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02-05-2007, 09:37
I've been working on a Fabius bile. I don't usually like to show my miniatures until they're finished, but this one is going to take some time, so here's WIP so far:

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_front01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_front01_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_left01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_left01_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_back01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_back01_big.jpg)

"Our arrows will click out the sun"
"Then we shall Big in the shade!"

02-05-2007, 09:41
and there's more:

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_right01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_right01_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_front02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_front02_big.jpg)

"The needs of the clicky are outwighed by the needs of the big, or the one"

02-05-2007, 09:44
Very trick figure to paint especially the fluids, one to watch and learn from!

03-05-2007, 19:15
Some more bits done:

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_front03_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_front03_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_left02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_left02_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_back02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_back02_big.jpg)

Clicky for Big

I need to do more work on the coat, more blending, and tighten up the metallics on the injector. The armour shimmers a metallic purple, which doesn't really show, and I plan on some gold celtic style detail for that...

03-05-2007, 19:18
That shoulder pad is looking good. I also like the coat. Very 'made from human flesh looking.'

03-05-2007, 20:18
Then there's the shoulder pads to define better, plus more to do...

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_right02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_right02_big.jpg)

And some bits on the backpack

http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_backpack01_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_backpack01_big.jpg)
http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_backpack02_small.jpg (http://greblord.weegeeks.com/data/FB_backpack02_big.jpg)

Cacky for Blag

18-05-2007, 00:43
The liquid in the red vial looks especially good. I like the chosen color scheme. I will definitely watch this thread.

18-05-2007, 05:02
damn that looks mightly good, nice to see fabius in his original ec colors

18-05-2007, 07:47
He's coming on great!

18-05-2007, 09:13
I read your threads only for the hilarious "Clicky for Big"-alternatives...

... oh, and of course, for the marvelous painting ;)