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05-08-2005, 03:45
3 Years Ago

Joachim ducked back behind his shield of jagged concrete as a swarm of angry bullets buzzed through the space his head had just been occupying. Screams and weapons discharges raged with equal fury all about in a violently cacophonous requiem to those who could no longer join them in song, and flashes of light seemed to figures moving inexorably towards his position adance in hellspawned mists. It was chaos, and it was Chaos, and it wouldn’t have been much different from many other battlefields he had been present at if it weren’t for the fact that his Inquisitor seemed to be missing. Meanwhile his troops had broken in every direction, fleeing and sat in puddles of huddling, quivering flesh as their enemies ended their shivering.

Where are you Trask? Your men are dying just as I told you they would and the least you could do for them is witness what you’ve done to them. How could I have been given to one so inept?

Anger surged through him as him dove from block of rubble to block of rubble until finally he stopped inside the ruins of a still-standing house. He tried frantically to collect thoughts trying desperately to outrace each other, but the was interrupted by the skittering of feet across the wood. To his astonishment, and probably that of the source of that astonishment, he was not ten feet away from a small, emaciated but living boy.

“Come here kid, it isn’t safe to be here,” Joachim said calmly looking for any other signs of life.

The boy looked at him for a moment, and then promptly ran in the opposite direction.

Damn. Can’t my life be easy for once. My situation is bad enough as it is without having to chase a kid across a blasted warzone.

He chased the echoes of the boy’s footsteps across the halls of what turned out to be an exceedingly large house. When he finally came to a stop, he was in what appeared to be a nursery. The boy’s corpse was curled up into a ball on the ground. Joachim spun around looking for enemies and scanning the area. Everything seemed fine.

Psychic resonance from the boy’s death. This foul, daemonic mist is doing strange things to this area.

Turning back to the boy, he noticed a strange medallion on a thong around the boy’s neck. It looked oddly familiar, though he was sure he’d never seen it before in his life. He put it into his pocket to worry about later. Looking around the room and seeing the other corpses piled there, he shook his head.

“How many lives were wasted Yussef, how many for…”

A ‘nothing’ hung in the air as its definition rushed to fill Joachim’s brain through sobbing exit wound cratering his left temple.

2 years ago

Somewhere in the warp where dreams and power wove in and out and all around each other, phantom tides of nightmare ether seemed to be getting bolder and bolder as time went by. Somewhere in the centre of the encroaching waves was the phantom tides’ moon thrashing out in torment against the faceless terrors that haunted its nascence.

V’zizh’i’klu’izzt, Shzz’iv’kll’hla, Bzrr’hmaz’dra…


“The many-eyed one grows too strong, his machinations are coming to fruition in the warp around this planet; can’t you feel it Dim?,” asked the first of two men robed in resplendent silks rhetorically.

“It doesn’t matter now, you know that,” replied the second man with a smile on his face.

“But, what if he knows about us and already has us defeated,” the first whispered in reply.

“You give the gods too much credit Holy One,” he said as he turned on his heel effectively ending the conversation with the chiming of his footsteps.


Molochai Beliyya’al’s power armoured steps echoed around the room as he towered pacing amongst the throng masked cultists who had gathered to discuss the nurturing of their rebellion. A few glanced around looking for members who seemed to be missing. Most ignored their absence however. In the service of the sorcerous one, demotion came as quickly and unexpectedly as promotion. The room went silent as Molochai raised a hand and Bezalleel’s Halo danced excitedly.

“I have gathered you to tell you that your rebellion has been a success and that you have the force to take this planet while the Imperium can do nothing about it. You have all done well in your respective positions. Unfortunately, none of that matters. You’ll noticed that only wing-clipped fools occupy this room. That is because they are still cogs in His great plan, while, you are not. Praise Tzeentch.”

He continued to praise Tzeentch with his brother marines as each cultist died without ever knowing how deeply they really were betrayed.

05-08-2005, 03:59
So, now that the intro to the rpg is finished, here comes the other stuff.

