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02-05-2007, 13:51
Tomb Kings 2000 pts

Skeleton Warriors X20 points/model: 10
- Spears
- Shields
- Light Armor
- Full Command
Total: 225

Skeleton Warriors X20 points/model: 9
- Shields
- Light Armor
- Full Command
Total: 205

Tomb Swarms X3 points/model: 45
Total: 135

Tomb Guard X18 points/model: 12
- Full Command
- Magic Standard: Icon of Rakaph (+40 pts)
Total: 286

Ushabti X3 points/model: 65
Total: 195

Tomb Scorpion X1 points/model: 85
Total: 85

Screaming Skull Catapult X2 points/model: 90
Total: 180

Tomb King: points/model: 170
- Destroyer of Eternities
- Light Armor
- Collar of Shapesh
Total: 265

Icon Bearer points/model: 65
-Magical Standard: Banner of the Undying Legion
-Light Armor
Total: 92

Liche Priest points/model: 115
- Hieratic Jar
-Cloak of the Dunes
Total: 165

Liche Priest points/model: 115
- Staff of Ravening
Total: 160

Army Total: 1993 pts.
This is a themed army surrounding the TG / IB / TK combo. Can anyone also verify if Tomb swarms count towards minimum core choice?

Esco Thomson
02-05-2007, 15:50
Yes Tomb Swarms count as core choices.

Also, I am curious to where your heroes are going.

I think that you might benefit from not taking a banner on your IB, and perhaps giving him some equipment instead. You could give the BotUL to a Skeleton block.

A decent combo for an IB is the Armor of the Ages, and Vambraces of the Sun.

I am not a fan of full command in every unit. Of course part of that is taste, and the other will depend on where your characters are going as well. Let me know.

03-05-2007, 14:51
My TK and IB are going into the TG unit. My hierophant and other liche prest will each start in a unit of Skels. I plan on mabe changing out my 3 tomb swarms for 3-4 chariots though. Anything to help support my TG unit is key.

03-05-2007, 17:58
i'm not a fan of the 60 points your spending giving skeletons upgrades.

Don't bother. They're only there to die anyway, right?

I may even suggest upgrading them to archers as against any other shooting army you'd be absoloutely hosed. Do you think you could beat a dwarf gunline?

04-05-2007, 08:02
Yor core is slow. I would definately take one unit of archers, to help encourage your enemies to come to you. I find that when one plays a heavy infantry tomb king army, that shooting is nice.

04-05-2007, 13:59
Ya, I wanted to not go for the traditional archer line which tomb king players use exclusively throughout mmany lists. They entire point of this list is to ping players between units. Tomb Scorpion and Tomb Swarms make it hellon earth for artillery and shooting units, while catapults will be barraging CC oriented foot troops forcing them to move up while my Ushabti hammmer in the sides with the three skeleton blocks taking the impact of charges / giving charges.