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05-08-2005, 16:48
So basically this is the fluff for my Savage Orc and common/night gobbo list I ma making.

It took some time to write but I am kind a pleased with it since it is my first attempt that I can remember of at writing up some fluff for an army! I ussually just explain the fluff that I have for the armies for my opponents and keep it in my head. This is the first time I write some of it up!



"Silence" Shouted the Night Goobo Shaman Gratsnack to his fellow Gobbos.
"They little ratsings will pays for entering ours mountains"
The Gobbos started to shout wild battlenoises in a rhytmical manner.
Gratsnacks face was formed into a evil grin. He was smiling. He knew that his Gobbos wanted revenge upon the filthy ratfolk.

It was the day before today that they came...

I had been a normal day without to much squabble among his men. They had dug deeper into the mountain, just as any other day.
Then the ratmen came... They breached the thin little stone wall that was between the digging tunnel the Night Gobbos worked on, and the underground tunnels of the skaven.

The war that followed lasted the remnants of that day and the whole night that came. They had weird machines that spit green arcks of death upon us. But the weird thing was that the machines killed just as many of their own man as they did of ours.

It was just this morning that we managed to pull them back and seal the opening with the help of a pair of our stone trolls.

"We will take help from the Mawbone tribe that is just a days walk from us"
"Why?" Asked one of the younger Gobbos.
"We will use them as a living wall of stupid flesh and bone to drive them ratmens from ours territory" Gratsnack answered.
"Cannot we do it ourself? Cause those Orcses are pretty stupid and will probably also attack us!"
"Let me handle that" Said Gratsnack. He was confident in his mastery of manipulating other, and the Mawbone tribes leader wouldn't be an Exception...

Later that day Gratsnack took with him a big bunch of his Gobbos and went to the Mawbone tribe's territory.

Firstly they passed through a little forest that was growing on the side of the mountain and stretched a little bit down onto the ground. Then They reached the desert lands where the Orcs and another kind of gobbos live.
None of them are so smart, thought Gratsnack. It will probably don't be to hard to manipulate them...

After they had wandered in the desert for a while following Gratsnack, there was a little fight that started among his ranks. Two gobbos fought about a sword that they found in the sand.
"Shut up!" roared Gratsnack.
"we don't want to be discovered by other tribes. or would we?"

The gobbos stopped fighting and joined the ranks again.

Gratsnack muttered for himself: "Stupid gobbos"

They got to the BoneNose tribes territory by night.

They met some Orcs a little bit away from the tribes encampment.
Gratsnack told them that he wanted to meet their boss.
The Orcs laughed and started to walk toward their tribes encampment. It was a crude and poorly built. There was a great fire in the middle of the camp that some Orcs sat and ate next to. They ate a Gobbo. Not their own kin that live in the mountains, it was one of the more stupid ones.

"Boss!" Said one of the Orcs and pointed with his crude stone axe at an Orc that sat outside one of the bigger tents in the camp. He was making weapons out of bits of stone and bone. Gratsnack walked forwards to him, but before he got there the big Orc that aparently was the Boss raised himself and met Gratsnack halfway to his tent.

"Wat du yu wunt!" Roared the Boss.
"Come, lets sit down over here and I'll tell you" Said Gratsnack calmly.
"Get away frum my terutoru!" Shouted the Boss.

Many of the Orcs and gobbos in the tribe in the camp had heard or seen that the little gobbos had come and started to form a circle around the Boss and Gratsnack to see what was going on.

"If you guys want a good fight I can tell you where there are willingly opponents" Said Gratsnack.
"Fight? Ahh, you mean Bashing! My men and I are always looking for a good Bashing! Were is da bashing fun?"
"Up in our mountains" said Gratsnack.
"We came here to ask you if you want to join our big fight that is going on up there" said Gratsnack and smiled, cause he was asure that he was starting to get some controll over this stupid leader.
"Us are gunna Bash!" Roared the Orc Boss
By now almost all the Orcs and gobbos in this encampment had gathered around the Boss and Gratsnack.
"Bashing!" Roared The Boss.
"Bashing, Bashing, Bashing!" The other Orcs started to shout, and the gobbos screeched it forward.
"So, if you are willingly to fight under my command, we will show you da place where the bashing is" Gratsnack tried to say in the middle of the warcries from the Orcs. And the Shouts from the Gobbos.
Gratsnacks fellow gobbos started to worry for their lives, cause you don't wanna be near some crazed Orcs and especially not the type of Orcs that live in this area!

"Follow me!" Gratsnack shouted.
"Da little Gobbos wil shuw us da Bashingground!" Shouted the Boss.
"Follow me" said Gratsnack and turned around to join his gobbos.
Gratsnacks gobbos travelled with the Orcs and gobbos of the MawBone tribe during almost the whole night. There was some squabble amongst the otehr tribes "ranks" but it didn't slow them down considerly much. Gratsnacks gobbos was to afraid to start a fight in the Presence of the battlecrazed Orcs of the tribe. The gobbos from the tribe was also crazed, but nowhere near as strong as some of the Orcs!

When they got to the Mountain, the Gobbos that lived there started to whisper quietly to eachother and stared at the Orcs.

Gratsnack gathered his men and climbed up on one of bigger stones in the cave. He explained that this is the Orcs Boss, and..
"My name is Baglud FaceCrusher!" The Orc Boss said in the middle of Gratsnacks speak.

"Okay, Baglud... Baglud will be under my command and.."
"Under your command?" Baglud Started to laugh, and his ladz soon joined him. Gratsnacks gobbos started to worry.

"I will lead this Waaagh!" Shouted Baglud.
Baglud started to sprint towards the stone Gratsnack stood on.
"Damnit" I should have knewn that this would happen. He started to whisper some sort of weird words and from his hand a magic missile got shot away towards Baglud!

It was burning with green fire and small arcks of lightning struck different ladz i the cave!

The missile hit Baglud, but it didn't do a squat! It lookes like it was absorbed by some mystical force just a centimetre from his skin!

"HaHaHa! Gork and Mork Protects me he said.

"Your stupid spells won't have any effect on me"
Baglud climbed up onto the rock and Gratsnack that was stunned by what had just happened douldn't do a thing! Baglud Kicked Down Gratsnack!

"Is there sum gobbo or orc that have something else to say to me?" baglud asked.

Everybody was quiet, especially the gobbos. Gratsnack raised himself from the stonefloor.

"Then yu are all under my cummand from now on!" Said Baglud.

Gratsnack knew that to question or challenge this Orc was a very stupid thing to do, so for now, he would let this orc lead them all, but not for long he thought...

The Gobbos and Orcs removed the stone from the entrance to the ratmen tunnels that the Stone Trolls had put there earlier.

The gobbos and Orcs grabbed their belongings and spurted towards the entrance, they pored into the skaven tunnels in a massive Waaagh!

So please let me knwo what you guys think, cause it took some time to write this up! And please bear with me on all the misspellings and the like!


Freak Ona Leash
05-08-2005, 19:59
Sorry to sound negative but I didnt like it very much. It was very short and the writing style was just...well, nevermind what I have to say, I'm no Literature critic after all.

05-08-2005, 21:07
Sorry to sound negative but I didnt like it very much. It was very short and the writing style was just...well, nevermind what I have to say, I'm no Literature critic after all.

No, it is okay! Seriously!

I mean, this was my first attempt, and since English is not my mother language, I wasn't expecting it to get so good! And the Fact that I am only 14 probably doesn't help, cause I just haven't learned enough english to write an constructive story!

I really appreciate that you were honest when posting!