View Full Version : Bought some High Elf Minis, looking for advice

08-04-2005, 07:07
well I recently picked up the below High Elf minis and was looking for some advice how and where they should be fielded, or if anything needs to be subtracted or added.

15 Swordmasters of Hoeth (Including command)
1 Eltharion Hero
15 Phoenix Guards (Including command)
15 White Lions of Chrace(Including command)
1 Prince Tyrion Hero
1 Bolt Thrower and 2 Crew
6 Shadow Warriors
16 Archers (Including command)
2 Mages (Mounted and on foot)
High Elves Army Book
Spare Parts (Legs, Torso, Spears, Etc.)
1 High Elf Hero
8 Silver Helms
16 Warriors Regiment (Including command)

Now I got a pretty nice deal on this stuff so I wouldn;t mind throwing in a few more bucks to get some more stuff. Unfortunatly I know little of the Elves in Warhammer, but among fantasy in general they are by far my favorite and most beloved race. In warhammer I have yet to note any particluar strength of theirs, and I was wondering if someone could help me with this. To me they seem like a weaker bertonnain force with more infantry, but I'm sure that I am probably wrong.

I'm almost positive I want to field The white Lions and Korhil as well, the fluff is so cool on this guy that I must field him. And I know the WLoC arn't to popular around here, but I'm doing it anyway :p outside of that let loose!

What about the tiranic Chariot btw?

08-04-2005, 07:08
forgot to mention I bought a box of ellyrian reavers about a year ago, so I have those too.

08-04-2005, 08:53
Well the "strenghts" of high elfs would be their magic imo. They can cast alot of nasty spells and still have some very good infantry (swordmasters), and good cavalry (silver helms).

Also you should get 1 more bolt thrower as they ar epretty good and can do alot of damage if you for example cast arrow attraction. (meaning you get to reroll to hit)

A good thing about the mages are that you can upgrade them to seers for 30 points, allowing them to choose which spells to cast instead of rallong random.

The swordmasters should get the banner of sorcery which gives you d3 extra power dice :)

The chariots are pretty good, but dont get the scythed wheels upgrade (not +1 on impact hits). Also the warriors riding it have bows so you can maybe get some shots off also.

A spearmen reg is also nice to have as it gives the army a solid block of warriors which can hold combat for a round or two and allowing you to flank charge.

A must have in a high elf army is the great eagles. Very cheap and great march blockers/warmachine hunters.

It kinda depends if you want a magic heavy army (going for a archmage) or a more close combat style.

08-04-2005, 09:45
It kinda depends if you want a magic heavy army (going for a archmage) or a more close combat style.

Well I probably want to have the ability to field both if i wanted to. What would i need for something like this?

Btw, are there any "busts" in the HE range?(ie models that I just shouldnt ever field) I know Dwarf Longbeards are kind of that way, and unless you have somebody to protect dwarf ahmmerers are also in the same boat. There is one model the dwarf Ironbreaker that has the same statlines as both of these minus their abilities but they have a 2+ save in HtH instead for a lower point cost. Just thought I'd ask before I bought stuff I'll never use.

08-04-2005, 12:13
Theres no unit that you should never field but both phoenix guard and lothern seaguard are a bit iffy. The phoenix guard are weak in combat and horribly expensive while seaguard suffer from the high cost of bows. Seaguard can still be usable in small units though IMO