View Full Version : Common Goblins or Night Goblins?

04-05-2007, 21:24

I am just starting a new Orc and Goblin army and I was wondering which type of Goblins would be the better choice.

Going on the 6th Edition army book I would have to say the Night Goblins are better because they Hate Dwarves, and they have 1 more initiative. The common goblins on the other hand have a +1 leadership, which isn't as useful because you could just stick a warboss in the unit...

But then comes the hard part... I really like the Goblin Wolf Riders, and chariots, but the Night Goblins have fanatics, squigs, etc. It really wouldn't be that much of a deal but I want to have a themed army, based around a certain orc tribe with either Night Gobbos or Common Gobbos.

I also really like the Common Gobbo hero models, while the Night Gobbos models are not as cool.

So what are your thoughts?


Also, could some one post a picture of the Skull Pass, the new night gobbos, and the common gobbos in a line up. Sorry, but I am kind of worried about the size difference between them all if I do go for a mixed army.

04-05-2007, 21:38
i think it would be pretty easy to just but the wolves and stick the night goblins on. as for the hero. just greenstuff a cloak on and your good to go. i myself like the night gobblin heros but thats me.

Twilight out !!

04-05-2007, 22:36
Pfffft, just take units of both. Or take night gobbo units with wolf rider units and just make up some fluff about a night gobbo army on the march which was joined by a roaming wolf rider tribe looking for a fight. Or the night gobbo warboss krumped the wolf rider boss and took over the tribe, whatever works, it's all orcy (or gobboy as the case may be, but that doesn't roll off the tounge as well).

Size-wise, the old gobbos are roughly half again as big as the new guys (skull pass gobbos are the same size as the new night gobbos). But again, you can just explain those away, either as gobbo big 'uns, or that only the bigger gobbos can handle a wolf.

Crazy Harborc
05-05-2007, 00:04
I say paint em up so you can mix and match them in units if you want to. Fluff wise....IMHO, there is not too much that says all Gobbos are the same height.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
05-05-2007, 13:14
I wouldn't dismiss the idea of having both, I think it would be fun and effective.

05-05-2007, 16:27
Just use both, I'm using both in my list and if anybody asks I'm just gunna say the other Boss ran into an "accident" about the same time my Boss showed up to take over.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
05-05-2007, 18:49
Although I'm not saying the current book is a well-written book, I actually think the core choices are all pretty solid...some with more obvious uses than others. While night goblins can pack fanatics and netters and other fancy doo-hickeys, they don't have as much staying power as the common goblin with a shield. Indeed I can see no reason to take common goblin spearmen, but it's always useful to have a 30-40 strong unit of common goblins with a 4+ armor save in combat. Combine these with the squishier night gobbos and the wolf boyz, etc. You'll also want to consider taking a big unit of wolf boyz with shields (losing fast cav but gaining rank bonus and still keeping the 18" charge) with a goblin hero with the sneaky skewera or something and leave the fast cavalry shenanigans to the forest goblins (or other wolfies). Really, all are solid core choices as long as you have a reason for putting them in.

05-05-2007, 23:03
I really like the common goblin models so I was thinking of taking your advice and buying a few units of these, plus some riders and chariots, and then combining them with some Night Goblins.


Why wouldn't you take spears?

Vile Snotsuckle
06-05-2007, 14:02
I say mix and match. If you're cheap like me, you would buy 3 Skull Pass box sets to get your core units down, and then focus on some rare and special units. So, I will have some forest goblins and some night goblins.

06-05-2007, 14:41
Mix, almost always turn out to the better result. But IMO night goblins are MUCH cooler.

06-05-2007, 14:49
I have to agree with madjack if ur undecided take both!! Its not like they have high point costs or anything

06-05-2007, 20:53
As more experienced players say, night goblins are better. But the goblins model look so nice!

The Blue Knight
07-05-2007, 03:18
The Night Goblins (NG's) do have the cooler mini's and whacky specialty choices, that is why I took them. I do mix and match troop types, such as put NG riders on the spiders, but try to keep my Lords & Heros as NG's. However, I really do feel that 1pt ding to the NG Ld when it counts.