View Full Version : first 1000 point fantasy army!

05-05-2007, 10:07
hey guys this is my first fantasy list, so im looking for some help!

2 units of 8 thunders; standard, shield and champion 280 points

organ gun 120 points

16 warriors shields and full command 168 points

12 warriors shields and full command 133 points

2 bolt throwers 90 points (or a cannon?)

thane; rune of speed, striking. gromil 105 points

6 miners with full command 91 points

im not dropping the miners, i have the bfps ones and i love the models:D
I also have 13 points left
any tips?
thanks for the help

05-05-2007, 15:06
give the BT's the champion upgrade guy... (cant think of its name)... it allows you to shoot with BS4... and this will prove very nice (you will start by hitting 50% of the time instead of 33%... and once inside 24" you will hit 66% of the time (this is all for regular sized models and units)... give the thane a shield... i think the OG will prove a bit cheasy in such a small game... perhaps drop it... take a few extra miners and warriors... actually... why 16? in a small game... try either 18 (6x3) or 15 (5x3)... you also might want a runesmith for those magic heavy opponents... the miners are good... because even if you dont use their mining abilities... they will make good flanking shock troops for your warriors with their S5...

05-05-2007, 22:33
ok I will reconsider the unit size for the warriors I was just going on what ive seen. Ive thought about a runesmith and I dont feel that there is much need 4 dispel is enough in 1000 pointd imo

05-05-2007, 23:43
I thought initially I was smoking something and had lost my mind. The way you've written your unit sizes is a tad confusing. If you would write the total unit size and then simply indicate this includes whatever command then nobody will say " your thunderer units must be at least 10 models" (which was my initial reaction).

That said, the minimum unit size for your miners should be 10 just to get a rank bonus.

The rune of speed is probably a waste unless you just need to burn points as you're still slower than a RnF elf.

The list is very shooty, which is not bad but won't win you alot of friends.

I agree with adding engineers to bolt throwers, very handy. I'd also think about a rune of penetrating on one to auto-smash chariots.

The organ gun is probably an excessive investment of points (1/8 of your total!) and you could probably simply drop it to bulk up your other units and rune up your bolt throwers. Given the limited number of special slots I think two bolt throwers is probably more suitable than a cannon at this points level.

06-05-2007, 00:03
thanks for the tips.
im not to concerned with beard, as most armies im vsing are hoc and empire(steam tank in a 1000 points:S it hilarious) and gobbos
Im going to re-write the list today.