You are all either henchmen to one Journey-Man Inquisitor Yuseff Trask or the hired help of one Jarl Boris Valynkyev, the rogue trader accompanying him. You'll be headed towards the planet of Messina that just so happens to be in rebellion, but you don't know why yet.

Here's the basic restrictions, but if you have something special that falls into one of the characters not allowed, pm me, and if I like it, I'll find a way to work it in, but submit a regular character anyhow:
No Space Marines
No Xenos
No Assassins
0-3 Psykers (No Alphas)
0-1 Pariah
0-3 Interrogators/Acolyte/Whatever
0-1 Death Cultist
Any number of Mercs/Guardsmen/Crusaders/Rogue Traders/Ad Mech Magi/etc.

Yuseff Trask
An who looks to be getting along in his years, which could be quite a few considering he's an Inquisitor, his weapons seem to be a laspistol holstered at his side, a cane that's always in hand, and his intellect. You know little about his history prior to you coming into his service.

Boris Valynkyev
A tall, wispy man who seems to prefer his clothing to be even louder than his sing-song falsetto-ish voice. Though its hard to see much about what he's carrying when the exotic blur of his finery seems to grab ahold of one eyes, two scabbarded are nestled in between the folds of his garments at roughly waistline (though its hard to tell where his waist ends and his abdomen begins in his ridiculous clothing). He was a lowly trader of ill-repute and ill-fortune from his world of Muscovy before he fell in with Trask.

P.S. Slazton, if you've figured out whats going on, keep it on the hush hush, alright? ;)

05-08-2005, 20:40
Can I take the Pariah post.

I'll post a character later....if that's ok?

05-08-2005, 20:48
Ill be a psyker Acolyte

06-08-2005, 00:38
Sounds good.

06-08-2005, 20:12
Name: Angelica Cross
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Postion: Untouchable
Equipment: bolt pistol and chainsword, strong carapace armour.

Background: Angelica is the daughter of two other Untouchables from the Distaff run by Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn (If you don't like the idea I can change it). She grew up almost as a fairly normal child, with the exception that she carried the Pariah gene like her parents.
She was allowed to choose whether or not to join the Distaff, but the death of her father spurred her into joining to help her mother track down his killer.
Although she is not the most combat minded of all people, she has been trained in combat, but usually only engages if she must. Her power lies in her psychic deadness more than her aim.

Appearence: 5"6, slim, shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

Personality: Angelica is more a civilian than anything else so she is fairly normal, erring on the quiet side due to the fact that people never seem to want to be around her very much.

07-08-2005, 00:09
It sounds perfectly fine to me, but could you PM me a little info about the Distaff? I haven't read the Eisenhorn books, so I don't really know what that is.

07-08-2005, 16:57
Name: “Ace” Udo

Sex: Male

Age: Around 28

Rank: Ratling Sniper

Appearance: Ace Is tall for a Ratling and toned but still only maintains the height of a Child and he has deep blue eyes. But no one can tell their colour because of thePolarised UV Filtering Optical Protection Goggles. He wears (I couldn’t think of a word for high tech shades :P) He wears no helmet witch lets his styled brown hair feel the breezing winds of the many planets he goes too. He wears a jacket he gained from a pilot friend before he died in a battle. And instead of the regular shiny things that Ratlings' have. This Ratling holds allsorts of trophies and gifts. Given too him. And he doesn’t hide the weapons he has.

Personality: Ace is brave and arrogant. A bad combination when you’re as tall as a child. He has been known to drop his sniper, and draw whatever sharp thing he can find and charge into battle. Usually to be swatted away. Ace has been in many wars under many officers. Some less savoury then others, But all respected his bravery and his charm. Ace is fearless and will take anything head on. So it’s usually best if his officer keeps him away from battle in a building somewhere sniping, many times however, Ace has been know to jump from a building to enter the fray. Ace also considers himself to be cool, strong and everything a lady Ratling could want. He is also noble and trustworthy, surprising for a Ratling. This makes him an excelent leader in his kind but also a freak. His bravoury and helpfull nature stemmed from a long turn mental illness he obtained back in his first battle. (more info later if you ask him)

