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Lord Lucifer
08-04-2005, 05:17
Some of you may recall I farewelled my companion of 14 years, Tess (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), in January.

Well, a new bundle of joy (and madness, and quite possibly effervescent stupidity) has been added to the clan, a departure from our tradition of Corgis, excellent mousers and ratters as they may be (and passable as Miniature German Shephards to the uninitiated ;)).

There is a new Dog in the family, a Schnauzer/Miniature Schnauzer cross (I hope that's been spelt correctly)

And it's come time to name the wee girl.
Current options so far are Ewok, by virtue of being vaguely reminiscent of the furry blighters from a certain George Lucas film, Schnitzer, just because, Panzer (full speed ahead and damn the consequences)
Jokingly suggested options 'Turbo', 'Psycho', and 'Munter' by virtue of... well, being mad as a meat axe really. The Dog's nuts. Crazy. It's been playing non stop for several hours now. It's only just learnt that rose bushes, unlike other plants, bite back. Has the amazing ability to bump into walls, furniture legs, bars, the ground...

Well, any suggestions on names might help
And thoughts on calling the rascal Ewok, let me know

I'm including the one picture out of 22 where she stayed still long enough to come out as anything but a grey blur :p


Delicious Soy
08-04-2005, 05:34
Could always go 'Neighbours' style and call it Bouncer :p. I'd be too tempted to give a small dog a very silly name like Butch or Killer.

08-04-2005, 10:56
The name Chris has always worked well for me.

Ass Goblin
08-04-2005, 11:03
I heard someone on Lonaf wanted to call there cat Cuddleslut. Use that name.

08-04-2005, 11:03

08-04-2005, 12:02
One of my exes and I named our old dog "crash". This was because he acted about the way you describe this one's actions.
But it's your dog. You have already started calling it "Ewok", might as well keep on because by now, even if you DO give it a different name, you will still think of it as "Ewok". Besides, if youve already started calling it that, will cause less confusion for the dog. May it bring you many years of happiness.

08-04-2005, 12:36
Awww, very cute little puppy. :)

Reminds me a bit of our dogs when they were still young.

Just go for a name you like, we didn't decide about a name for our first dog for a couple of days. For some reason the name kinda came out of the blue. All of us kept calling her with a certain name for some reason ("Schnute"), so we just kept that.

Our second dog (daughter of the first one) pretty much had a name right from the second it was born because my sister named her on first sight. "Ronja" was the chosen name...I suggested "Mr. Ed" or "A dog called horse" cause that's what I thought she looked like.* :D

*tbh, she still looks like a horse if you get a sideview of her face...

grizzly ruin
09-04-2005, 02:20
@LL I'm a big fan of "munter" :p

oher than that, maybe "pinball"?

09-04-2005, 06:34
I heard someone on Lonaf wanted to call there cat Cuddleslut. Use that name.

Yeah, i was there. For the whole cat ordeal. She didn't "win", she gave up and condemned the cat to a frozen death.

I wanted to call the cat "Stupid", myself.

Anyway, i think "Stupid" would be a good name. ;)

09-04-2005, 12:11
I remember when I owned a cat as a teenager. I never did give it a name, I would just call it "cat" and whistle and it would come to me as though it were a dog. Didnt stop my sisters from trying to call it several different names and calling it like a cat. Wouldnt have anything to do with them.
I was very sad when it got poisened (or ate a mouse who had been in poisen more likely).

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 13:04
It's a furry 'Schnitzel'... Are you going to force that poor innocent dog to hunt rats?you're EVIL!

Lord Lucifer
09-04-2005, 13:56
No, the ratter was the Corgi, Tess

This little ball of fuzz is our lil' baby Schnauzer
We're contemplating learning some commands in German, like SCHNELL!

We've just created a new game, called Sock
It's where I try and get her to attack a sock... and she attacks my pockets, hands, the legs of my pants :p

But at least it distracts her from her other favourite game, Chew The Cable On The X-Box Controller :eek:

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 14:21
Schnell, achtung and angriff? Perhaps you should've gotten a Dobermann...;)

09-04-2005, 14:51
You seem to like ewok so far, I'd go with that.

09-04-2005, 17:20
Ewok or Gizmo, or something along those lines would be perfect..

I like 'TatterDamelion' personally. But he'd better be a really Evil dog for that namesake.. <grin>

09-04-2005, 17:33
I want to get a Dobermann and call it Jazz.
I cant wait to get it.
My own attack dog :)

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 18:22
I think I'll get a Rotweiler and call it 'Marx'... of couse that's compleatly of topic...

09-04-2005, 18:22
I want to get a Dobermann and call it Jazz.
I cant wait to get it.
My own attack dog :)

A Doberman is a very nervous breed and only become attack dogs if they're trained to be that way.

Attack dogs are not pets.

BTW I've two Japanese Akitas named Kira and Valen :cool:

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 18:31
Dobermanns are problem animals if they are not given strict obedience training. They still are very territoreal and protective and can attack strangers tresspassing on their territory (that's what makes them good guard dogs).

Ass Goblin
09-04-2005, 23:28
Also German Shepards have those problems as well. Just there a little nicer. We used to have a Dobermann called tiny. She wouldn't let mum yell at us or anyone she diddn't like get near. She was a wonderful dog.

Festering Chantor
09-04-2005, 23:53
My uncle had a dog called 'Troya', it used to bark like mad when my uncle held me over the stairs and threw me into the air...

Rabid Bunny 666
10-04-2005, 00:03
my dad has a dog called cleg. he is a jack russel and he hates me because i tease him

but its fun