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01-05-2007, 11:43
Hi, i am going to be playing a Hordes of Chaos Khorne army this weekend with my Lizardman.
Last time i fought him with my Orcs he used 1 units of 5-6 Maurauder Horsemen, 7-8 Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne "scary", 24 Chosen Khorne Warriors, a unit of 5-6 Khorne Hounds and his Aspiring Champion of Khorne on Horse.
However that was a 1.5k battle so not sure what else he will use. He might got for Bloodthirster or Archaon! Hopefuly he opts for my men instead.

My force is
1 Slaan
2 Scar Vet
2 Skink Priests
48 Saurus Warriors "No spears"
10 Skinks "Blowpipes"
10 Skinks "Jav and shield"
6 Saurus Cav
3 Kroxigor.

Now its going to be a 2k battle. I need tatics with the list i have at hand. I will also post this in the army list foum for advice on how to make the list. All i need here is what to do with my forces. How to win.

Thanks people :D

01-05-2007, 12:18
Firstly, it's a shame you have so few Skinks - the Marauders and Flesh Hounds are pretty vital to his plan, as they're the manouverable things in his army.

I'd make one unit of Skinks, probably those with the blowpipes, Scouts. In an ideal world you can make his Warriors charge them turn one in such a way that they restrict the movement of his Knights, but that'ss be very difficult. Even getting the Knights or Warriors into terrain will be a big plus, though, since it will slow him down significantly. If you can't use his Frenzy against him, try to take down the Marauders - ten Skinks firing twice is, on average, two dead Marauders.

The Chosen Knights are indeed exceedingly scary. My best advice is to use their Frenzy against them - force him to charge some Skinks, run away, and hit him in the side with Kroxigor. Even Chosen Khornate Knights will normally lose to nine S7 attacks in the flank!

The Warriors seem out of place in his army - they're just so slow. Use this to your advantage by simply denying him the opportunity to reach your men - so refuse the flank they're on, if they are. If they're in the middle, again, use Frenzy against them. Don't bother trying to take them on in a fair fight, they have three WS5 S4 attacks each and a 2+ save in combat (assuming hand weapons / shields) which is basically unbeatable without several units joining in, and even then it's dodgy.

If you want to really mess over his Khornate Knights, take an Oldblood with the Jaguar Charm and the Blade of Revered Tzunki - he won't expect his elite units to be wounded on a 2 with no save! However this can backfire if he Challenges and you don't roll very well, since he could well survive the combat and batter you in the next round.

The Slann might be worth a look, thinking about it - he'll have about seven or eight power dice, though, so don't expect great things of it. It's probably not worth the points sink.

Hope I've been some help!

01-05-2007, 23:32
I think that I might leave the slann at home and replace him with an old one. Khorne armies just have so many dispel dice that he might have trouble making his points back.

02-05-2007, 00:43
usally I would use the slann, but if there are chosen I wouldn't take him. I agree with Aelyn on the amount of skinks and the old blood. pray you get either fork lightning or uriaons thunderbolt, I almost wiped out a unit of chosen knights with my skink priest throwing fork lighting at them. hope this helps.

02-05-2007, 06:41
Yes i might replace Slaan with and oldblood
thanks so far :)

02-05-2007, 07:18
I second using more skinks. I would also consider a small unit of Terradons if you have them. With these units you should be able to pull his frenzied units where you want them. Terradons cann also take apart the flesh hounds and Marauder horsemen with their divebomb attack.

02-05-2007, 07:24
Sorry, I now see you have no terradons. I would definately use your cavalry and all the the skinks. I would also consider breaking your saurus warriors into two blocks. You could make one unit extra hard with the signs of sotek and the armor sign( quetzl?). These should hold well against the chaos warriors. You also need your Kroxis. You definately need both scar veterans. The skink priests really aren't necessary, and I would buy extra troops rather than include them. Perhaps you could use one as Skink chieftan with the amulet of the Jaguar. You could use him to try to pull Frenzied units where you want. (don't give him anything else except maybe a blowpipe)

02-05-2007, 07:53
I think you really should leave one of your characters at home, cause if I remember correctly, you are allowed to use only 4 characters of which one is a lord choice, and you have 5.

But with the rest, try to equip items and stuff that negate their armour as much as possible, cause in my experience that makes 'm so tough!
And of course, try to get them first, if they charge, they just smack you to pieces.

02-05-2007, 11:23
skinks skinks skinks skinks skinks skinks...... you can never have too many.

if possible try and get some before you fight.

and i've never played a khorne army before, but generally magic is quite unpredictable where as combat is more stable. so it mite be better to go with the oldblood, have you a carno for him? even if you dont, give him the blade of tzunki and the jag charm and he's a pain to fight against.

maybe try making some skinks with blowpipes scouts, slowing up his fast moving units while hitting at his lord/weaker armoured units. (i've heard skinks are great for taking out chaos lords, and havent been able to try for myself, so i'd give it a go if i got the chance, but then maybe thats just me)

just a couple of ideas.

03-05-2007, 06:06
I am a khorne player personally and since he is going to be getting 6 (more?) dispell dice every turn i think he is going to go to town against an army with a slaan or oldblood in it. You would probably be best playing some decoy spells first (what levels are your wizards and what lore?) and saving your better spells for later once he has either used up most of his dispell dice or let your other spells through.

03-05-2007, 11:54
Thing is, Khorne, it's actually very possible for a single Slann, as the only Wizard, to throw out all four spells with three power dice every turn! Six Dispel dice are nice, but they simply can't reliably answer that much magical force.