Equipment: Ace considers himself a super Ratling. And thusly his sniper rifle is somewhat better, given to him for outstanding bravery. Of course its name is important to Ace. His rifles name is… Ace. Or Ace Jr. Or Little Ace. He’s called it many names since he got it. But mostly Ace. He also wears a flack jacket and He carries with him one frag grenade. He also carries 2 las pistols and a close combat weapon taken from his last commissar. (A gift he says) the combat weapon he wields in two hands

Background: Ace is known buy many commissars, He lead his own Ratling unit during many invasions of hostile planets. And always survives. His bravery has saved his fellow Ratlings’ many times but as of recent Ace has left his service Because of his last battle with his Ratling unit. Ace was the only survivor. He was crushed buy there death and thusly he wants to avenge them, Buy throwing himself at everything with giant teeth he can

Hello :)

07-08-2005, 20:09
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Position: Former Resident Clergymember for the dioceses of Gertan
Equipment: Sacred Halberd of St.Dunstane, antique laspistol
History: Caleb was transferred to Inquisitorial service as a penance for his crimes. Which include abuse of power, breaking his vow of celibacy, and inapproriate acts with a minor

OOC:/ May be expanded on though that's the gist /:OOC

07-08-2005, 20:24
ok...just to infomr you that there's a chance that I might no be around for the start of this RPG due to internet access problems.

But if things go right....then everything should be fine.

07-08-2005, 21:10
@Shuya: Interesting concept. Polarised UV Filtering Optical Protection or PUVFOP goggles, perhaps? Is there a reason he's so brave? Inspiration from a Commissar/Astartes/Priest/whatever? Radical Ad Mech Experimentation? Mental illness (at least by the definition of Ratlings)?

@McGonigle: I think that's about as far into detail as I want to go on that particular character. ;) Interesting use of real world parallels though. :p

@Xhalax: Alrighty, I don't know how soon this will begin anyhow. With so many views and so few people interested in joining, it might be a little while before it gets off the ground.

07-08-2005, 21:13
Once my life's generally settled down into something vaguely like a routine, I think I might be able to join. I was using Jakken Skartha the last time you ran one of Trask's advantures, so would the old gunslinger be welcome back when I have time? It may be a while (maybe as long as a month) but consider my interest perked :)

Name: Jakken Skartha
Rank: NA
Type: Gunslinger (Rogue)
Appearance: 5'11", medium build. Long dark brown hair, green eyes.
-Flak jacket
-Dark green tunic
-Black leggings
-2 Autopistols with Dot sights
-2 Bolt pistols with Dot sights

Background: Recruited by Inquisitor Trask from the slums of Ghorran, where Jakken had scratched out a living as a smuggler and thief on the run from the Arbites. Working for whichever of the brutal hive gangs would pay him best, and not above turning on former employers in exchange for even more cash, Jakken built up a reputation in the underhive as a man who could get a job done: smuggling, espionage, theft and assassination, all could be conducted for the right price. Investigating rumours of hereticl activities in the hives of Ghorran, Inquisitor Trask heard of Jakken's fearsome reputation. He hunted him down and offered him a choice: acceptance into his service or be handed over to the Arbites. The scoundrel agreed, and became part of Trask's retinue.

07-08-2005, 21:21
Sounds good to me. Hopefully this one will go better than the last one did.

07-08-2005, 22:56
@Shuya: Interesting concept. Polarised UV Filtering Optical Protection or PUVFOP goggles, perhaps? Is there a reason he's so brave? Inspiration from a Commissar/Astartes/Priest/whatever? Radical Ad Mech Experimentation? Mental illness (at least by the definition of Ratlings)?

Ill take mental illness :)

08-08-2005, 22:34
No more interest than this? No one else?

09-08-2005, 03:07
I'd take a spot. Mind you, I'm pretty new to the Warhammer 40k universe and so, don't ask for too much in terms of detailled backgrounds or specific locations. I'll need help with those.

