stone and dispell scroll.
12 Glade Guard with musician and standard bearer with Aech, the banner of springtide (no matter the distance, stand and shoot reaction possible).
12 Glade Guard with musician
6 Glade Guard scouts
6 Wardancers with musician
6 Waywatchers

I know it's a bit shooty, but that's for a reason.
I'm working on a big piece of background, about an Elven Noble who follows the trail of a vampire into The Empire. The vampire made the Noble into a vampire during a battle, but the Noble tries to resist the dark magic inside him. He know he can't hold on long, and he knows he has to die when he becomes one of the creatures of the night himself. Before that time will come, he wants to kill the creature who made him into what he is now. (more to follow..)
Because he goes out of the forest of Loren, and because he isn't a normal Elf anymore, he won't be aided by the forest, so no forest spirits. (Although I'm thinking of a small unit of Dryads to include, because the forest maybe wants to help him furfill his last wish..). Because it's a travelling group, no cavalry.
So with these restrictions, I've made the list above.
I thinks I'll swap the GG scouts for somthing else, but don't know what. A small unit of Eternal Guard? Or the Dryads?

Any comments are hardly appreciated.

03-05-2007, 14:36
Come on, I won't be angy if you don't agree with me..!

03-05-2007, 17:00
Overall your list isn't aweful. The theme is fine if it makes you happy. Not a big fan of the night-stalking bloodsuckers but hell, it lets you convert up a wood elf army as VC if you get motivated in that direction later. I've seen some fairly nice looking conversions along those lines.

The suggestions I'd make would be to decrease the gladeguard without command to 10 men to free up points to put champions in the wardancer units. If you're theming in that direction make the units as effective as you can.

I also support the idea of ditching the scouts simply because they're not going to do much for you for the points. That said, since you have theme to consider you may want to keep the scouts because they're the only thing with what passes for speed (advanced deployment) that's in keeping with your story.

If you did drop them though you could certainly do some other things like putting kindred on your noble...(the tragic wardancer?)