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03-05-2007, 10:52
hey this is my new and stoppable night goblin horde, it might win, yeah and monkeys will fly outa my but!!!, note i only have a few more models - 4 trolls and about another dozen spearmen and another dozen archers, 1 shamen and 3 heroes, any opinions??

Warboss Sharptoof Redfangs Night Goblin Horde (2001)

Sharptoof Redfang (55)
Martogs Best Basha (15)
Amulet of Protectyness (25)
Iron Gnashers (30)

Shaman Grogit (50)
Level 2 (35)
Dispel Scroll x1 (25)

Shaman Fidgit (50)
Level 2 (35)
Mad Cap Mushrooms (20)
Nibblas Itty Ring (20)
Magic Mushroom (10)

Shaman Badgit
Level 2 (35)
Horn of Urgok (40)
Magic Mushroom (10)

48 Night Goblins (144) Spear (48), Shield, Full command (20), Net Team (35), 2 Fanatics (50)

40 Night Goblins (120) Spear (40), Shield, Full command (20), Net Team (35), 2 Fanatics (50)

40 Night Goblins (120) Spear (40), Shield, Full command (20), Net Team (35), 2 Fanatics (50)

36 Night Goblins (108) Spear (36), Shield, Full command (20), Net Team (35), 2 Fanatics (50)

35 Night Goblins (105) Short Bows, Full command (20), Net Team (35), 2 Fanatics (50)

35 Night Goblins (105) Short Bows, Full command (20), Net Team (35), 2 Fanatics (50)

04-05-2007, 12:09
As I have learned with my NG horde. Build/buy quality movement trays, it seems I often have to pick them up with LOTS of minis still on them ;)

04-05-2007, 12:16
i know i was thinking that, sigh huge units huge trays oh well, it will be fun :)

04-05-2007, 12:59
No doubt. If you like the night goblins, it's easy enough to convert out crews to use war machines and chariots to give yourself some more flexibility.

05-05-2007, 08:25
i was thinking of having all blocks of night goblins, maybe a giant or some trolls and some squigs at some point, wander the army forwards and watch the fanatic fun, now what will prob happen is a unit of skirmishers will run up to me release all my fanatics and they will then destroy my army :) for him

what do you think of my warbosses magic item selection??

martogs best basha seems a right bargin for what it is and the amulet is awesome in the right situation and the iron gnashers is just plain mean :)

05-05-2007, 16:56
Looking at your list, should you encounter a fear/terror causing enemy I imagine you'll have lots of people running away. All your models have very low leadership and you didn't include much help in that regard.

Also, I'd lose the netters and full command in the NG bowmen and probably make these regiments a lot smaller (20 models each) - they're basically fanatic delivery systems (you won't have much of a shooting chance with them, being that they're armed with shortbows and all) and you'd save points, enough for at least a couple of trolls.

I'm not very fond of the Best Basha - the I characteristic is valid only for a 2nd round of combat; I'd prefer the sneaky skewerer, which gives you a -3 save mod on top of the -1 you already get for being S4; I'd also include the tricksy trinket, which removes the enemy's ward save - Imagine a lowly NGobbo hitting with a net save modifier of -4 and negating ward saves :D

08-05-2007, 08:41
there is not exacually much to buff the leadership up really :(, i have the general and the horn to help

im thinking with the outnumbering/nets and command they might just win a combat after firing with stand and fire and that is important to me as losing and being cut down and units on either side of it will run away and what ever army i play with i always include fc, i like it

i expect most of my army not to be on the battlefield for long, its the fun of it

08-05-2007, 17:51
good spirit... maybe drop some bowmen for a few squigs... squigs are fun...

09-05-2007, 08:51
im thinking of a big fat unit of squigs, i played in a tourniment against ng and he fielded a unit against me - i did not know how hard they were and thought my ironbreakers could take them and concentrated on the large mobs, then the squigs hit the breakers like a ton of bricks - ouch!!!!!! 6 dead the first round of combat st5!!!!what ouchski!!!!, i won the game but that was a real shock, the squigs are my next purchase though