Name: Jan Stahlov
Occupation: Psyker
Powers: Scourging, Other (?)
Equipment: 2-handed chainsword
A tall man, about 5'11, 170 lbs, brown hair and blue eyes. He has a scar above his right eye, left behind by a rock during his youth.

He trusts the inquisitor Yuseff with his life, as he has no other choice. The only thing he wants is to be able to live away from all the persecutution from which he suffers as being a psyker. He has pledged his life to Yussef in exchange for his protection. Ever since, he has been safe from other inquisitor that would love nothing more than to purge is damned soul.

He suffers from constant headaches and, from time to time, suffers an "attack of the Warp". The only thing he gets in return are horrible visions nightmares past, of fallen empires reduced to ash by the powers that are those of the Warp.

Is it good enough or are there rules I should read to play here?

09-08-2005, 03:09
That's fine. Its text based so its mostly dependent writing ability and knowledge of the background. Moreso on the former than the latter.

09-08-2005, 03:53
Traskis Combin
Position: Ogryn
Age: 26
Equipment: Ripper Gun, 2 Ogryn close combat weapons, bits of vehicle armour stuck together loosely. Shiny name tag.
Background: Like all Ogryn's Traskis is afraid of the dark and not the smartest creature, he is easily amused by small things. He believes Shiny objects give good luck, which is why he always polishes all his weapons and armour, and carries wears his name tag for all to see, believing it is even more lucky. Traskis is quick to befriend people, and will be forever loyal to them,

09-08-2005, 21:43
Sounds good Diddimz, is he merc or Imperial?

10-08-2005, 08:27
Hi all. This will be my first attempt at an RPG (except from another time when I managed 2 posts before it was closed by the author :p ).

Is there place for a Medical Officer? I've noticed there is rarely one in this RPGs so I thought it would be nice for a change. If it is allowed here it is.

Name: Adrian Haffle
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Position: Medical Officer
Equipment: Medi-Kit, "Lucky" Scalpel (adamantium made, been on his family for generations, still sharp), Combat Knife, Duelling Pistol, Flak Armour.

Appearance: 1.79 meters tall, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, thin, yet strong enough to defend himself quite decently (though he appears rather weak at a first glance).

Background: Born in a noble family on a peaceful planet in the Ultima Segmentum. After finishing his medical studies at the age of 23 he went through one year of military training (this was mandatory for all citizens in the planet), when he was about to finish his training a genestealer uprising took place. Being in one of the regiments that stood loyal to the Emperor Adrian fought in the civil war that tore the planet apart. His family was slaughtered in the early stages of the rebellion and with no place to go after the cultists were defeated he decided to stay with his brothers in arms. He was 25. He participated in several campaigns and his efficiency as a medical officer was quickly noticed taking him away from the frontlines to take care of the casual illnesses of the high command. Seeing his abilities wasted he asked to be transferred to a location were his knowledge could be of better use.

Personality: Introvertive, only says what is strictly necessary and rarely shares (or shows) his feelings. Though he is skilled at fighting up close he feels much more comfortable (when not treating the wounded) in ranged combat at which he excels.

10-08-2005, 12:54
imperial, not smart enough to be a merc:p

13-08-2005, 19:46
Alrighty, I'll start this probably this upcoming wednesday, I hope to have at least one more entry before then.

14-08-2005, 05:22
I'll join if you don't mind my presence :)

Name: Usten Kaax
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Position: Imperial Guardsmen AKA The Coward
Equipment: combat shotgun with drum mag, autopistol, flak armour, frag grenades, combat knife, various flasks of volatile alcohol (seems to smell like almonds soaked in jet fuel), guardsman's standard kit

Appearance: Slouching at around 5'8", and lucky if he weighs an ounce over 100lbs, Usten is a dishivelled and mangy man, with signs of a once strong and toned body now withered in to loose skin and hollow cheeks. His eyes look a little too unfocussed, a touch too wild, a dirty grey uniform showing the signs of battle after battle. His good leg moves with a limp, his bad leg is creaks and whirs with obviously inexpensive bionic enhancements. Ragged angry welts ring his neck and shoulders, emphasised by his greying stubble. In short, the last person you'd want to spend more than a moment around.

