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02-05-2007, 22:12
I've decided to build up my Wood Elves since I have a bunch of unpainted Glade Guard and Riders, so I was coming up with a list, first 500 pts then an expansion into 1,000 pts.

I'm a big fan of Wardancers, fluff wise and model wise, so I wanted to make a wardancer-heavy list, as seen in the 1,000 pt list.

Here's the base 500 points:

Wood Elf Noble
(Light Armour, Shield, Hail of Doom Arrow) 109 Points

10 Glade Guard
(Musician) 126 Points

5 Glade Riders
(Musician) 129 Points

10 Dryads
(Branch Nymph) 132 Points

Total: 496 Points

I'm not sure about the Dryads, I included them because I wanted at least one unit that could survive CC with the enemy, and I chose the unit size only by how many points I had available.

And here's What I thought about changing when bumping up to 1,000 points (additions now underlined*):

Wood Elf Noble (Same general from 500 pt list, only now he's a wardancer)
(Wardancer Kindred) 105 Points

(Level 2 Wizard, Dispel Scroll) 150 Points

10 Glade Guard
(musician) 126 Points

10 Glade Guard
(musician) 126 Points

5 Glade Riders
(musician) 129 Points

10 Dryads
(Branc nymph) 132 Points

6 Wardancers
(musician) 115 Points

6 Wardancers
(musician) 115 Points

Total: 998 Points

I figured this list should work pretty good, the Dryads and the Wardancers with the Noble, will obviously be the main CC force, and i'll use the Glade Guard to shoot up the enemy, and use the Glade Riders as shooters and maybe a flanking charger to supplement the Dryads or Wardancers in CC. I don't know about how effective the Spellsinger is, but I figured some magic wouldn't hurt.

You might be noticing that except for the Dryads there are no trees in this list. Aside from my disdain for both treekin and treeman models, in making a "Wardancer Troupe" list, I figured the larger tree spirits would not be part of the army, seeing as how most of the trees don't really trust the elves, I figured they'd be even less trustworthy of Wardancers. So even though the tree spirits are really good, they'll be used very liberally, if at all.


02-05-2007, 23:01
Looks pretty sound to me, maybe drop the dryads for 6 more wardancers if I saw 3 units of wardancers in a 1000pt game id be worried.

02-05-2007, 23:13
The lists are generally okay.

At the 1000pt level I'd recommend putting a champion in the unit of wardancers that the noble will be joining just for the sacrificial challenge-acceptor. When Mr. Killy-the-Chaos-Champion challenges, your noble can chop some softer targets while the bladesinger takes it on the chin.