The issue is that the Lizardmen have to go either full-force magical or ignore magic completely, which is the oldblood plan.

03-05-2007, 15:00
Out of curiosity how is a single Slann going to put out 12 power dice every turn and not be a monstrous point sink?
Also, you might prepare to take the initiative FAST if it becomes clear that the khorne player decides to be crafty and, knowing a Lizzy army has little in the way of long range firepower besides magic, moves more slowly with his warriors and knights as a single block. You don't want to be taking charges from multiple Khornate units under any circumstances.
Skinks are always a good choice but keep in mind their reduced mobility in 7th ed and that warhounds and marauder horsemen are there specifically to chase off any would-be charge baiters.
You could try small skink units, charging his units with the hope that the skinks are wiped out and his unit, being frenzied, are forced to overrun (double check on that, I don't have my rulebook handy), pulling them out of position.

03-05-2007, 22:00
Well, a 2nd Generation Slann with the Diadem of Power.

There's no Khorne magic phase, so two Dispel dice get stored and converted into Power dice.

2 basic + 4 levels + 2 from Diadem + 1 per spell for 4 spells = 12 Power dice. Every turn.

Of course this is a monstrous points sink - it's almost 500 points before any other items! There is a price you pay for that sort of power.

Dead Man Walking
04-05-2007, 02:21
Forget the slaan, its a big point sink that doesnt move and your opponent will be using screens to keep chosen from going crazy. You cant out fight him so you have to out manuever him. Forget magic, make his dispel dice a waste of points.

You want skinks, kroxigor, salamanders, and terradons. Remember one thing about Khorne, if it can chase it -must- chase, so dont be afraid to run some skinks into combat with the ideal that you will be peeling his unit of chosen khorne off in a direction they do not want to go.
I am known for skink kamikaze attacks on chosen, so I hit them in the flank or rear making the chosen run into woods on the over run or they end up over running back into thier own deployment zone facing away from my army. That means they spend 3 turns getting only 60 points. Then you kill everything else in his army, and do it again. I would make a bare bones swarm unit (I think you can have only 1 swarm base) to do this as well. Throw away 60 points to save your army.

Also judge where the chosen will land on the overrun and prepare your kroxigor to charge them in return. I tend to gestimate that they will end up 8 to 14 inches away from where they are to line up the counter charge.

I would take an oldblood to get good leaderships and take a unit of coldones to roll over anything else he has in his army.

Avoid massive magic, avoid slaans and saurus who only move 4". Manueverability and expendable units are must haves. There is really no reason you should loose unless your rolls are just attrocious.

Gabacho Mk.II
04-05-2007, 03:15
Having faced several Khorne armies with Lizards, I strongly urge you to not go magic heavy. Magic will not win you the battle, multiple Kroxigor units, coupled with Skinks and mobile warfare (read = CoR and swarms) will give you the edge that you need.

My common army breakdown facing Khorne armies (we only game 1,999pts with no Lord characters and only 1 Rare and 3 Special units, etc) is 3 units of 15 Saurus [1 with spears, 2 with HW&S], 2 units of 4 Kroxigor, 5 Swarms, and a host of Skinks, led by a Scar Vet riding a Cold One, and a unit of 8 Cold One Riders, and good ole' Steggie...

I dont ever have luck sinking points into magic, unless you are fielding the Slann and Temple Guard only for the Stubborn abilities of the unit.

Your mileage may vary according to personal driving conditions.

Dead Man Walking
05-05-2007, 01:23
Problem with slaan magic is that your only going to get 1 or two rounds to cast magic before the enemy is on you, and if they are well inside casting range its already too late. Slaan is a brick that doesnt move around much which is exactly what khorne will be targetting.

05-05-2007, 01:42
Saurus Oldblood- Carnosaur, Blade of Revered Tzunki, The Maming shield, Light armour, spawn of Chotec, Itzl and Quetzl.

Saurus Scar Vet- Burning Blade of Chotec, shield, light armour, Spawn of Quetzl.

Saurus Scar Vet- Great Weapon, light armour, Gleaming Pendant of Chotec and spawn of Quetzl.

24 Saurus Warriors- Full Command-Quetlz Spawning.
24 Saurus Warriors- Full Command.
10 Skink Skirmishers- Scouts and Blowpipes.
10 Skink Skirimishers- Scouts and Blowpipes.
3 Kroxigor
6 Saurus Cavarly- Full Command.

Points: 1998.

05-05-2007, 02:06
My common army breakdown facing Khorne armies (we only game 1,999pts with no Lord characters and only 1 Rare and 3 Special units, etc) is 3 units of 15 Saurus [1 with spears, 2 with HW&S], 2 units of 4 Kroxigor, 5 Swarms, and a host of Skinks, led by a Scar Vet riding a Cold One, and a unit of 8 Cold One Riders, and good ole' Steggie...

Your mileage may vary according to personal driving conditions.

I really like this list and reply.

I'd play a different units and units sizes, but a basic's would be the same.

@Karnn, nice list but I'd go more agressive, like using the jaguar charm + WG on a Vet to take down chariots and/or cavalry.

I'd leave one Vet in a unit with blade of the hornet and a ward save as a counter to your opponents charges.

I'd drop models to 15 to 20 in the saurus units and put points into more skinks.

Then I'd trim the cavalry unit down to 5 and only put in a musican.

Basically I'd try to make the army list alittle more cost effective and put a few more points into supporting units to give you mobility, speed and options.

All these things for usually come out in game testing after a while.