Background: Once he was proud and strong, a well recognised and decorated sergeant for the mighty Imperial Guard regiments Ganaestia II. He fought against Orks, bled to heretics, killed for the Emporer, and lived each time. Yet on a distant battlefield, when his position was over-run by the innumerable hordes of greenskins infesting the planet surface, and he was found alive, hidden beneath the corpses of his dead comrades, he was branded a coward. Under the razor lashes and searing blades Usten screamed out his punishment, yet never confessed, never had a reason good enough for the Commisariate. Thrown out in to the trash, he was picked up by Trask, intended as a human shield, of little use beyodn that.

Yet he has still survived...

Known Details: He drinks, he shakes, and he sleeps in an angry frenzy. His voice is a grating, desperate sound, each syllable almost a physical injury. Quietly spoken, his battlefield experience seems to compensate for his many faults. But it's the way his eyes go dead when he fights, his manner calm in the midst of warfare despite his nervous demeanour, that has made the superstitious think him possessed and the insane think him broken.

14-08-2005, 05:28
Perfect. Anyone else?

18-08-2005, 02:39
Well now I can't believe I missed this gem. Actually I can with my active work shifts :cries:

Well time for my character and since Antaeus is using a Gunslinger, time for my ****** of one to surface.

Name: Elana 'Deathwish' Sprite
Class: Gunslinger
Age: roughly 24, but no one is sure
Appearance: For those that have played FFX or FFX-2, she looks like Yuna, but has long hair and its a dark red. Blue eyes that reflect no emotion. She stands roughly 5'6 and looks skinny, and has hidden muscles.
Weapons: 2 Mastercrafted Autopistols, One is plated in gold and the other in Silver, a short sword and a one-shot revolver tucked in her boot.

Background: Elana Sprite is her made up name, her real name was Elana Eisenhousse the 3rd of the Noble Eisenhousse house on the Hive planet Zerica. However at the age of twelve, her carriage was attacked by a gang and she was taken to an underground labatory in the Hive. There she was worked on by a rogue element of the Adeptus Mechanicus and then was released into the underhive with the two autopistols.

At the age of 14, Elana made a name for herself as a killer. She was at first a bounty hunter, hunting down men and women for money that bought her ammo and food, but soon started to work just for killing. It was then she became a hired gun. The name Elana Sprite began to circulate around the underhive and even the Higher Echloens.

At the age of 18, Elana Sprite had developed a gang of loyal subjects, it was then wierd things started happening to her. She would get headaches during combat and then get stronger and faster as if something was driving her onwards. She did not understand, but did not care. Little did Elana know, the Magos who worked on her created glands that would dispense drugs before combat. The constant usage of the drugs began to take affect as Elana became more and more unhinged, no longer caring about the consequences of her actions, just doing them because she could. Her morals became naught and she became a cold blooded killer.

At the age of 19, Elana and the remainder of her gang stole a sub-sector ship and went on a warpath. Literally landing within the sub-sector and attacking villages and stealing all their food and wealth. Elana did not care for such things, but did it as it was fun to her.

Then at the age of 20, her warpath peaked. News of a slack off Governor got to her, and she and her crew of female warriors landed on the planet. It was a night of blood shed as her gang killed hundreds of innocents, while she slipped into the Palace undetected. She hunted down the Governor, killing anyone and anything that got in her path. The records showed she killed twenty servants, five guards and three dogs before she got to the Governor. That kill itself was unusual. The pict-screens showed Elana stripping off, creeping to the fat Governor's bed and then leaping on it with a bloody knife in her hand. She stabbed the Governor repeadily and she was bathed in blood.

The local Arbites reacted quickly and as her gangers were killed, she was arrested quickly as she had surrendered after killing five Arbites. The local customs refused the death penalty for her as she was a woman, so the Arbites had her sent to the prison planet, Zion IX with three life sentences.

At the age of 23, she escaped alongside Rogue Trader Boris Valynkyev who freed her and now she owes him her life. She works for him as a bodyguard/cocubine and does not frown upon that.

Personality: Elana is unhinged and slightly crazy. She has zero morals and does not care. She is a killer thanks to all the drugs. She also does not enjoy the company of men, but she will tolerate them as they have their uses. She does not respect authority and usually speaks her mind. She hardly ever talks to guys and has a short fuse with any man who calls her Baby.

Late I know, but alas, who could miss this chick eh?

Oh the background was done like that so you could see why she was on a prison planet. Also she has been cleared with the GM and the glands are in the Inquisitor Rulebook, so I'm not power gaming ;)

18-08-2005, 04:25
The IC Thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9285) is currently up, feel free to begin posting.

18-08-2005, 21:43
Name: Riki
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Position: Acolyte
Equipment: Two Auto Pistols, One white, One black. Power Sword, Shotgun. Two Cyber Mastifs, One white, One black. Mesh armour.

Appearance: 5'8, long white hair to half way down her back, dark eyes, wears a full length leather jacket.

(hey, ive been playing devil may cry alot :p)

19-08-2005, 00:11
Ill post my characters entrance later maybe tommorow, i have a fever atm and i cant think straight, soz all if i slow things down but just carry on ill make a dramatic entrance at one point.

19-08-2005, 04:48
I'd like to join if still possible. Being that I'm a bit late, I'll wait for the OK before posting on the IC thread.

Name: Ulric Zsinji
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Type: Psyker
Powers: Largely undeveloped
Appearance: About 5'11”, with black hair and dark green eyes.
Equipment: Hellpistol.

Background: During the Thirteenth Black Crusade, Ulric was a member of the Cadian Whiteshields. During the final, pivotal battle of the Crusade, Ulric displayed previously unmanifested psyker powers, temporarily binding a Bloodthirster of Khorne to his will, slaying swathes of cultists before collapsing from the strain of the ordeal. Ulric recovered some weeks after the war was over, and Inquistor Trask spared him from execution as a witch, instead incorporating the young psyker into his retinue where he could keep an eye on him and possibly make use of his abilities if they could be honed.

Personality: Brooding and cynical at times, but tries not to pass his attitude on to others.

19-08-2005, 05:27
any chance you could use some one else?

19-08-2005, 12:02
@Xavier: Expect a PM a little later.

@Shuya: Sounds good

@LordPomposity: Looks excellent.

@BMaxWell: Sure. We could especially use another rank and file type fighter like a merc.

@Deathcrow13: Tyranix was trying to help you out with Xhalax whose a Pariah. Pariah's cause psykers some discomfort, and also mess with their powers. For simplicity's sake, assume that I've given Xhalax some arcane piece of archaeotech that acts as a dampener to wear in your presence.

19-08-2005, 15:04
Name: Set

Weaponry: wirsted mounted pistols (1 one each arm) flak amour all over his body and armoured helm that incorprate many different systems such as night vison stuff like that. throwing knives on his legs, and two large dueling knives.

Set may or may not be this mans real name but his takeing off a acneit god of death is very suiting. haveing worked over much of the impermuims space at one time or another. even working for less then leagal empolyers at times as well. a large built man with a heavy basement deep voice.

19-08-2005, 15:05
tell me if thats okay then i'll post in the IC thread

19-08-2005, 19:09
Somone put the ratling on the table so he can eat.

19-08-2005, 19:26
Done. ;)

Have a nice meal.

19-08-2005, 21:29
@Xavier: Expect a PM a little later.

Pfft, what have I done now.. *runs*

19-08-2005, 22:26
@Bmaxwell: It should be fine so long as you enumerate precisely what systems the helm contains and what kind of pistols you have mounted on your wrists. Everything else is fine however.

@Xavier: You've done nothing wrong, but as an acolyte to Trask, you're privy to a little more information than a few other members of the team. Since Slazton is your counterpart to the Rogue Trader, he got the same thing over MSN.

By the way, my MSN is AliceUnchained85@Hotmail.com if anyone has any questions. I can't make any guarantees that I'll be on however. I'll probably have an informational post when I get home on the mission at hand, and we should be onplanet and in the thick of things some time tomorrow.

19-08-2005, 22:39
I know, I was joking.

19-08-2005, 23:30
Harlequin'sDance : I know what a pariah is. I mostly lack knowledge in background and such. I know a few terms, here and there, but I don't know that much. Thanks for the tip though. It's really appreciated. Don't be afraid to explain some things to me once in a while.

20-08-2005, 04:44
Alrighty, you can talk amongst yourselves for a little while longer. By tomorrow you will be planetside.

Oh, and anyone who can name all the references in the prophet's names gets an instant promotion.

20-08-2005, 04:57
just simple things are in the helment like comm systems, night vision, heat seasors and im think uzi equvaint are on the wirsts if thats okay

20-08-2005, 05:00
Nothing fully automatic though. If its wristmounted, semiauto stubber with general build of an Uzi would be ok. Other than that its sounds good.

20-08-2005, 05:33
What exactly do you mean when you say where the prophet's names are from, I see no connection to anything I know, or maybe im just being exceptionally dense.

20-08-2005, 05:40
Oh, each name has two references, the first and last, but they aren't very common references. So there's a total of 14 related references.

20-08-2005, 06:41
I'll have some trouble posting during the day.

I'll post early (If there is any action by then), but until late afternoon I'll be missing. So try not to get badly injured in the mean time :p.

21-08-2005, 16:16
Erm, crap, no its not the same Messina as the Distaff. Just a fun coincidence apparently.

Edit:@Xhalax:And also, the Inquisitor is not with you, so you'll either be attached to Boris or Riki.

21-08-2005, 16:20
Hey Harlequin, did I get the bolter or not? ;)

21-08-2005, 16:26
Ah, knew I forgot something. At the moment, no as we're trying to be as discrete as possible given the circumstances and also, we're liking to be fighting in alot of cramped spaces where pistols are more suited anyhow. There's a certain point coming up though where you'll have your bolter. Up until then you're just going to have be shooting from the other end of one. :p

21-08-2005, 16:34
Okey day...will edit

21-08-2005, 20:37
@ Bmaxwell: Adrian is the medical officer. It would be nice if he could do something according to his role. So if you could please edit your post so I can get into the elevator with you, it would be deeply appreciated.

If you don't like the idea I will edit my post accordingly.


21-08-2005, 22:15
Alrighty, there's ten thugs left. I'll try to move this forward tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully have enough time not to make such a rushed post again. If you run out of thugs, they'll have some reinforcements, but don't go killcrazy just because you've an indefinate number of walking potential corpses to play with.

22-08-2005, 00:08
@Tyranix no proplem

30-09-2005, 22:25
I'm considering trying to continue this RPG from where it left off, so I'd like a headcount of who's still interested. If there's not enough people, then I'll just tack on an ending to the original and make a sort of spin-off so those who are can still use their old characters.

So if you're interested still, just post in this thread.

30-09-2005, 23:54
I'm still interested. :)

01-10-2005, 01:14
spin off might not be a bad idea but I really like Set so I'll use him. im still in

03-10-2005, 21:37
As an addendum, anyone interested who wasn't originally part of the thread is also welcome to take part.

03-10-2005, 21:40
I am game just let me know whats open for grabs

04-10-2005, 04:42
Anything really that's not taken already. If some of the original party don't show, then you're welcome to their slots as well. One thing that is a requirement is a Pariah, but I don't know how I'm going to work that out. They're rare, so finding a replacement seems too unlikely, but from what I understand (which isn't much granted) Xhalax isn't going to be around for awhile.

04-10-2005, 12:35
im still interested